Faux Magnolia Wreath

Faux magnolia wreaths are ideal for home decoration. You can hang them on the entrance door or indoors. Browse below and check the styling ideas - by adding a few extra flowers and twigs the effects can be really eye-pleasing.

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A truly beautiful decoration for adorning country weddings, anniversaries, and any interior design. This gorgeous Magnolia leaf wreath is composed of faux green leaves, woven together into an attractive embellishment.

Magnolia garland artificial
Fake magnolia leaves

This thick green wreath is pretty decorative on its own, yet still some faux flowers may be pinned into it to enrich it with a splash of color. The wreath can welcome your guests when hanged on front door.

Magnolia wreaths for sale

The captivating and beautifully crafted wreath of magnolia flowers is an original and stylish design element. The beautifully braided is delusional, resembling the living, which refreshes and revitalizes the decor.

Faux magnolia leaves

Elegant wreath for outdoor and indoor use. It consists of faux magnolias and leaves. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Sophisticated addition for each place according to taste.

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The phenomenal garland of artificial magnolia flowers is a unique combination of beautiful artistry and style. The whole is presented in a very realistically and fascinating detail. A Beautiful way to decorate the interior.

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Winward wreaths

An exquisite decoration for the front door of your house, that can work as a lovely invitation to enter your home. The artificial wreath is made of faux magnolia leaves and spray-painted in gold, with a matching door-knocker in the center.

Faux Magnolia Wreath

Faux Magnolia Wreath
This charming wreath of artificial magnolia leaves is the perfect solution to decorate the doors in every home. The beautifully braided were made of silk and polyester on a solid metal rim. The whole is maintained in natural colors is very tasteful.

Artificial magnolia leaves

This idea might be found interesting by anyone who cannot afford expensive home decorations. These white plastic spoons, shaped in a special way, look like magnolia petals. Lots of spoons form faux magnolias wreath.

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For a romantic decorous accent gracing a front door or blank wall, try an arrangement of artificial flowers: this green bay leaves wreath features a composition of faux pink magnolias. It's polyester with plastic.

Artificial magnolia leaf wreath
Magnolia wreath from williamsburg perfect since we have a magnolia
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Faux magnolia garland

A gorgeous Christmas decoration that will transform your front door in no time. The evergreen wreath is sturdy, beautifully adorned with a bunch of acorns, and able to withstand cold weather.

Faux magnolia wreath
36 magnolia wreath
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Faux magnolia leaf garland

A charming contemporary wreath handmade of colourful plastic lemons, limes, size and shape-varied leaves (in green and reddish tones). Leaves' footstalks are wrapped with thin-gauge wires, all elements are glued to wires and then to a wooden base.

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Artificial magnolia wreath

The phenomenal garland made of artificial cotton flowers is an exceptionally stylish and original way to decorate the door of your home and more. The whole beautifully braided presents are extremely impressive.

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A little bit of luxury in the living room. These pillow covers are made of polyester that is durable and easy to maintain. They are equipped with hidden zipping closures. These covers are machine washable.

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Now you can decorate your porch, patio, or the front door of your house with this gorgeous wreath of luscious greens. Designed of faux magnolia leaves, the wreath is wall-mounted and easy to install.

Faux Magnolia Bloom

Faux Magnolia Bloom
This simple, yet beautiful faux flower decoration adds a touch of beauty to any house nook, giving an effect that the place otherwise lacks. White petals of a big magnolia are complemented with green leaves and put in a square glass vase.

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24" Soft Touch Wreath

24" Soft Touch Wreath

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Dogwood Wreath

Dogwood Wreath

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30 magnolia leaf wreath faux
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A pretty-looking contemporary wreath handmade of durable plastic magnolia leaves in restful greenish tones with delicate brownish accents. Leaves are braided together and attached to a metal wire ring.

Silk magnolia leaves

Beautiful floral arrangements in urns. White magnolias, greenish fern leaves, tall grasses and other elements are of faux silk. Goblet-like urns in greenish and brownish tones have 2 large lugs each and textured floral and geometric patterns.

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Holly Pine Magnolia Wreath

Holly Pine Magnolia Wreath

Like fresh cut flowers its worth it to have the
Artificial magnolia garland
Faux magnolia leaf and evergreen arrangement product faux floral arrangementconstruction
Silk Plants Direct Magnolia Oval Wreath (Pack of 1)
Diy pottery barn knock of magnolia wreath these trees do
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Southern magnolia wreath
Faux magnolia leaf wreath
Olive-Branch Wreath

Olive-Branch Wreath

Pottery barn inspired faux magnolia wreath