Flat Back Christmas Tree

This is one of the collections with all the stuff you need for Christmas. But you won’t get disappointed after browsing through these photos even if you haven’t been considering a purchase of a Christmas tree recently. Now you can discover almost all the possible kinds of it so why don’t you do it?

Flat back christmas tree 2

Go for this stunning, artificial tree and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere without making a mess. It will beautifully sparkle due to 250 mini lights and it features a flat back so you can easily place it near the wall.

Christmas wall tree

Flat wall christmas tree

Your family would love to have a big and comely Christmas tree, but you do not have enough space for it? Flat back or corner trees may come with a solution. It is 7 1/2' tall, therefore constituting a considerable space for decorations.

Flat back christmas tree 1

Flat back christmas tree 4

Christmas is very unique time in the year, so it needs special, beautiful decoration. If you don't like trees you can use this incredible adornment. I is made of Christmas tree ornament stuck on the wall.

Half corner christmas tree

Half christmas trees for wall

Flat back christmas tree 3

A pretty traditional Christmas tree crafted of green plastic over wires. It has a stand composed of 4 slanted supports with rolled ends. The tree is space-saving and intended to be placed in corners as it has 2 sides cut to be flat.

Flat christmas tree

Christmas tree with flat back. It is made of plastic and mounted on pedestal base. Perfect solution for small spaces. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Flat back christmas tree

3' Norway Pine Half Tree

3' Norway Pine Half Tree
Half tree intended for placement underneath the wall. It has a lot of lights in a warm shade. Ideal solution for small spaces.

Half wall christmas tree

If you want to spare yourself and your family the questionable pleasure of cleaning up that mess of a Christmas tree after holidays, why not make a handmade, DIY one? This one is made out of mason jars, and just look how amazing it is!

6.5' Half Evergreen Artificial Christmas Tree

6.5' Half Evergreen Artificial Christmas Tree
An artificial evergreen Christmas tree with a flat back, to be used in places where a full tree won't match, so it fits nicely eg. against a wall. Pine tree style. Non-toxic and UV resistant. Perfect for apartments.

Lighted christmas wall tree

Christmas tree for wall

Christmas tree made out of lights on wall

Wall hanging xmas tree

Wall mounted xmas trees

Artificial wall mounted christmas trees

Flat christmas trees for the wall

Flat sided christmas tree

Half christmas tree for wall

Wall mounted christmas trees artificial

Lighted wall christmas tree

Christmas tree wall hanging with lights

Hanging wall christmas tree

Flatback christmas tree

Wall xmas tree

Christmas wall tree lighted

Flat christmas tree to hang on wall

3' Camdon Fir Artificial Christmas Wall or Door Tree - Unlit

Buy wall hanging christmas tree

Beaded fruit flat back christmas tree

Wall hung christmas tree

Hang on the wall christmas tree

Half christmas trees to hang on the wall

Back christmas tree

Wall christmas tree made of lights

Pre lit wall christmas tree

Image 1 christmas 4ft multi colored prelit flat back wall

Wall christmas trees artificial

Driftwood flat back christmas tree

Pre lit flat christmas tree

Home prelit lighted flat back christmas tree choice of 3

Flatback christmas trees a holiday miracle for small spaces

Prelit indoor hanging wall lighted christmas tree holiday decoration

Treeform Tabletop - Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree in Natural Kraft, 18" Tall

7' Balsam Spruce Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas trees that hang on the wall

Big ornaments