Floor Curio Cabinets

Are you a collector like me? Do you have a collection to display? With a proper curio cabinet the collectibles you've got can be presented with style. Here are my top picks of floor curio cabinets. Plenty od designs to choose from! Get inspired and perhaps you'll find the best piece of furniture to show your trophies!

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Howard Miller 680-473 Ramsdell Curio Cabinet
Leah Morgan

Classic display unit with a wide brown wooden frame. It has a crowned top, contoured columns with Acanthus leaf caps and a cut-out base. It has a 2-direction sliding glass door, 4 adjustable shelves and built-in lighting with a power receptacle cord.


Gorgeous standing cabinet made of solid wood in beautiful oak finish, offering quality frame with durable glass shelves and mirrored back, additional lighting, and amazing design with fine details and artistic touch.

Howard Miller 680-395 Bradington Curio Cabinet

Elegant modern 2-section display cabinet made of glass with a wooden frame finished in black coffee. It features 4 curved doors and nickeled hardware. This curio has 4 adjustable glass shelves and 1 wooden shelf in a lower section.

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Howard Miller 680-288 Chesterfield II Curio Cabinet

This beautiful curio cabinet features convenient plate grooves in the glass shelves that allow for vertical display of plates, height-adjustable floor levelers under all four corners and halogen light with convenient no-reach touch-Lite light switch.

48"w Glass Curio Cabinet with 10 Side Lights and 5 Height-Adjustable Glass Shelves, Display Case Tower Includes Sliding Glass Doors - Cherry Laminate, MDF Base

Display your collection or china perfectly with these five height-adjustable glass shelves that may easily be raised or lowered, while the sliding doors allow for better safety for your valuable things.

Floor curio cabinets
Allison Smi
Howard Miller 680-237 Parkview Curio Cabinet by
Lauren Martinezify

This Contemporary Curio Cabinet in Golden Oak Finish features a select hardwoods and veneers construction. The cabinet includes glass shelves with plate grooves, height-adjustable floor levelers, and on/off light switch in the back for operating two incandescent lights.

Wall-Mounted Silver Aluminum Glass Display Cabinet, Illuminated, Angled Front, Illuminated, Locking Sliding Doors, Ships Fully Assembled
Martinez Marisa

It is a wall-mounted glass display cabinet that has got a silver aluminum frame and locking sliding doors. It is great to display your beautiful accent pieces. It adds style to any home.

Howard Miller 680-483 Drake Curio Cabinet by
Kimberly Rod
Howard Miller 680-477 Berends Curio Cabinet

Elegant display cabinet made of wood with a black satin finish. It has glass sides and a 2-way sliding front door. Glass shelves are adjustable. This curio has also a glass mirrored back and halogen lighting. Practical, with floor levelers.

Glass Display Case And Black MDF Base, 36 x 76 x 19-Inch, With Adjustable Shelves, Halogen Lights, And Locking Sliding Doors
Jamie Fost

Display all your favourite souvenirs and decorative accessories with this capacious glass cabinet that is ideal for various applications. It stands sturdily on the ground thanks to black MDF base. The shelves inside are adjustable.

Tempered Glass Curio Cabinet With 6 Halogen Lights, Free-Standing, Locking With Floor Levelers And 4 Green Edge Glass Shelves - Silver, Aluminum
Butler Mary

Tempered glass cabinet for the leather goods presentation. Includes 4 floor levelers to ensure stability even on uneven floors. Features 6 halogen lights, 2 overhead lights and 4 adjustable side lights.

Howard Miller 680-145 Gilmore Curio Cabinet
Christina Allen

Graceful traditional display unit with a very sleek brown-finished wooden frame. It features a beautiful arched top and a solid base with levelers. It has tempered glass both a door, 4 adjustable shelves and sides. There's built-in halogen lighting.

Wright Stacy

It is a cabinet that has got a glass doors and is perfect to display your favorite accent pieces, bootless of wine, glass and more. It is a beautiful addition to your living room, dining room and other.

Flat wall curio cabinet with legs solid wood curio cabinet
Peyton Donaldson
Howard Miller 680-205 Berkshire Curio Cabinet by
Michele Smith

Graceful corner display cabinet made of wood with a cherry finish. It features a decorative swan-neck top with a pierced overlay, 2 rosettes and a keystone. It has a crystal-cut arched door, oblique sides, 4 deep grooved shelves and inside lighting.

Short corner curio cabinet
Crystal Bar
Howard Miller 680-339 Donegal Curio Cabinet

Pretty traditional display unit with a wooden frame finished in brown. It has a moulding top, reeded columns and an indented base with levelers. It features a 2-direction sliding glass door. It has 4 adjustable glass shelves and built-in lighting.

Howard Miller 680-347 Hammond Curio Cabinet

Attractive traditional display cabinet with a sleek wooden frame finished in oak-brown. It has crowned both a top and a base with levelers. This curio features a crystal-cut grooved door. It has 4 adjustable glass shelves and built-in back lighting.

Howard Miller 680-337 Dublin Curio Cabinet
Griffin Megan

Pleasing to the eye, elegant display cabinet made of wood finished in cherry. A cabinet has decorative columns, a top and a base. It has a glass sliding door, sides, 4 adjustable shelves with plate grooves and a back. There is 4-level lighting, too.

Howard Miller 680-412 Saloman Curio Cabinet
Samantha Dia

Attractive display cabinet made of wood and veneers finished in black coffee. Sides and a side-opened door are made of glass. A cabinet has 7 glass adjustable shelves, a glass mirrored back, a back lighting, sturdy legs and floor levelers.

Floor Standing Curio Cabinet
Elizabeth Coupe

Floor Standing Curio Cabinet
A decent, floor-standing cabinet which is a sturdy construction that provides durability, stability and safety. It features a mirrored back panel, glass doors and glass side panels. Perfectly suits contemporary interiors.

Floor Standing Curio Cabinet
Cooper Denise

Floor Standing Curio Cabinet
This is a very original floor standing curio cabinet, which is perfect for an elegant living room. It is closed by a glass door. Thereby it has not only practical function, but also decorative one. It makes impression.

Howard Miller 680-485 Dominic Curio Cabinet by

Elegant delicate corner display cabinet made of wood finished in oak. It has a decorative beveled glass door and 7 adjustable glass shelves. Both a top and a base are rather simple. This curio has also incandescent lighting and floor levelers.

Howard Miller 680-235 Townsend Curio Cabinet by
Alexander Alison
Howard Miller 680-341 Torrington Curio Cabinet
Natalie Rob

Tall curio cabinet with four glass shelves inside; the wooden base comprises additional, fifth shelf. The cabinet allows to display its contents efficiently due to full glass back and tempered glass panel sides.

Howard Miller 680-250 Jamestown II Curio Cabinet
Joanna Per

This charming sideboard is an excellent way to expose dishes, glasses, etc. Sturdy wooden construction and a beautifully glazed doors make all unique. Internal shelves are made of glass.

Howard Miller 680-342 Hastings Curio Cabinet
Craven Rachel

Elegant wooden standing cabinet with a cherry finish. It has a simple base with levelers and a removable decorative carved top. Side-opening crystal-cut grooved door, sides, 7 adjustable shelves are made of glass. A curio has incandescent lighting.

Howard Miller 680-345 Lynwood Curio Cabinet
Isabella Martinable

Elegant sleek corner display cabinet made of wood finished in cherry. Both a top and a base are simple. It has a decorative crystal-cut door and 4 adjustable shelves made of glass. This curio has also incandescent ligting and floor levelers.

Howard Miller 680-495 Murphy Curio Cabinet by
Price Michele

Graceful sleek display cabinet made of wood with a cherry finish. It has decorative both a bonnet top and a cut-out base. Its door and 5 adjustable shelves are of glass as well as a mirrored back. A cabinet has incandescent lighting.

Howard Miller 680-286 Chesterfield Curio Cabinet

Elegant stylish display cabinet. Stable, made of quality wood and veneers finished in cherry. It has sides, adjustable shelves and a front door made of glass. Shelves have grooves to vertical display of plates. Illuminated with 4-level lighting.

Howard Miller 680-479 Andreus Curio Cabinet
Lindsay Pat

Elegant wooden display cabinet with a cherry finish. It has a beveled glass slliding door with columns feature leaf caps. Sides and 4 adjustable shelves are of glass. Shelves have plate grooves. Curio has also a glass back and 4-level lighting.

Howard Miller 680-290 Embassy II Curio Cabinet

Beautiful display cabinet made of wood finished in cherry. It has decorative leaves and shells on a top. Door columns are fluted, sides are oblique. The door is of beveled glass. Adjustable shelves have plate grooves. There is 4-level lighting, too.

Howard Miller 680-243 Embassy Curio Cabinet by
Perry Amber

Elegant display cabinet made of wood finished in cherry. A top is carved with leaves and a central shell. A beveled door, sides and 4 shelves are made of glass. Shelves are grooved for vertical plates display. It has halogen lighting and levelers.

Howard Miller 680-340 Portland Curio Cabinet
Mackenzie Milani

Sleek elegant display cabinet made of wood finished in cherry. Its sliding door with a decorative arched top is made of full-length crystal-cut glass. A curio has 4 adjustable glass shelves, a glass back, lighting and floor levelers.

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Laetitia Anderson
Solid oak corner display cabinet
Henderson Cassandra
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Chloe Hughesful
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Courtney Lew
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Perez Amber
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Floor curio cabinets
700 contemporary curved corner curio cabinet
Catherine Ross
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Aloma Garcia
Ayden wall curio cabinet
Alyssa Wilsonify
Solid wood curio cabinets
Alexandra Wood

Made of solid wood, the curio cabinet captures the details. Beautiful glass shelves and cabinet doors captivate. The furniture is perfect for displaying content to bring a pleasant atmosphere to the decor.

Pulaski Ridgewood Dark Cherry/Mahogany Mantel Curio - 6705
Bianca Weberable

This traditional styled, elegant curio has a decorative glass doors, made of clear glass with geometric, matte pattern. Its frame was made of sturdy mahogany wood in dark cherry finish. It is a perfect place to show collective items.