Fold Out Drying Rack

Drying rack is a useful piece of furniture, no question about that. Thanks to this collection, It can also be quite nice looking. All you would need to do in order to pick the right one for yourself is look at the photos presented below and choose the appropriate size, colour and design for your house.

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Wall mounted laundry drying rack
Moore Colleen

Who doesn’t need a drying rack? Yet sometimes we lack the space for it, or it just gets in the way. But not when it’s a fold out drying rack! These here are stable and totally practical, yet won’t take any space when you don’t need them.

Fold out drying rack

Functionality in a laundry room. This drying rack is based on a foldable construction that saves a lot of space in small indoors. Its solid design includes durable wall mounting and a frame that holds the weight of laundry without problems.

Fold out drying rack 4
Robinson Layla

Now you can save space in your small bathroom or laundry room by deciding on this durable metal drying rack. It's wall mounted, allowing you to lift up and lock the main part to have 7 sturdy rods for hanging your clothes.

Fold out drying rack 5
Ashley Cla

A functional and space-saving accessory for small bathrooms and laundry rooms. This wall-mount drying rack folds out like charm, offering 10 sturdy rods to hang your wet clothes on. And when not in use, you can press it against the wall to get some free space.

Wall clothes drying rack
Coupe Andrea

The simple and very functional design of this impressive fold out drying rack is an excellent way to a laundry machine and another interior. Solid wooden construction is durable and looks great in decor.

Retractable drying rack 5
Alexis Jam

An effective combination of a retractable hangup on clothes and coat hooks is an excellent way to a very functional hallway or laundry facility. Beautiful design allows to hang wet things, and the whole made of wood is durable.

Laundry room drying rack wall mounted

Being a smooth patent to save your bathroom space, this wall-mounted fold out drying rack will create a practical spot to hang your clothes. Cool and clean, white design will fit into most of the decors.

Retractable drying rack 6
Amber Cart

The fold out drying rack is excellent for bedroom, laundry and chaining room. It brings the modern design, simplicity and solidity to any home. If you need functional products, you have to choose this one.

Wall mounted laundry rack

This fold-out drying rack constitutes a cool, space-saving proposition, that will add functionality to your decor. Wall-mounted, it will easily fold in and out wherever you need.

Laundry drying rack wall mount

Separate room for laundry and drying room is a very helpful thing. These are used here in a very practical way, using: fold out white drying rack. It can be folded to the wall when the clothes are already dry. Or spread out at any time.

Wall mounted drying racks for laundry room
Esther Morg

I know people who hate the fact that the clothes dryer takes up a lot of space - I have a solution for them. A fold out drying rack, which is folded like a harmonica. This wall mounted wooden rack is perfect for even the smallest interior.

Laundry room w pull out drying racks put in chubby
Krystal Murp

A laundry fold out drying rack is essential in every home. Unlike a garden dryer, you can use it throughout the year. This subtly and practically protrudes from the cabinets in the laundry room, like drawer. It has bright wooden sides and a white metal rod.

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Hughes Victoria
Fold out drying rack
Robinson Layla

Fold out drying rack with classic beadboard detailing, made entirely of wood (except for safety hinges, which apparently are metal). Each collapsible wall mount rack contains two independently moving fold-down drying racks with seven rungs apiece.

Wall mounted drying rack for laundry

Being a proud owner of a small laundry room? Don't miss the tips to expand the available space a bit. Fold out drying racks are willingly used in space-challenged rooms. They easily fold away when not in use.

Laundry room drying racks
Wright Stacy

Practical and space saving solution in the house. This fold out drying rack provides some space for drying clothes and laundry indoors. Its simple construction and neutral color matches any interior decor.

Wall laundry drying rack
Peyton Donaldson
Laundry drying rack wall
Abbey Kowalski

Now you can save space in a smaller bathroom or laundry room and still have a functional interior. This drying rack is wall-mounted and foldable, and it can be easily pressed against the wall when not in use.

Wall Mount Accordion Drying Rack
Brown Andrea

Wall Mount Accordion Drying Rack

Laundry room drying rack

Sort your laundry, clothes and lingerie and choose this sorting station with six laundry baskets. This cabinet has got the clean lines, simple construction and white look.

Laundry rack wall mounted

If you can't go for a regular drying rack and would still love to have a fully functional and practical home then this piece is simply the best idea ever. It can be easily folded away on your wall and takes up minimum space.

Drying rack wall mount
Butler Nicole

Good with everything in a bathroom but a place to dry your towels? Even if your washroom is really, really small, a contemporary metal drying rack like this one will fill the bill, because its foldable.

Wall mounted drying rack

Practical drying rack that folds up behind a door. This space saving idea includes a cottage style drying rack for towels or other small items. Its simple frame finished in white color looks good in any small room.

Fold down drying rack
Isabella Martinable

A functional drying rack for outdoor areas that don't have too much space to spare. The rack is wall-mounted, made of tubular metal with protective rubber caps, and can be easily folded or unfolded.

Wall mounted fold down drying rack

What do we need in the laundry room in addition to whirling washing machines? Fold out drying rack preferably adapted to the interior.Made of a long hydraulic pipe strike in a loft style, needed ordinary wooden hangers to give character to everything around.

Fold out clothes airer drying rack 1
Zernike Laetitia
Wall mount laundry rack
Alexis Milani

A great solution for smaller spaces such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. This functional cabinet is wall-mounted and comes with 4 storage compartments and a hidden ironing board you can easily take out by pulling it down.

Fold down clothes rod
Tara Gosselin
Wall laundry rack
Laetitia Zernike
Folding clothes drying rack wall mounted
Wall hanging drying rack
Julie Car
Wall mount laundry drying rack
Saddle rack with four slots the wellington by theequestrianshop 309
Jackson Krystle
Fold Away Bamboo Clothes Rack
Natalie Long

Fold Away Bamboo Clothes Rack
This retractable drying rack for clothes constitutes not only a practical but also a stylish addition to one's interiors. Densely grained bamboo wood enchants with its natural character.

Wall mounted folding clothes drying rack
Phillips Krystle
Commercial Chrome Accordion Drying Rack

Commercial Chrome Accordion Drying Rack
A drying rack which has a shape of an accordion. Its height is adjustable for more convenience. It is based on four x-shaped legs that ensure stability and strength. Its low weight which is estimated at around 9 lbs, provides more mobility.

Drying rack for laundry wall mounted
Clothes drying racks wall mounted fold out drying rack
Lily Cravenable
HangerJack Foldable Hanger Storage System for Clothes and Laundry, Closet Organizer, Garage and Ladder Storage, Tool and Extension Cords, and Bike Rack
Chloe Hughesful
Fold out drying rack 5
Yulia Thompson
Drying rack that i added to my laundry room must
Joanna Per
Handmade wooden clothes horse
Carmen Kowalski
Usable indoors or out this space efficient drying rack provides
Samba Ceiling Clothes Line
Weber Lily

Samba Ceiling Clothes Line

Wall mounted drying rack for clothes
Tara Gosselin
Madison wall mounted laundry drying rack traditional dryer racks
Peyton Donaldson
Wooden Folding Drying Rack (natural) (50"H x 27"W x 15"D)
Dominique Hug
With steel mount wall drying rack including laundry room folding
Lindsey Jame
Wont accommodate this drying rack but i like how it
Kathleen Barnes
We actually built four separate drying racks they fold in