Floor Standing Clocks

Looking at a clock, we can see a bit more than just the time. Whether it’s a large kitchen wall clock or a small alarm clock on the bedside table, it usually tells something about the owner. What would a grandfather clock say about you? Dig into a really interesting set of floor standing clocks- some genuinely classic and others re-imagined in modern styles.

Clock floor

Vintage and beautifully made floor standing clock is a unique and very impressive design element, which is very functional at the same time. Attractive pedestal base made of steel beautifully displays clock face with Roman numerals.

Standing pendulum clock

Are you searching for a floor standing clock that would spruce up your ambiance? This one features a rectangular aquarium in the base, black finish and unique extraordinary look.

Floor standing clocks 1

A magnificent work of vintage art, that will transform your home in a blink of an eye. This floor-standing, astronomical regulator is crafted of solid Oak wood with lovely hand-carvings, offering an accurate mechanism, a working pendulum and a white dial.

Industria 57.5" Chateau Standing Clock

Industria 57.5" Chateau Standing Clock
Cool vinatge style metal clock with a rust finish. A stand has 4 sleek legs with curved pointy bottom ends and straight crossbas, A pendulum hangs among legs. A round clock hangs into an outer ring, has a white dial, black Roman numerals and hands.

59" Floor Clock

59" Floor Clock
Attractive latterday standing clock crafted of quality silvery-finished steel. It has a foldable tripod stand with chain stretchers. A round clock hangs into a larger ring and has adjustable tilt. A dial is white, Arabic numerals and hands - black.

Modern standing clock

An attractive modern floor clock made of wood and aluminium. It has a hemispherical base and a fountain like flared stem in brown, white and red with decorative ball LED lighting. It has a round white dial with black Roman numerals and hands.

Floor standing clocks 6

Floor standing clocks have been put in the interiors for a very long time, so fans of antiques will be delighted with this copy of cherry wood in the style of a grandfather's clock with a metal and gold-plated mechanism in the middle.

16 40cm d 10 25cm the mackintosh floor standing clock

Standing clock

Classic standing clock. It’s of one of the most popular shapes and designs out there, which ensures fashionable look in your house. The blue colour is perfect for kids’ room and the living room alike.

Stand clock

An amazing piece for enhancing luxurious homes that drown in beautiful antiques.This floor standing clock is well-crafted using hardwood and adorned with brass accents. The white dial sits behind a clear glass cover, equipped with Roman numerals and 2 black metal hands.

Large wall clocks all clocks 64 tall standing floor clock

Free standing clocks

Free standing clock mounted on richly decorated frame made of wood. Includes pendulum and Arabic numeral. Elegant accent for each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Floor standing clocks 11

Among the models of standing clocks, something that will also find lovers of industrial style. In the factory interior, a metal floor standing clock reminiscent of an old-fashioned spotlight would look very good.

12th scale floor standing clock shabby

12th Scale Floor Standing Clock Shabby
Floor standing clocks are not only those large mahogany cuckoo clocks but also completely different, inspired by the clocks from the painting of Dali. Streamlined shape, bright color and casing made of cement.

Daniel Dakota Floor Standing Grandfather Clock

The floor-standing grandfather Daniel Dakota clock is a symbol of elegance and style at home. Large enclosed made of solid wood and MDF in a cherry finish, presents a metal clock, Roman numbers and glass fronts. He will measure time beautifully and dignified.

Standing clocks

True masterpiece of watchmaker, from the old days. With such a clock, time flows in a magical way. Floor standing clok is made of unforgettable dark wood, and its mechanisms and copper finishes resemble the greatest watchmakers from victorian times.

Modern floor standing clocks

Boasting of its vintage appearance and old-fashioned craftsmanship, this floor standing clock works like a charm and charms while it works. Crafted of sturdy hardwood and bathed in a distressed yellow finish, the clock keeps a weathered round dial with Arabic digits and a pair of black metal hands.

Floor standing clocks 5

Among the models of floor standing clocks, something for everyone, you will also find lovers of contemporary style. In the factory interior, a metal clock standing with a futuristic character on black round base - would look very good.

Classic styled free standing floor clock traditional clocks

Decor clocks pier 1 imports clocks pier 1 imports standing

Free Standing Floor Clock As a Vintage Gas Pump

Standing clocks

Their high price is compensated by a dignified look that will delight everyone. The floor standing clock here has a bright color of pale and wood from which it was proudly made. The contemporary shape is a little inspired by Dali's clocks.

Floor standing clocks

Floor standing clocks is an unusual and very attractive way to decorate the interior. Based on a wooden structure and finished in a blue tint, they bring a Mediterranean breeze to the decor and are phenomenal.

Floor standing clocks 8

In the industrial interior, a metal clock floor standing resembling an old railway station clock or a street lantern would look very good - just like this clock standing on pointed legs finished in matt black.

Miniature floor standing clock shabby

Miniature Floor Standing Clock Shabby
Freestanding clock in Vintage style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It is fitted with pendulum and Roman numeral. Classic form and elegant design.

Brown stools

Create a contemporary styled kitchen with these amazing brown stools that come with the triangle shaped base and the different colors of the seat upholsteries, as well as offering the much needed lumbar support.

Floor standing clocks 7

Floor standing clocks 11

Classic floor standing clocks are usually made of good quality deciduous wood, in this case, brown beech wood. A dignified metal gilt clock mechanism in the middle - it measures time in a gentleman's style.

Standing clocks sale

Branch or clock? In addition, how can this clock stand? Interesting solution for floor standing wooden clock - all made of the same material.The clock face is rough, without a casing and even the clock hands are made of cherry wood, just like the rest.

Floor standing clocks 3

Modern floor standing clock 2

Modern Floor Standing Clock
A unique timepiece for modern and contemporary interiors, that is accurate, eye-catching, and sturdy. Crafted of natural wood, the floor standing clock holds a simplistic square base with a pair of metal black hands, attached to the long slender legs.

Floor standing clocks 4

Deco 79 Metal Floor Clock, 11 by 53-Inch

77" Grandfather Clock

77" Grandfather Clock
Beautiful classic floor clock with a wooden frame finished in warm brown. Metal mechanisms and a face (with Roman numerals and black hands) are golden. It has a showy wavy arched top, rounded grooved corner posts, a 2-tier base with a curved apron.

Daniel Dakota 71.63" Grandfather Clock

Daniel Dakota 71.63" Grandfather Clock
Impressive traditional clock with a frame of brown-finished wood and mechanisms of golden metal. It has a wavy arched top, round grooved posts, a dashy 2-tier base with a rope trim and carvings. An arched face has Roman numerals and black hands.

Media rooms gallery 1

Media Rooms Gallery
This is a very interesting and useful piece of furniture used in a TV room and living room. This media stand is able to support a TV and it features additional shelves for other media devices. It also has got many drawers for CDs and DVDs.

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Floor Standing Electric Patio Heater

Floor Standing Electric Patio Heater
This electric patio heater in hammer tone bronze finish is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, providing no harmful emissions or toxic residuals. Includes a weighted base, protective aluminum reflector, quick heat production, and stainless steel and aluminum construction.

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Floor standing clocks 8

Floor standing clocks 7

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53" Floor Clock

53" Floor Clock

68 tall standing grandfather floor clock metal iron

Clock antique metal floor stand clock china wall clocks for

White gustavian floor clock traditional clocks

Floor standing clocks

Floor standing clocks

Northcote 54" Adjustable Clock

Northcote 54" Adjustable Clock