Fake Wall Fireplace

Looking for a fake fireplace? In that case you should browse through the photos that you can see below. They present various shapes, sizes and designs of such fake wall fireplaces. Discover all these offers and check if any of these suits your taste. You have a lot of time so don’t rush.

Fake wall fireplace 2

You can easily transform you living room by an imaginative wall arrangement. Use the decorative, fake stone tiles in the earthy hues and you will create a welcoming and rustic atmosphere in your house.

Fake white fireplace

Faux fireplace plans

Nobody doubts that the fireplace emphasizes family warmth. If we do not have the opportunity to have true - we can create an fake fireplace. It can take the form like here, in white with construcion white white brick wallpaper and bright, large candles.

Fake wall fireplace 3

A chic stylish wall-mounted imitation of a fireplace. It's made of material with a worn white finish. It has decorative side pillars with carvings under a thick moulding mantelpiece. An arched central panel is adorned with floral motifs.

Fake wall ideas

Fake wall fireplace 4

The big family fireplace decorated with the tiles imitating bricks. On the flue case there is placed the TV set, so it is your choice if you would like to look on fire or the newest TV series. There is also a shelf for some bric-à-brac.

How to build a built in entertainment center

A unique way to enhance your living room. This entertainment center has a built-in, fake fireplace with a lighting system. And it can not only be a nice focal point, but also a great idea to acquire several shelves for decorations and a well-balanced shelf for your flat screen TV.

Fake fireplace 1

Make fake fireplace

Fake wall fireplace 14

Wall mounted fake fireplace

Faux hearth

This wooden frame serves as construction basis for fake wall fireplace. Before you construct the fireplace, you need to build a fake wall first. The fake wall on wooden frame must be properly attached to the regular wall.

Fake wall fireplace

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
This Electric Fireplace in Black & Gray Finish provides 300 square feet of space heating capacity. Includes flickering flame effect, remote control, adjustable flame, programmable thermostat, safety shut-off, 2 heat setting options, and power cord.

Fake wall fireplace 15

Fake wall fireplace 11

Fake firplace

How to install a manufactured stone fireplace

White fake fireplace

How to make a fake fireplace

Fake mantle

Ossington Wall Mount Fireplace

Ossington Wall Mount Fireplace

Faux rock wall panels in earth

Fake wall fireplace 5

How to build a fake fireplace

Fake wall fireplace 6

Inside the apartment of one of nycs coolest ladies

Fake wall fireplace 10

Fireplace between the master bedroom tub i dont like those

Electric fireplace with bookshelves

A fireplace with a painting of fire and with bookshelves on a side. It's all white and its design is very simple and elegant. On the top of it you can put all kind of decorative elements as well as a TV. On its sides there are 6 shelves for books.

Fireplace bookshelf

The coziness of the interior is an important aspect, so an electric fireplace with bookshelves can be a great idea. Wall decoration in the form of a fireplace allows you to introduce a warm climate to the decor, and at the same time, it is very effective.

Fake fireplace ideas

Fake wall fireplaces are a great addition to modern houses with a rustic twist. You don't have any troubles that come with real fireplaces, like dust and smoke, but still keep the charming design and traditional appeal.

BuyFauxStone Stacked Stone Wall Panel

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Fake wall fireplace 9

Fake fireplace wall

If the house has a fireplace be sure to find

Ashmead Wall Mount Fireplace

Ashmead Wall Mount Fireplace

Colombus Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Colombus Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Home is where the hearth is faux fireplace

Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

It's about time to creat a romantic mood in your living room while using this electric fireplace. The 1375 W electric fireplace insert comes with a patented flame technology and remote control, and it plugs into standard household outlet.

Faux mantle we have a fire place but no mantle

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I love this i want one but i can just

Need lou to build this faux fireplace for xmas so

Hippo head more great fake taxidermy

Make a fake fireplace

Fake fireplace

Builder Box Contemporary Electric Fireplace

Builder Box Contemporary Electric Fireplace