Floral Throw Blanket

If you are looking for colorful, pretty and, at the same time functional throw blankets, you have come to the right site. The designs, patterns and colours that you can see here, differ when it comes to various features, but all of them are quite charming. What will be your favourite one?

Floral throw blanket 1

You know why designer call it a vivaldi floral throw blanket? Because you can see here all the seasons of vivaldi - thanks to crochet flowers of various colors. Colors create a beautiful scarf for your chair, or a warm overhead for cool autumn evenings.

Floral throw blanket

A wonderful, old-fashioned afghan that was hand crocheted with a great talent and precision. It features beautiful flowery motifs and a ruffled edge. It will be a romantic accent of your sofa or armchair.

Floral throw blanket 16

Extremely romantic old style floral throw blanket. Hand-made entirely in cotton, very beautiful and extremely decorative. It will work in any interior, regardless of the decor! Lace roses, uniformly spread in the chair, or prized the daybed.

Floral throw blanket 3

If you likes old-fashioned rural style and needlework, this blanket is must-have in your home. It is made of bright wool and decorated of woolen flowers in different shades of pink and ecru. It is very cozy and warm.

Floral throw blanket 18

Unique handmade throw blanket / table dressing, with regular floral pattern in blue, beige and navy, composed into a white background. I have no patience for crocheting, but beautiful crochet accessories like this one really speak to me.

Floral throw blanket 8

Throw blanket with floral design on white background. This product includes an interesting multi-color pattern, so it decorates indoors. Its soft and durable materials provide comfort and relaxation to its users.

Floral throw blanket 15

Floral throw blanket 2

Floral throw blanket 29

New heritage afghan crochet pattern from your favorite afghans to

Probably my favorite afghan to make ive made about 4

Floral throw blanket 33

Esprit Spice Cotton Throw

Esprit Spice Cotton Throw

Floral throws

Floral throw blanket 4

Floral throw blanket 11

Floral throw blanket 25

Floral throw blanket 27

Floral throw blanket 2

Floral throw blanket 5

Striped blankets and throws 4

Doing crochet doesn’t have to be difficult and boring – look at this simple, yet beautiful, colourful design. Perfect for anything you might dream of, be it a scarf, a sweater, a blanket or even a cup holder!

Best free crochet purple popcorn afghan free crochet pattern

Blue cream and yellow striped baby

Blue Cream And Yellow Striped Baby
Knitted throw blanket, ready to complete a daybed set. In addition to unique knitted form, it boasts also a nice color combination, with blue, crean (or maybe white?) and mustard yellow stripes, pretty wide.

Crochet hudson bay blanket pattern

Such a striped blanket can cover you grandma or your beloved husband when you sleep on the couch. Wonderful colors, hand-sewn in striped patterns - refers to the original time-honored Spanish and Navajo tradition.

These 16 gorgeous crochet designs will turn your home into

Floral throw blanket 26

Striped blankets and throws 1

Decorative blanket with multi-color stripes. Its material is very durable and comfortable for any user. It is also resistant to excessive wear even in case of frequent use. Its multiple colors look great in any interior design.

Mixed stitch crochet blanket pattern

Pretty-looking rectangular traditional blankets and throws crocheted of soft textured yarn in creamy and brown shades with classic striped patterns lengthwise. They have to be hand washed and hang dried.

Floral throw blanket 6

Floral throw blanket 17

Striped blankets and throws 17

This striped blanket will bring warmth and liveliness to the interior, enchanting with its vibrant patterning. Thick wool finishing will provide warmth and comfort for your baby.

Patterned throw blankets 4

The strangely woven striped blanket is a captivating combination of fantastic design, beautiful colors, and functionality. The whole works beautifully together and makes the bedroom or living room cozy.

Floral throw blanket 12

Striped blankets and throws 5

Colorful bedspread throw blanket - knitted of variously colored floss, it boosts the homey & cozy factor wherever it's spread over. Its colors inlude red, apple green, sky blue and a slight drop of navy.

Bliss Cotton Throw

Bliss Cotton Throw

Nothing will look more gorgeous than this rail fence quilt

Striped blankets and throws

A hand crocheted blanket in a tasteful combination of warm, soft colors. It not only offers warmth and comfort, but it can also be a pretty decoration of your sofa or armchair, giving it a touch of coziness.

Floral throw blanket

Throw pillows and blankets 6

Opt for this amazing V-stitch throw pattern quilt that will make any interior look a lot more warm and welcoming, while you can throw it on your legs to get just a bit more coziness and enjoy those long, winter evenings.

Striped cotton blankets

Classic blanket for all kinds of interiors as needed. It is made of pleasant to the touch cotton and decorated with striped pattern. Handy gadget for each home.

Throw pillows and blankets

Striped blankets and throws have something incredibly domestic and stylish. Especially when they refer to Middle Eastern inspiration - combined with traditional brown living room set. This blanket throw of heavy material has a navy-white shade with tassels.

Alpaca Wool Multi Stripe Throw

Alpaca Wool Multi Stripe Throw
A magnificent, multi-stripe throw which is mainly made of high-quality wool that ensures durability. It is not only good-looking but also functional. These blankets are meant to provide softness and high quality.

Floral throw blanket 9

Vanilla Woven Cotton Throw

Vanilla Woven Cotton Throw
This magnificent vanilla, woven throw is made of high-quality cotton which ensures longevity. In order to keep it in shipshape condition, machine wash only. Those throws are safe for infants. It was manufactured in India.

Floral throw blanket 19

Stripe Throw Blanket

Stripe Throw Blanket
Striped pattern with aquamarine blue hues makes this throw blanket be a nice complement for a nautical themed decor. White fringes highlight the look. I use my throw blanket to protect living room sofa from staining.

Floral throw blanket 23

Ravelry project gallery for something pretty pattern by mille makes

Patchwork for babies

Floral throw blanket 13