French Country Chandelier Shades

Perhaps you haven’t thought about buying such elements yet. This collection might make you change your mind. Take a look at the shapes, designs, sizes and other features of these chandelier shades that many people have already found inspirational. Keep in mind that there are various options to choose from so take your time.

French country chandelier shades 36

A chic French country style chandelier with a base in whites and creams with charming floral and bird motifs. Six S-curved arms feature scrolls and bobeche-like sockets for candelabra bulbs. White fabric lampshades have floral motifs along edges.

French country provencal lampshades gallery of french provencal

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French country basket chandelier w new black ticking 6 shades

French Country Basket Chandelier W New Black Ticking 6 Shades For Summer
A French country style needs a black country basket chandelier as topping off. Four bulbs chandelier features a wire basket where you can put fruits in - genuine fruits or artificial ones (not included) from local crafts store.

French country chandelier shades 40

Rustic approach to a decorative ceiling chandelier made out of wrought iron with a distressed coat of cream paint. The chandelier is fitted with electric candle replacements, making it safe to use and cost-efficient.

Dove perch rust and wood chandelier lamp shades

Dove Perch Rust And Wood Chandelier Lamp Shades
Authentically aged wooden finial firmly holds 6 rustic iron arms, which gracefully curl outward. Finished with a taupe linen drum shade, they provide a warm shabby chic amiance. The three white doves add a whimsical touch to this down-home chandelier.

French country chandelier shades 7

Embodying well the French countryside character, this beautiful chandelier shade constitutes a smooth white and red checkered pattern proposition. An adorable Christmas decoration for example.

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French country chandelier shades 26

So detailed and charming that it is just a sure must-have for any interior, this lamp shade chandelier will elevate the look of your country-styled interior with its red and white finish and the rooster theme.

French country chandelier

What a beautiful, very classical French basked chandelier made from thin metal wires and adorned with cute little crystals on each light bulb. Perfect if you’re looking for a traditional, vintage element for your living room.

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French wine barrel chandelier

French country chandelier shades 11

French country chandelier shades 33

French country chandelier shades 34

Rustic french country beaded pendant interchanging glass and stone beads

Wooden wine barrel stave chandelier

Urbanest 1100258c Chandelier Lamp Shade 6-inch, Bell, Clip on, Burlap (Set of 6)

French country chandelier shades 30

6 Light Chandelier with Fabric Shades

6 Light Chandelier with Fabric Shades

French country chandelier shades 15

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French country chandelier 7

With the natural rust finish and the vintage appeal that this piece has to offer your dining area or living room will finally gain that complete look of serene beauty. This French country styled chandelier comes with six candle-like light sources.

French country chandelier shades 38

French country chandelier shades 20

French country chandelier 15

Elegant chandelier fitted with 6 lights. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Stylish accent for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

French country chandelier shades 41

French country chandelier 19

Chandelier that is suitable for French country indoors. It features ceiling mounting fixture with some decorative carvings. Chandelier area is made of metal and it includes electric candles that improve the level of light.

French country chandelier 13

Embodying the best features of the French cottage style, this chandelier will be a magnificent lighting fixture for any farmhouse dining room. Comprising 4 candelabra, this intricately designed construction will create a magnificent illuminating experience.

French country chandelier shades 21

French country chandelier 44

A pretty traditional rustic French style chandelier featuring a frame of metal entirely finished in beige. It's built of a candlestick-like delicately chiselled grooved stem and 5 S-curved scroll arms with flared grooved bobeches and sockets.

French country chandelier shades 25

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier Lighting Country French White , One Light , Free Shipping , Ceiling Fixture

This made European-style chandelier is tasteful and very classic detail for remarkable interior. Beautiful design and decorative crystals make it look phenomenal. Perfect for your living room.

French country chandelier shades 28

Milano 12 Light Chandelier

Milano 12 Light Chandelier
If you're looking for some intriguing and extraordinary stylish solutions, this amazing and unique chandelier is gonna perfectly match your needs! Check it out now and bring an incredible design to your house.

French country chandelier shades 6

Chandelier in the French style. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Includes 6 lights. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and elegant design.

French country chandelier shades 37

Country french chandelier

Giving off the rustic vibe and the immense appeal this French country styled ceiling light fixture will look sublime in your interior, especially with the stone and glass beads combination and the immense charm.

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French country chandelier shades 4

This wooden chandelier inspired by slats from the vineyard constitutes a great example of French cottage style. This dark bronze metal constrcution is equipped with 6 candelabra arms. Naturally aged wood finishes include dark or light tones.

French country chandelier shades 19

French country chandelier shades 29

6 Light Chandelier with Umber Linen Glass Shades

6 Light Chandelier with Umber Linen Glass Shades
Elegant traditional chandelier with a bronze-coated metal frame. It has a multi-rod flared stem with a bottom bell-shaped finial, 6 curved arms with square bell-like holders, an adjustable chain. Rectangle-like shades are of creamy frosted glass.

French country chandelier shades 27

3 Light Chandelier with Mica Flake Glass Shades

3 Light Chandelier with Mica Flake Glass Shades
Pretty small contemporary chandelier with a bronze-coated metal frame and an adjustable chain. Its S-like stem has a bottom bell-like finial with a hook. Three C-shaped arms have round bell-shaped holders. Uplight bell-shades are of opal glass.

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French country chandelier shades 10

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