Faux Candle Chandelier

Sometimes you walk into a room and you are struck with just one dramatic element that dominates the space despite its moderate size. If you want to bring the drama into your dining room, you can do it with the glow and shine of a stunning faux candle chandelier that towers over the entire room and really makes the space.

Faux candle chandelier 15

Faux candle chandelier in industrial style. Frame is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant accessory for any interior according to taste.

Faux candle chandelier

Faux candle chandelier 17

Illumination and decoration of different indoors. This 9-light chandelier features a durable and stylish round frame for faux candles. This transitional design is based on durable metal frame finished in neutral black color.

Faux candle chandelier 37

8 Light Candle Chandelier

8 Light Candle Chandelier
Attractive traditional 8-light ceiling chandelier. It's of bronze-finished steel and consists of long rods with showy scroll and a finial at the top and curved bottom ends with candlestick-like sockets. It has dripping candle-looking shades.

Faux candle chandelier 39

Rustic candle chandelier for faux candles, mounted to a ceiling by chains. Looking very professional, but it's entirely a DIY project. The handles are crafted out of ordinary glasses wrapped up in paper.

Faux candle chandelier 22

Ring bronze faux candle island chandelier contemporary chandeliers

Faux candle chandelier 16

Faux candle chandelier 9

Faux candle chandelier 27

Simple but stylish and durable chandelier for faux pillar styled candles. It features a rectangular surface that supports natural looking faux candles of different size and shape. Black color complements any home design.

Faux candle chandelier 33

Pillar candle chandelier round 2

Faux candle chandelier 3

Faux candle light fixtures

Faux candle chandelier 32

Bronze finish natural looking faux candles in different shapes and

Faux candle chandelier 21

Faux candle chandelier 18

Faux pillar candle chandelier 1

Faux candle chandelier 44

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An elegant stylish chandelier of metal in bronze. A frame is built of 4 vertical and 4 horizontal S-shaped arms adorned with scrolls, floral motifs and small ball finials. Cylindrical lampshades, nested in bowl sockets, are of creamy opaque glass.

Faux candle chandelier 34

Faux candle chandelier 38

Decorative and functional chandelier that includes three faux candles. They provide good illumination of indoors and the whole chandelier construction improves interior aesthetics. Solid frame of this element is made of metal in black color.

Over kitchen table 8 light oval ring bronze faux candle

Faux candle chandelier 43

Faux candle chandelier 24

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Faux candle chandelier 36

Norwich 9 Light Electric Candle Chandelier

Norwich 9 Light Electric Candle Chandelier
It is a chandelier extraordinary beauty. His style follows the chandeliers from the time of Louis and many other royal families. Place bulbs were arranged in the likeness of candles, which formerly were just in chandeliers. It is very dignified and classy.

Faux candle chandelier 19

Faux candle chandelier 42

Mission bronze low voltage outdoor chandelier 00238

Faux candle chandelier 49

Gifts & Decor Wrought Iron Royalty's Candleholder Chandelier

Six light bronze up chandelier sku v665 42862swz living lighting

Winton 5 Light Candle Chandelier

Winton 5 Light Candle Chandelier

Savannah 5 Light Candle Chandelier

Savannah 5 Light Candle Chandelier
Beautiful traditional 5-light chandelier for candelabra bulbs. Its metal fixture and adjustable chain have a brass finish. It has a straight column, curved arms, pretty grooved cups, pineapple motifs, rope decors. Candle tubes have an ivory colour.

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Gifts decor wrought iron royaltys candleholder chandelier gifts

Faux candle chandelier 52

Onyx faux stone candle 30 wide espresso outdoor chandelier 499

A vaulted stone wine cellar with integrated tasting room it

Faux candle chandelier 45

Faux candle chandelier 31

Faux candle chandelier 14

Faux candle chandelier 47

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