French Style Armchairs

French armchairs certainly have their own charm. This is an unquestionable statement but people have different tastes. That is why the solutions presented below are not the same and even the most demanding customers should find something for themselves. You don’t have to rush with making your choice and you can see all the possibilities.

French antique furniture louis xv

Two solid and attractive armchairs inspired by French XV century style. They feature white wooden frames with gold decorative elements. Gray cushioned seat is supported by wooden arms and by grey curved backrest.

French style armchair

Authentic French vintage armchairs featuring gold-finished wooden frames with delicate carvings. A chair has S-curved legs, a wavy apron, flat padded arms with sloped fronts and a flared arched fullback. Upholstery is of quality plain grey fabric.

French style armchairs 18

Being a good example of the French style, this armchair constitutes a perfect way to add some refinement to your bedroom. Curved legs along with the silver, velvet upholster stand for prestige and luxury.

Vintage shabby chic french louis style 1

Vintage Shabby Chic French Louis Style
A fine decoration for indoors, designed in the French Louis XV style. It's wood frame is hand-painted and lovely sculpted, supporting old-fashioned off-white upholstery with a stylish, light blue stripe pattern.

French style armchairs

These beautiful armchairs enchant with their curvy, intricate silhouette and lovely rose fabric. They come from France from around 1850, being right now a valuable antique masterpiece.

Antique louis chair

We was looking for something exclusive to our living zone, and we found these two vintage gilt carved armchairs. They have got cushioned seats, French style and navy fabric upholstery.

Arm chair in french

The beautiful composition of this French style bedroom armchair makes the interior a unique climate. The shabby chic aesthetics combined with a solid wooden chair structure creates a unique whole.

French style armchairs

Add a chic and fab touch into your home with this lovely chair. It features the pastel powder pink upholstery, French style design, button tufted seat and back, and frame with floral accents. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this chair is.

Arm chair styles

Tasteful arm chair as additional seating or place for relaxation. Wooden frame is decorated with carefully made carvings. It is upholstered with fabric and reinforced with nail heads.

French style armchairs 1

The Victorian style of this delightful armchair combines a beautiful wing back design with a solid base and a nice upholstery finish. The whole is captivating with its colors and unique decorative details.

French style armchairs 7

Accent chair in the French style. Wooden frame is finished with interesting pattern. Seat and back is covered with fabric and reinforced with decorative nail heads. Great as additional seating in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Vintage style armchairs

A shabby chair, like this beauty, brings as much comfort as stylish appearance. Its wood frame is beautifully hand-carved and curved, supporting a very soft seat, upholstered in an off white fabric, with a removable, matching back cushion.

French style arm chair

This set of French style armchairs resemble the glamour and chic of the Louis XVI lavish design. Curved, intricate silhouette and the use of the best-quality wood constitutes a refined proposition for living or dining rooms.

French style armchairs 3

The noble classical beauty has been embodied in a wooden frame made of a poplar tree, with gray trim and traditional Victorian patterns. Not to overdo this french style Louis XVI armchair - it was given a classic grayish upholstery.

Baxton Studio Antoinette Classic Antiqued French Arm Chair

Baxton Studio Antoinette Classic Antiqued French Arm Chair
Beautiful luxury rococo style arm chair with a low-profiled wooden frame finished in black and featuring rich curvings and carvings. It has foam-padded both a large back and a removable seat cushion. Upholstery is of grey-beige solid-patterned linen.

Armchair french

A highly-decorative armchair for splashing your room with a touch of timeless glamour. Its hand-carved wood frame boasts of a distressed finish and floral embellishments, supporting a set of very soft cushions, wrapped in a snow-white fabric.

Vintage style armchair

Pewter, gold and umber glazes are the core of this chair, that seems to be from the antique store. This classic armchair in French style, decorated with ornaments it's mady from cherry wood and has adorned dark color material. Perfect Queen's chair.

French style armchairs 12

Deeply embedded spacious French style armchair - this time the hand-painted wood frame has a gray shabby chic color, which is analogous to the slightly metallic upholstery reminiscent of suede. The chair has a round back and delicate carvings.

Next armchair 12

This armchair sports a beautiful and rustic design that will make for a nice addition to any shabby chic styled inteiror. It is a nice accent piece or even the extra seating space for enjoying your favorite book.

French style salon arm chair

French style armchairs 20

This shabby chic wingback armchair enchants with its elegant, subtle silhouette. Antique bronze framing and soft, off-white cushioning provide a cozy, rustic appeal.

French armchairs

This so-romantic French style bedroom corner with floral print off-white wallpaper was used to create a small vanity spot with large floor length mirror and Bonaparte armchair beaming with shabby chic. Lovable!

Chair louis xv

Without chairs-a comfortable life would not be possible.The gray color symbolizes elegance and tranquility.It is also the color of rocks that are associated with resistance, strength. Here it presents itself as the upholstery of French style Louis XV chairs.

French style armchairs 2

With this gorgeous armchair, your home will be sprakling with Victorian sophistication. It stands on a beautifully curved frame, holding a back, seat and armpads upholstered in a quality fabric with striking floral pattern.

French style armchairs 16

Adorned with black and white stripes, this Queen Anne style chair constitutes a gorgeous proposition for glamour or shabby chic interiors. Black framing along with the black and white upholstery create a harmonious composition.

Stripe french chair with flair 1

Stripe French Chair With Flair
Accent chair for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Richly decorated frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Traditional form and timeless style.

Home seating armchairs versailles french style nursing armchair

French style armchairs 8

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French style armchair

French style armchairs 4

Home seating white washed french style upholstered arm chair

French style armchairs 17

French style armchairs 19

A magnificent decoration for dining rooms that will be oozing with old-fashioned craftsmanship. The chair is made in a French Victorian style, has a striking frame hand-carved of Rosewood, padded armrests, and a floral-patterned quality fabric on its seat and oval back.

French style bedroom chair

French style armchairs 6

Designed in a Victorian style, this armchair know how to boast of old-fashioned appearance, enhancing any room of your house. Upholstered in a French, patterned, off-white fabric, it has a widened back with stylish button tufting, standing on espresso-finished wood tapered legs.

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French style armchair 7

Vintage shabby french style louis xvi lavender armchairs pair

French style armchairs 14

Servies en brocante deconstructed tufted arm chairs

Parisian cream dressing chair by the french bedroom company

Toulon French Rococo Fabric Arm Chair

Toulon French Rococo Fabric Arm Chair
Phenomenal armchair with carefully made carvings on the frame. Carefully made upholstery with jacquard pattern. A soft pillow is filled with foam. It has positive recommendations from customers.

French armchairs at the foot of your bed we think

French armchair styles

French style armchairs 10

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Lyon french style beaumont armchair

The lille french style armchair

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