Folding Picture Frames

How about having one of these folding picture frames at home? Check out these colours and sizes so as to be able to find the design that appeals to you most. You don’t need to rush with anything while browsing through this site so take some time to pick your favourite offer.

26 Opening Decorative Wood Folding Floor-Standing Photo Collage Picture Frame

26 Opening Decorative Wood Folding Floor-Standing Photo Collage Picture Frame
This beautifully made opening a decorative folding floor standing at the pictures, this lovely touch interior. Made of wood and plexiglass reliable and well presented favorite photos. Modern design can fit it in any interior.

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An interesting innovative space-saving wall hanging foldable drop leaf table crafted of wooden materials finished in mid browns. It has 2 straight angular legs and a rectangular top. A back side of a top serves as a photo frame.

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Fold out table in the form of picture frame. It is made of wood and covered with clear glass. It folds flat for space saving. Simple form and functional design for each room as needed.

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Very original and multi-functional element of home design. This wall mirror features an interesting construction that can turn into a solid table for up to four people. Its mirrored and wooden construction is very durable.

Folding picture frames

We've seen different types of folding picture frames - but this is the peak of modernity. It is mounted to the wall, very inconspicuous to the moment of spreading its capabilities - when it drags like a brown metal hand of the Inspector Gadget.

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DIY foldable desk. See the furniture plan and some making tips. A wall-mounted closable cabinet folds out to form a compact desk attached to a shelving unit. When closed, the cabinet offers a chalkboard on its front.

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Hinged Triple Picture Frame with Bevel Cut Mats

Hinged Triple Picture Frame with Bevel Cut Mats
Triple photo frame made of wood and covered with clear glass. It is connected with metal hinges. Great addition for any interior.

Folding photo frames

An interesting traditional vintage room divider made of wood finished in black. It's composed of 3 tall narrow hinged panels with short angular canted feet. Each panel is divided in 5 rectangular framed vertical photo-frames.

Floor photo frames

These handmade folding photo frames are a proposition for all those, who like to have all their memories stored on photos. It allows you to make your own, multi-photo collections.

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Folding photo frames 2

Folding photo frames can create a very creative decorative composition. It will let you create a unique display for your favorite photos and pictures, truly embellishing your bedroom's surface.

Collapsible picture frame

Folding photo frame

Small, but attractive folding photo frames. They are finished in nice white, blue and gray colors. They hold some pictures and information about them. These folding frames are nice decorations and souvenirs.

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Folding photo frames 1

Set of standing photo frames. They are hand-made of cardboard, but they look very good! It is decorated of elegant rosettes and it is intended to three photos. It will be ideal decoration of your desk in office.

With Love Noir Folding Picture Frame

With Love Noir Folding Picture Frame
Grace your home with highly fashionable project of Vera Wang! This classy folding picture frame will be also perfect as a gift for someone to hold their most precious photos. It is made from sturdy metal and has a capacity for two photos.

Fold down table picture frame

Folding photo frames

Vintage Baby Photo Frame

Vintage Baby Photo Frame
Beautiful vintage photo phrame with ornamental silver detailing embossed on pastel blue faux leather padding. Oval centre displays a picture. This piece is a perfect gift for a baby shower. It comprises a lovely accessory for a baby's room.

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Ceremonial Picture Frame with Clock

Ceremonial Picture Frame with Clock
Two-in-one decoration: picture frame on the left is accompanied by a clock with Roman numerals on the right. The metal case features chrome finish and brass-tone corners with decorative detailing. Includes engraving plate.

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With Love Noir Folding Picture Frame

With Love Noir Folding Picture Frame
Elegant traditional standing frame for 2 photos. It has a form of a rectangular foldable book or a hinged box crafted of silvery-finished metal. It has a snap in picture inserting type and black and silvery interior frames.

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New 3 fold aperture photo picture frame holds 39 photographs

Lawrence Frames Hinged Double (Horizontal) Walnut Wood Picture Frame, Gallery Collection, 5 by 7-Inch

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