Foam Water Floats

Are you looking for foam water floats or something like that? If that is the case, we encourage you to take a closer look at all the models that are presented down here. Of course, there is no need to rush with anything here so what will you do about it?

Foam pool mats 1

It's a must-have idea for a successful holiday and your kids will absolutely love it. This water float features a large size as it can easily seat a few people and a thin structure that makes it look like a mat.

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Pack it up camping essentials jumbo floating foam pad

Pack It Up Camping Essentials Jumbo Floating Foam Pad
Creating a perfect entertainment for the whole family, this Jumbo Floating foam pad will let you smoothly drift throughout any water reservoirs. Wide surface will enable a simultaneous relax for up to several people.

Foam floats for pools 18

Permanently buoyant foam hammock with contoured headrest and leg support (soft dual zone cushioning). This float for pools might be used in fresh and salt water. Thanks to throughout impregnation, UV rays do not affect its color.

Fab Foam™ Fabric Foat

Fab Foam™ Fabric Foat

Foam water floats

Foam water floats

Foam water floats 8

Floating pool candles

OK, this has absolutely no practical functions, but doesn't it look adorable. Styrofoam balls float in pool water, and they're highly decorative thanks to colorful (here: fuchsia pink) carnations sticked into them.

Water Jogger® Pool Float

Water Jogger® Pool Float
This awesome pool float is gonna bring you the highest functionality and an amazing fun! If you want to make your summertime even more than enjoyable, don't hesitate and check it out in your swimming pool.

Foam water floats 5

Lazy Bunz Water Float

Lazy Bunz Water Float
Water float made of foam and covered with vinyl for strength. Easy to clean and disinfect. Intended for adults. It has good feedback from customers.

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Floating pool lanterns

Enchant your swimming pool with those floating lanterns, accentuating the whole surface with truly magical accents. Each lantern has a paper ball shade attached to the round styrofoam base that effectively secures the whole against sinking.

iFloats 12 Foot Water Pad Party Float with High Flotation Floating Foam Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing

An oversized, twelve-foot long water pad made out of floating foam for water recreation and relaxing. Perfect for garden parties if you have a pool and makes for a perfect replacement to inflatable mattresses.

Robelle Big Boss Pool Noodle

Robelle Big Boss Pool Noodle
Pool noodle for playing in the pool. Made in Canada. It is made of foam. Does not absorb water and stay on the surface. Great gift idea for kids. It has top ratings from satisfied customers.

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Foam water floats 29

Foam water floats 10

Nuby Splash N Catch - 20 Foam Animals with 1 Bathtime Fishing Set, 18 Months Plus

Foam water floats 12

Foam water floats 3

Foam water floats 18

Foam water floats 7

Floating lantern in the shape of lotus. It is made of foam and finished with pastel colors. Sophisticated decoration for the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Foam water floats

Floating lotus flower water lanterns in a rich choice of colors, textures and shapes, crafted out of floating foam. The lotus blossom can perfectly house a candle / tealight in its centre to contribute to a relaxed, moody ambiance.

Foam water floats 25

Foam water floats 1

Foam water floats 15

Foam water floats 4

Foam water floats

Foam water floats 26

Foam water floats 28

TRC Recreation Sunsation Pool Float

This vinyl coated, smooth foam constitutes a great option for an afternoon chill out at the pool. Thick, yet soft surface will allow you to float smoothly around the pool, enjoying a drink or a book.

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Aqua Cell Deluxe Cool Pool Float, Blue, 72 x 1.75-Inch Thick

It is a rectangular mattress to the swimming pool. This allows it to lie on it and enjoy your holidays. Perfect for relaxing the and of resting. It is ideal for holiday lazy days. It has a blue color. This is an inflatable mattress.

Aqua Cell Marquis Pool Float, Blue, 70 x 1.25" Thick

It is a very comfortable mattress. It has a blue color and rectangular shape. It is the inflatable mattress and therefore ideally suited to both the beach and the water. Practical and pretty. Ideal for holidays.

Super Duper Dipper Pool Noodle

Super Duper Dipper Pool Noodle

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Home luxe sunsation foam pool float

Ahh-Qua Lounge 2 Person Pool Float

Ahh-Qua Lounge 2 Person Pool Float
This is an original piece of quipment designed for use in the swimming pool, lake, etc. It is a pool float that offers comfortable space for two people. It is durable and very soft, so it provides the highest level of relaxation.

Boon Dive Bath Tub Appliques

Aquaria Maui Sling Chair W/ Cupholders Made With Aqua Cell Foam - Blue 22" Deep

You can relax in the water without using even the strength to stay on the surface. With solution comes foam watler floats. Made with aqua cell foam. You want bring some drink and still stay in the water?Voile!Cupholders are included.Everything in blue color.

The cap and supports are made of neoprene lycra and

WOW Sports Beach Bronco Foam Floating Seat

Softie Pool Float

If you just love hanging out in your pool but would like to sunbathe in the middle of the water, this pool float in red finish will surely help you achieve that and get the immense rest with the strong construction that doesn't absorb water or leak.

Floating Lounge Chair

Water Gear Bar Float

Poolside Pool Mat (Set of 2)

Poolside Pool Mat (Set of 2)

Nuby Bath Animals

Monster Funnoodle Pool Noodle Foam Asstd Colors