Fireplace Safety Gate

Do you like sitting at a nice fireplace? If you are looking for fireplace safety gates, there couldn’t have been a better site to choose from. What you are about to see are different arrangements, shapes, colours and sizes of such safety gates so the final decision shouldn’t be that difficult.

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Enhance baby safety indoors: surround a hot stove with a fireplace safety gate. Here: constructed of thick and sturdy wooden slats. Don't let the fireplace surrounding become a play area - too riskful!

Fireplace safety gate

If you’re planning on having kids, or already have one or two, it may be a good idea to baby proof the fireplace in the living room, especially if you have a woodstove. Take a look at this clever idea – an iron fence right inside the house!

Fire place gate

This metal hurdle with gate is intended to isolating your fireplace. Due to this hurdle your child or pupil don't walk over to the fire and don't burn them. It is must have in every interior with fire place.

Fire place baby gate
Fireplace gate for baby proofing

With the six removable and adjustable panels this safety gate is a perfect option for your fireplace, keeping your children and pets safe. It offers the swinging walk thru door panel that is built with a child proof double locking system as well.

Fireplace gate
Fireplace safety gate
Indoor dog fence

This freestanding pet gate is the perfect solution for any home. The simple construction of wood and metal wire is durable, stylish and elegant. Simple assembly lets you use it in many ways and then easily store it.

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Fireplace safety gate in traditional form. It is completely made of wood and consists of vertically arranged strips. Functional accent for each home as needed.

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Wood stove safety gate

An aesthetic practical contemporary safety fence for protection children against direct access to fireplaces. It's composed of 8 vertically slatted interlocking hinged panels made of grey coated metal.

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Extra-Wide Safety Gate

Extra-Wide Safety Gate
This is a special gateway, which will separate part of the house that is safe for the child from that which should not be allowed for kid. This prevents, protects and gives great confidence of security.

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Retractable Gate Spacers

Retractable Gate Spacers
The retractable gate installed in an area where there is a molding, this spacer will help the gate to be in parallel with the wall. As this gate is made from high-quality materials, it is sure to be a part of your home for years to come.

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