Faux Leather Dog Bed

Look below and check out the faux leather dog beds which inspired me to furnish a comfy nook for my pet. Aren't they great? The designs come in a number of shapes and sizes so finding a product which matches the animal's needs is not a problem. Take a look below!

Paige Walker Interior Design Expert
Faux leather dog bed 8

Your dog also deserves a bit of luxury, and you deserve a good-looking design of a dog bed. This one sports handsome classic look with its dark wood base and faux leather upholstery in neutral beige. There's even gold letters plaque on front.

Black leather dog bed

A stunning sofa-shaped pet bed with the tufted faux leather upholstery and the amazing design, all making sure that your beloved pet can rest and relax with ease and feel just as sophisticated as you.

Faux leather dog bed 2

A pretty comfortable contemporary lounge bed for dogs. It's thickly padded and covered in durable soft artificial leather in mid brown shades. It's rectangularish and has raised edges with robust piping.

Leather look dog beds
Faux leather dog bed 15
Faux leather dog bed 1
Premium Personalized Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Chair

Premium Personalized Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Chair
Beautiful dog chair offering quality memory foam filled seating for extra comfort and support, elegant white faux leather upholstery, soft cushion with removable micro suede cover, and stylish design.

Faux leather dog bed 21

Dog bed in elegant form. Frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with faux leather and finished with decorative nail heads. Designed for small and medium sized pets.

Faux leather dog bed 9
Mission hills faux leather dog sofa with ottoman
Faux leather dog bed 5
Faux leather dog beds
Faux leather dog bed 2
Faux leather pet bed
Faux leather dog bed 18
Faux leather dog bed 16
Leather dog beds uk
Upholstered dog beds
Faux leather dog bed 7

Dog bed in the form of sofa. It is upholstered with nice touch faux leather. Designed for medium sized pets. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers for elegant design and high quality.

Home cheshire brown leather dog bed
Faux leather dog bed 6
Faux leather dog bed 22
Brown leather dog beds
Faux leather dog bed 4
Faux leather dog bed with cheetah print cushion covers
Mini dog sofa
K&H Thermo Large Cozy Sofa, Milk/Chocolate
Faux leather dog bed 19
Faux leather dog bed
Faux leather dog bed 3
Faux leather dog bed 17
Faux leather dog bed
Faux leather dog bed 20
Chester and wells dog beds
Thermo-Cozy Sofa Dog Furniture Style

Thermo-Cozy Sofa Dog Furniture Style
Cozy dog sofa designed to offer your dog a fantastic and comfortable place to sleep or relax. Features quilted sleeping surface with
removable heater and stylish faux leather upholstery, offering a durable and functional dog bedding.

Mini Dog Sofa

Mini Dog Sofa
So delightfully mini dog bed made this extraordinary piece of furniture to your home. Your pet will be delighted her. Made on a solid base has been covered with stylish upholstered with leatherette trim.

Pet Ottoman

Pet Ottoman
This ottoman combines the amazing functionality of the pet house and a place to comfortably rest your feet up or sit. The durable suede fabric exterior is both easy to clean and reliable and the piece is able to fit small dogs and provide them with comfort.

Pet cat dog ottoman hidden bed puppy kitty faux leather
BioMedic Isadora Dog Sofa Size: Extra Large (45" L x 24" W), Fabric: Faux Leather - Brown
Zippy all faux leather sofa dog bed ex
Bed cover in faux leather burgundy fabric offers the look
Comfy Pet Bed Bench

Comfy Pet Bed Bench
It is the perfect solution for all pets lovers. Bench combined with the lair. The bench is upholstered in leather and its upper part is soft and comfortable. In the lower part there is the hole through which the animal can go inside.

Bosco Dog Bed in Godiva
Celebrity Faux Leather Half Circle Sofa Couch Pet Bed
Faux leather dog and cat beds
Faux leather dog bed
BioMedic Modern Dog Day Bed Fabric: Faux Leather - Blue, Size: Extra Large Mega
BioMedic Dog Chaise Lounge

BioMedic Dog Chaise Lounge

BioMedic Premier Dog Day Bed

BioMedic Premier Dog Day Bed

Faux Leather Dog Pillow

Faux Leather Dog Pillow