French Wire Chandelier

Chandeliers have plenty of charm. Their elaborate design and decorative potential cannot be denied. Just have a look at the awesome designs in my collection below. A French wire chandelier like one of these is sure to transform the interior into a royal space, isn't it? Browse below and get inspired with sophisticated designs.

French wire chandelier 9

A totally way-out chandelier fully made of wire in a white color. It was skillfully crafted with amazing precision and attention to details. It even features fake crystals. The piece will suit extravagant interiors.

Vintage french chandelier

Vintage chandelier in the French style. Id is made of lead in untypical shape and it is hanged on two chains. Slim bulbs are stylised on candles. This sophisticated lamp will be fit perfectly to very elegant living-room.

Wire chandeliers

Practical chandelier that brings an attractive French style into the house. This metal wire construction is finished in neutral black color and features six electric lights that provide good illumination at night.

Wire chandelier

Dreamlike chandelier decorated with openwork pattern. It consists of carefully woven metal wires. Great solution as main or additional source of light. Traditional form and modern design.

French wire chandelier 37

Unique Fenton chandelier made of wire, French style. Geometric, symmetric, detailed, extraordinary. Its colour is something in between blue, aqua and teal. Light fixture with 4 bulbs. Style statement.

French wire chandelier 1

Basket chandelier which connects modernity with classic style. This lamp has metal, sculptural base. Every light bulb is stylised on candle and covered with miniature, simple lampshade made of bright canvas.

French wire chandelier 10

The last trend are french wire chandeliers. They have an extremely simple and elegant appearance - such as this one made of simple iron thin elements bent into the traditional elegant shape of the chandelier, with an imitation of candles.

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French wire chandelier 42

French wire chandelier 11

Spindly, asymmetric chandelier with leaf and vine motif. This oversized steel and polyresin construction is hand painted and distressed. It provides six reliable electric lights and includes ceiling canopy.

French wire chandelier 2

French wire chandelier 20

French wire chandelier

French wire chandelier 18

French wire chandelier lighting 1

French wire chandelier 13

Unique light fixtures at biju uk

French wire chandelier 19

French wire chandelier 12

French wire chandelier 33

French wire chandelier 35

French wire chandelier 15

Lighting chandeliers pendant

French wire chandelier 28

French wire chandelier 39

French wire chandelier 16

French wire chandelier 3

French wire chandelier 38

French wire chandelier 1

6 arm white wood chandelier on

French wire chandelier 43

Hot air balloon chandelier 1 699 00 3 100 00

French wire chandelier lighting

French Empire 9 Light Crystal Chandelier

French Empire 9 Light Crystal Chandelier
It is a sophisticated and beautiful French empire nine light crystal chandelier. It adds luxury and glamour to any room. This is the most amazing crystal chandelier you have ever seen. Everyone one will tell you how great it looks on your ceiling.

French wire chandelier 21

Country master bedroom with cement fireplace chandelier hardwood floors interior

French wire chandelier 17

French 2 Light Crystal Chandelier

French 2 Light Crystal Chandelier
It is a French crystal chandelier with two lights. If you want to add some elegance and beauty to your living room area you need to buy this chandelier. You will be impressed how beautiful it is.

8 arm wrought iron chandelier on

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French wire work chandelier circa 1870

Salento 8 Light Chandelier

Salento 8 Light Chandelier

Salento 9 Light Chandelier

Salento 9 Light Chandelier

French wire chandelier 34

Wire urn mini chandelier like it where would i put

French country metal wire chandelier chantal 3 feet tall 1

French wire chandelier 36

Through the french eye of design november 2009

Vintage french chandeliers

French wire chandelier 41