Faux Silk Taffeta Drapes

Thinking of faux silk taffeta drapes puddling gracefully on the floor? Browse the collection below and I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to your taste. The right window treatment gives an essential finishing touch to any room and can make for the most dramatic change next to paint, so don’t rush yourself with the choice and go for the best thing you can get.

White taffeta curtains

Orange faux silk curtains

Taffeta drapes will add some elegance and color to your home. Very long, distinguish will create a magic atmosphere from historical time in your bedroom or living room. Very soft, shining material will spoil your eyes.

Half price drapes faux silk taffeta stripe rod pocket curtain

Half Price Drapes Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
Curtain panel made of faux silk taffeta and decorated with striped pattern. It is fitted with rod pocket for easy mounting. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Silk taffeta drapes

These green and brown curtains sports the design that will easily bring your decor to live by adding more color to it. It sports the faux silk structure that makes it charm people even more thanks to its elegant appeal.

Taffeta window panel plum in curtains drapes beso com the

Terroir taffeta silk drapes curtains

Taffeta stripe curtains

It is easy to find elegant material,because every time a selection of silk fauxt will be a good choice. Spinning copper, silver and pink color on this taffeta drapes- add some glamor to your interior. No other decorations are needed.

Platinum embroidered ruched faux silk taffeta header curtain panel 1

Platinum Embroidered Ruched Faux Silk Taffeta Header Curtain Panel
These ruched header drapes represent elegance and chic, evoking associations with baroque or rococo style. Made from faux silk taffeta it adds glamor to the living room. Suits perfectly traditional interiors.

Overstock curtains 108

Elegant traditional floor-length curtains for terrace doors. They're crafted of quality artificial gently crinkled silk with a vertically striped design in beige and dark red. They have grommets for hooks and can be machine washed.

Faux silk cream curtains

Living faux silk taffeta stripe orinda curtain panel panels drapes

Mediterranean faux silk taffeta curtains drapes

Mediterranean Faux Silk Taffeta Curtains Drapes
Elegant and delicate that's how to describe those curtains and drapes. Perfect for large living room, will be perfect finish of the toned room decor, providing there some light. They are also perfect, when you want to have some privacy.

Faux silk drapes 108

Faux silk pink curtains

Faux silk taffeta drapes

A truly royal window decoration, which is created from faux silk tafeta curtains. They feature smooth, velvet-like texture and they come in a posh combination of creamy and red colors. You open them with the use of a metal hook.

Signature stripe beige sea foam green faux silk taffeta 120

Signature Stripe Beige Sea Foam Green Faux Silk Taffeta 120 Inch Curtain Panel
Elegant curtain panels for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. It is made of nice touch faux taffeta and decorated with striped pattern. Includes rod pocket for easy mounting. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

Ivory,beige & gold toned striped faux silk taffeta lined rod pocket curtain panel

Faux curtains

Faux taffeta curtains

Faux taffeta window curtains. These materials provide protection from the sun and they also decorate window interior areas. Rich brown color of these curtains looks very attractive in any indoors. They are also resistant to excessive wear.

Faux satin curtains

Available in various finishes, this faux taffeta curtain is a solid item, made from 56% Nylon and 44% Polyester. It features a 3” Pole Pocket with Ruched Header. Designed and meant to be stationary and used as decorative panels to frame out your window.

Mirage Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain

Faux taffeta curtains 7

Curtain panel made of nice touch faux taffeta and decorated with geometric pattern. Suitable for each standard rod. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Red golden tan striped faux silk taffeta 108 inch curtain

Red Golden Tan Striped Faux Silk Taffeta 108 Inch Curtain Panel
Made from stylish red linen with golden tan, these refined curtain represent faux silk. Designed to enhance even the most sophisticated interiors, they will save you from undesired light. They measure 108 inches long x 50 inches wide.

Faux silk taffeta i love when i can find stylish

Faux silk stripe curtains

Faux taffeta curtains 13

Stylish curtain panels made of high quality faux taffeta. It has hook holes for easy assembly. Received many very good recommendations from customers for elegant design and high quality.

White taffeta curtains 2

A charming window curtain made of silk taffeta in a very light blue color with a subtle, flowery decoration. The curtain will suit interiors in a traditional, rustic style, creating there a romantic atmosphere.

Faux taffeta curtains

White taffeta curtains 1

Simple white curtains with some decorative accents on their top area. These curtains are made of durable materials that are resistant to frequent use and washing. Their white color completes any decor.

Taffeta curtain panels

Taffeta curtain

White taffeta curtains 2

A beautiful design for an unusual curtain, made out of silk in a vibrant, green colour. Perfect to put up in a mid-century living room to give it a colourful contrast, bound to spice up your home with its unique look.

Madison Stripes Faux Silk Taffeta Rod Pocketed Lined Window Treatement Curtain Panel Drape

White taffeta curtains 4

The decorative buckle will be useful in every household - it allows you to hang well your favorite white taffeta curtains, with pink shades. Behold, this is undoubtedly decorative, if it takes the form of gold-plated rose.

Brown faux silk curtains

Cotton Rod Pocket Pane Curtain Panel

Cotton Rod Pocket Pane Curtain Panel
Nice curtain panel, quite casual in looks but having a dash of elegance, too. The fabric it is sewn from is half-translucent and it lets the sun rays to gently shine through. It has standard rod pockets for facile installation.

Faux silk taffeta curtain panel

Marianna Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Marianna Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
Romantic and airy curtain panel sewn of half-transparent fabric with subtle, feminine pattern in its middle, top and bottom. White, wit slight sheen, it is really stylish and elegant. It has standard rod pockets.

Dragonfly Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Dragonfly Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
It is a rod pocket single curtain panel with dragonfly design and two color options to choose: ecru and white. It is an elegant and made of 100-percent polyester. It is an attractive addition to any window.

Flamingo pink faux silk taffeta curtain 1

Parquet Curtain Panel (Set of 2)

Parquet Curtain Panel (Set of 2)
This is a set of curtain panels made of solid poliester and available in many different, bright colors. It can be wash in a washing machine and iron. Panels are lined and has a rod pocket on a top for easy install.

Green faux silk curtains

Faux silk taffeta 1

Faux Silk Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

Faux Silk Curtain Panels (Set of 2)
Aesthetic set of 2 window curtains. They are made of durable golden artificial silk with a solid pattern. Each curtain has a rod pocket and a decorative top lining. Curtains are machine washable and tumble dryed.

Faux Silk Curtain Panel (Set of 2)

Faux Silk Curtain Panel (Set of 2)
Aesthetic set of window curtains made of silk-like synthetic fabric with a delicate solid light-purplish pattern. They have crinkly top borders and solid bottom ones. Each curtain has a pocket for a rod.

Taffeta silk curtains

Cappuccino Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Single Curtain Panel

Cappuccino Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Single Curtain Panel
Beautiful curtain made of quality synthetic fabric in cappuccino color, offering soft to the touch texture, durable and easy to clean and maintain construction, and functional hanging system providing various options.

Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
It is a beautiful half price drapes faux silk taffeta stripe rod pocket curtain single panel that is available in two color options: Burma and mirage. This is a fantastic addition to any window.

Faux silk taffeta drapes

Signature stripe mirage faux silk taffeta curtain panel

Signature Stripe Mirage Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain Panel
Faux silk taffeta curtain striped peach pink, yellow, gray and khaki green. The curtain hangs on dark brown rings that blend into the curtain rod sporting exactly the same shade. Stripes are fun, aren't they. A window treatment.