Fake Orchid Arrangements

Flowers are nice even if they are fake – if you have doubts, all you should do now is browse through these shapes, designs and colours of fake orchid arrangements. As you will probably notice, they all have their charm and it shouldn’t be surprising that this collection is already popular.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement in Cube Ceramic Vase

Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement in Cube Ceramic Vase
A beautiful and easy to maintain decoration of a faux pot flower. This Orchid Arrangement in Cube Ceramic Vase is made of delicate yet durable materials, providing warm, floral accents to any home or office décor.

Fake orchid arrangements 1

Fake orchid arrangements 3

Fake orchid arrangements 1

Fake orchid arrangements 3

Fake orchid arrangements 5

Fake orchids

Fake orchid arrangements 5

White dendrobium orchids centerpieces

Fake orchid arrangements

White orchid flower arrangements

Fake orchid arrangements 7

Fake orchid arrangements 15

Literally the exact centerpieces i want and you can get

Blue dendrobium orchid centerpieces

We love real flowers that look fake ikebana of pink

Silk orchid centerpieces

Fake yellow orchids

Orchid arrangements in tall vases

A stunning table centerpiece and a trendy alternative to ordinary artificial flower arrangement: a crystal clear glass base with turquoise and ink blue orchids floating inside a fake water. Something different, at last!

Fake orchid arrangements 16

Fake orchid arrangements

Just look at this stunning, very elegant and romantic wedding table setup. Great design if you really want your wedding to be a special, memorable occasion. Notice the gorgeous, tall flower holders. Really unique look.

Fake pink orchids

Fake orchid arrangements

Nearly Natural Peony & Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement

With this enchanting arrangement of peony and orchid flowers, your home will surely look complete and welcoming. The perfect harmony of color and design will serve amazingly to brighten up any room for years to come.

Artificial orchid arrangement 1

Nature designed the petals of the phalaenopsis to attract pollinating tropical moths. This beautiful composition, featuring an orchid in a glass bowl makes the icing on the cake in a classy, luxurious interior.

Orchid & Calla Lily Silk Centerpiece

H738b john richard collection faux orchid notice layered leaves

Artificial orchid arrangement 2

Floral arrangement in clear glass vase. It consists of faux orchids. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

Artificial orchid arrangement 11

Flowers, both artificial and natural add style and warmth to the space. This proposition, made from silk orchids greatly fits into almost every dining or living room. Combined with a tall, glazed vase, it magnificently embellishes the room.

Fake orchid arrangements 3

Artificial orchid arrangement

Not everyone has a green thumb. This incredible decor's element is destined particularly for someone, who hasn't a lot of time to tend flowers. It is set of two artificial phalaenopsis orchides made of white silk.

Fake orchid arrangements 11

Fake orchid arrangements 14

Artificial orchid arrangement 15

Orchids are beautiful, but pretty troublesome to cultivate! An artificial silk orchid arrangement is a solution if you want your white orchids to blossom beautifully forever. This triple moth orchid arrangement comes with clear glass bowl.

Faux orchid arrangements

The interesting faux-flowers composition in the Japan style pot. It is basing mostly on the long-lasting orchids. Even if this flowers are easy to plant, the biggest advantage is that they never shed blossoms.

Faux orchid arrangements 5

Comprising of faux moth orchids with a mix of faux foliage and faux soil, this faux orchid bouquet comes with a hand-painted bowl planter. Handcrafted of polyester and plastic, measures 18.5"Dia. x 33.5"T.

Faux orchid arrangements 19

Already in the Victorian era exotic orchid flowers signified love, and the lesser examples, the deeper the love. Beautifully exposed and crossed in a longitudinal glass vase, which surrounds faux orchid arrangement from the bottom to the top.

Faux orchid arrangements 31

Floral arrangement in plastic pot. It consists of faux orchids finished with pastel colors. Classic form and elegant design. Add wonderful touch to any indoor spaces.

In good company faux orchid arrangement

In Good Company Faux Orchid Arrangement
A nice to the eyes contemporary floral arrangement made of synthetic silk over metal wires. White orchid flowers and greenish buds on tall stems with large fleshy leaves are nested in a clear glass bowl filled with soil.

Faux orchid arrangements 3

Elegant little setup for a decorative side table made out of wood with a distressed coat of paint and a little drawer to add some storage. The faux orchid floral arrangement gives the table a refreshing detail.

Faux White Orchid Arrangement

Faux White Orchid Arrangement
Orchids are beautiful and very decorative, yet they are troublesome to maintain. This orchid arrangement is not less attractive, but it does not need watering or special environment. The orchid is placed in a translucent, bulky vase with faux water.

Fake white orchids

Ever wanted to put up a nice bouquet of flowers in your modern, mid-century living room, but you couldn’t find a matching vase? Just look at this simple, sleek silver vase. Perfect for artificial plants!

Silk orchid arrangements centerpieces

These flowers are in the consciousness of many societies, their symbolism is also very elaborate and important-hence often the decoration at the wedding tables.Fake orchid arrangements,are iluminated in purple light, inside of a glass high containers.

Artificial orchid centerpieces

An elegant arrangement of the table. The space is highlighted by a slim, tall vase made of transparent glass . It's filled with a subtle, artificial orchid in a beautiful, white color. An ideal decoration for a wedding.

Vickerman AZF10022 Orchid in Acrylic Water Artificial Plant, White/Pink/Green, 38-Inch

Fake orchid arrangements 2

Sweet Home Deco Red Hydrangea and Phanaenopsis Orchid Silk Artificial Arrangement Bonsai in Black Ceramic Vase Home Decoration Party Centerpiece

Fake orchid arrangements 11

Accents artificial flowers plants artificial flower arrangements 11

Gorgeous deep holiday red phalaenopsis orchid is one of a