French Country Bookcases

Add a stylish aesthetic to the living-room with a French country bookcase. The carved designs and warm wood colours will work perfectly with aged books and family knick-knacks. To get inspired browse the collection presented below.

French country bookcases 1

Bookcase with antique finish. Construction is made of wood in two shades. It consists of 2 open shelves arranged vertically. Provides saving space in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Bookcase, French Style Bookcase With Ladder

This large and very spacious locker for the book was made in the French style. It has a white color, which adds to its lightness despite its dimensions. Attached ladder makes the wardrobe is easily accessible, also in the upper parts.

French country bookcases

This charming French Tuscan country style painted cupboard is a lovely furniture for the living room or dining room. Beautifully decorated shelves, practical drawers, and attractive colors create a coherent, subtle whole.

French bookcase

This vintage French-style bookshelf is a great piece of furniture that will hold all your favorite titles. The whole done with attention to detail is functional and very stylish. Perfect for any interior design.

Armoires and bookcases eclectic bookcases houston

Armoires And Bookcases Eclectic Bookcases Houston
The French style is characterized by a great diversity - it can take the form of a light, rustic Provencal style, combining like in the case of this wooden french country bookcase with an elegant Parisian style.Columnar peak and strong sculpting in the middle.

French white bookcase

Finished with creamy white, this French bookcase enchants with its subtle design, ideal for cottage or shabby chic decors.It features 4 shelves and two drawers, offering ac considerable storage space.

Antique looking bookshelves

With the strong distressed finish this amazing bookcase sports the French country design and is a sublime solution for keeping your books or other valuable items perfectly organized and to provide a boost of rustic charm for your home.

Shabby chic bookshelf

This sleek and very eye-catching shabby chic decor is the perfect solution for the office or home office. Lovely details, beautiful finishes of furniture, sculptures, beautiful lamp and large cabinet create a pleasant workplace.

French country bookcase 2

Perfect for country-style bathrooms, this lovely open-shelf unit is crafted of wood, with a beautifully carved top and bottom.It offers 4 open compartments, where you can store all your bath necessities.

New french country bookcase in cherry maple adjustable shelves 1

New French Country Bookcase In Cherry Maple Adjustable Shelves
Why not go for this amazing French country bookcase that sports the cherry and maple finish and comes with the adjustable shelves to provide you with plenty of space for your book collection and various knick-knacks.

Antique french country bookcase cabinet china display carved dark oak

French rustic designer painted furniture country bookcase blue dining room

French Rustic Designer Painted Furniture Country Bookcase Blue Dining Room
High bookcase in the French style. It is completely made of wood and finished with delicate carvings. Contains 4 shelves stacked vertically and 2 drawers for storing personal items. Elegant design for living room, bedroom and more.

New Bookcase French Country Carved Shell Exposed Pegs 2-Door 4-Shelf Adjustable

Elegant bookcase in French style. Construction is made of wood. It consists of cabinet with double doors and 4 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more.

French country bookshelves

Using such gorgeous and weathered bookcases, you can be sure that your home will be spiced up with country accents, while giving you also a lot of space for storing your belongings and displaying decorations. Bookcases are made of wood, have 2 two-door cabinets, and 7 open shelves, in total.

Provence double bookcase glass door bookcases bookcases furniture

Shabby french country chic beige washed wood sylvianne hutch bookshelf

Shabby French Country Chic Beige Washed Wood Sylvianne Hutch Bookshelf Display
Dreamlike bookcase in elegant form. Construction is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Includes 2 drawers and 4 open shelves in various sizes. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more.

French bookcases 7

Beautiful french bookcase that sports the antique painted finish and comes with the stunning decorative top with carvings that are just a given when it comes to catching the attention of your guests.

French bookcases 4

The books placement, when you have hundreds of them could be a big challenge. Using the bookcases as a doorframe guarantees the coherence of the stylization and also allows you to win some additional place for your books.

Shabby chic bookcases 4

A small antique bookcase, which thanks to its charming, vintage character can smoothly be a shabby chic kitchen or dining room cabinet. Ideal to store glasses or dinnerware, it will enchant with its ornate finish.

French bookcases

Cool wooden bookcases around French doors. Yes! Love the charming climate of this beautiful room. This white wood perfectly complements light squash olive walls. I also like this large woolen carpet on wooden floor.

French bookcases 2

For everyone who values their space and would love to keep their household stylish and not cluttered this built-in bookcase is a dream come true. It comes with a space perfectly suited for a sofa and goes all the way up to the ceiling to fit all of your books.

French bookcases 8

Beautiful, antique, rustic style wardrobe with small redecoration will be stunning furniture in your home. Spacious shelves gives you plenty storage space. It will be perfect bookcase to your home library.

French bookcases 1

A fantastic bookcase that is built in the wall. It's a large construction that surrounds a doorway, giving it an elegant, rustic character. A white frame perfectly matches traditional, wooden panels on the floor.

White bookshelf with doors 2

When we look at this bright, freestanding wooden white country bookshelf - we remember the past generations. The two-door bookcase is made in Swedish style, with a glass front that intersects the cross elements in white.

Built in bookshelves around doorway

Practical built in bookshelves around a door. This solution is very useful, because it provides plenty of space for books, decorations, plants and other items. Solid wooden construction looks nice with its white finish.

French bookcases 5

Richly decorated bookcase in the French style. Construction is made of wood with gold finish. Perfect for stroing books, display decorations and more. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

French door bookcase

For the bookworm and lover of literature - a beautiful black Fremch bookcase will be a unique place for the storage of books. This Baroque bookcase includes three adjustable shelves and a drawer to the bottom.

Antique French Burled Walnut Open Bookcase with Adjustable Shelves

It is an antique French bookcase. It has several shelves, which means that there will fit many books you want to organize. At the same time it is very ornate and decorative furniture. It brings harmony and beauty to your home.

Opulent Antique French Glazed Walnut Cabinet with Two Drawers

It is the ancient French cabinet with two drawers. The cabinet is very beautiful, elegant and charming. In this case, it is also very practical and useful because it allows for sorting a wide variety of items, including books.

French country bookcase

French Country Bookcase
The French style country bookcase. In natural color, covered only with transparent lacquer. I am not a fan of such type of furniture. I'll find it better if it will be painted in white, what wil give them the Provence view.

Baroni bookcase horchow bedroom living room piece

French country six shelf bookcase with glass doors my beautiful

French style bookcases

Embodying the glamorous French countryside style, this accent bookcase enchants with the distressed wooden finish. Painted in gray, adorned with rich carving, it shall appeal to all fans of vintage or retro furniture.

French library bookcase

French bookshelf

In the past sideboard was a room, most often located between the kitchen and the dining room. It kept cutlery, tableware and tablecloths- nothing has changed, only now that this huge wooden complex with white trim is an antique element in a modern home.

My french study part i cedar hill farmhouse i like

French bookcase 2

Richly decorated bookcase for each place according to taste. Construction is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. It consists of 4 open shelves arranged vertically.

French bookcases

Add this stunning bookcase to your interior and enjoy the elevated look that it will provide with its distressed frame and the charming, two-tone finish of pale blue and off-white along with the two spacious shelves and drawers.

New Bookcase French Country Exposed Pegs Peg Construction 4-Shelf Adjusta

A French country style wooden bookcase finished in mid-browns. It has a crown top, low bun feet, rounded corners, a curved front top of a 2-door cabinet. In the upper part there's a decoratively framed arched open niche with 4 adjustable shelves.

Antique style bookcases

French country wall shelf

French country shelf

This charming, white bookcase constitutes a great proposition for all, who want to display their antique books. It creates a warm and cosy appeal, known from the best cottage or shabby chic interiors.

Country style bookcase

The Provence style is associated with the southern French countryside. This style is presented by a wooden french country bookcase standing on curved wood legs in a white-
greyish color with delicate glass fronts and useful 2 drawers.

Country bookcases

New Bookcase Antiqued Blackwash French Country Exposed Pegs Peg Construct

Looking like valuable antique, this French country bookcase with cabinet, pegs construction and blackwashed finish has much to offer in terms of style. Numerous wooden shelves are exposed, yet protected from dust behind glass door.

French country wine storage bookcase

French bookshelves

A fashionable addition to living rooms, dens, and offices - this vintage bookcase gives a plenty space for storage. Designed of wood and covered in a white finish, it features 12 open shelves for books and decorations, 2 storage drawers, and 3 one-door cabinets.

French country bookcase 95 antioch

Glacier Country 63" Bookcase

Glacier Country 63" Bookcase
Slim bookcase with 4 adjustable shelves. The construction is made of raw wood. Made in the USA. It is a natural and aesthetic addition to all kinds of interiors. Classic and durable form.

French style bookcase