Fabric Door Stops

What a great idea for a door stop! Instead of boring metal or plastic pieces you can opt for a fabric one. They come in awesome designs. You can choose a little dog, a beach house, a polka dot cat and many more to keep the door in place. Take a look below at those inspiring door stops.

Laura ashley fabric door stop

Laura Ashley Fabric Door Stop
This door stop is very functional and attractive. It features a bag stylization. This soft stopper provides the best protection for walls and doors. It also includes some decorative patterns and elements.

1.8kg Heavy Door Stop Novelty Animal Dog Door Stopper Cream Corduroy Fabric

A lovely door stopper with cream fabric structure and heavy 1.8 kg of weight. Add it to your kids room or drawing room and enjoy funny and useful accent piece.

Fabric door stops 4

This door stop is going to work, especially, in case of your kid's room. Covered with brown corduroy, the door stop is shaped like a cute, little dog with a white bow around its neck. It's relatively heavy, so it is going to keep your door in check.

Linen door stop

With this cute door stop, you will be able to hold your door firmly, and with a nice decoration lying on the floor. The door stop is made of a gray fabric with white dots, and a convenient handle on top.

Fabric cat door stop pattern

This fabric doorstop is functional and attractive. Its hedgehog pattern provides a natural look. This soft doorstop provides the best protection and its neutral colors look very good in many types of indoors.

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Fabric door stops 2

Having problems with the constantly closing doors in your kid's room? You can always use this funny door stop that looks like a lazy, fat hen. The door stop is soft and nice in touch, but also heavy enough to successfully keep your door from closing.

How to make a door stop

This pear doorstop features a very interesting shape, pattern and colors. Its canvas surface with a retro 1970s print decorates different indoors. What is more, this stop protects walls and doors from impact damage.

Sand filled door stops

If you are a fan of unique, extra ordinary and funny home additions, you have to choose this door stop with bird house shape and fabric construction. For kids room, drawing room, bedroom and much more!

Fabric door stops 3

This small, functional element is a space-saving solution for providing safety to doors and walls. This animal styled (chicken) door stop features attractive retro stylization and provides protection for walls (doors will not hit them).

Door stops to make

If you think that your child should have safety and original toys, you must buy this very cute hand-made soft toy in a shape of little dog. If you love it, but you don't have children you can used it as a door stop!

Fabric doorstop

Decorative and useful door stop with a nice, natural looking fabric cover. This element of home equipment is resistant to excessive wear and it also provides protection for walls and doors. Different shades of green look very good in any indoors.

Fabric door stop pattern free

Wow! The lovely and adorable mouse door stop with blue and navy colors. It is a special addition, especially for kids room. It's not only functional, but it looks great too!

Dog door stop cane fermaporta patchwork

Door stopper ideas

This door stop features both functional and decorative roles. Its attractive rose pattern on solid fabric looks very stylish. This soft door stop is able to provide good protection for doors and walls.

Door stop ideas

Unique approach to an unusual and funky doorstop made out of colorful and vibrant fabric with a dotted pattern. The door stop is made to resemble an owl, which makes it a perfect addition to a children’s bedroom.

Doorstop patterns sewing

Try this funny and unique door steps, made of colorful fabric and enjoy the great accent piece in you home. They will help you with the constantly closing doors.

Fabric doorstop 3

Fabric Doorstop
In modern interiors, you can not lack functional and clever decorations - like a fabric door stopper. The inside of this fabric decorative doorstop bag in an elegant maroon and white lines was poured sand, hence its appropriate weight barrier.

Door stop bean bag

Door stop fitted with convenient handle for easy carrying. It is covered with thick fabric and decorated with floral theme. Functional and neutral accent for any interior as needed.

Fabric door stops

If you do not have enough place on the floor to place a door stopper, take a look at this simple and handy fabric door stopper which takes no space and is mounted on handles, providing an easy way to stop the door from closing.

Fabric door stop 13

Fabric Door Stop
The lovely fabric door stop with unique shape, gray cover and pattern with trees, is a perfect addition to the kids room. It brings the solidity, durability and beauty to any home.

Door stop material

Made of beautiful colored fabric with a load, the stylish chicken-shaped doorstep is a great way for a functional and very decorative interior design element. Beautiful details, attractive colors and decorations delight.

Homemade door stops

Door stops constitute a type of item, which can always create a funky accent in one's interior. This British telephone box is made from red canvas fabric. Its faithful reflection shall appeal to all fans of the British culture.

Chocolate Brown Soft Cord Ribbed Cute Dog Door Stop Doggy Fabric Doorstop 28cm

Cute door stop in the form of puppy. It is covered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Received a lot of very good recommendations from customers for functionality and high quality.

Doorstop pattern

A cool traditional doorstop in the form of a simplified cuddly cat. It's stuffed with heavy materials wrapped in a soft liner. An outer cover is of durable flowery fabric in red and white shades adorned with a heart of white-dotted black fabric.

Fabric Floor Stop

Fabric Floor Stop
If you're looking for a doorstop which is not only practical but also good looking this one is a perfect choice. It has a dog shape and is available in few sizes. Filled with polyfill and sand and covered with durable wool.

How to make a door stopper

This element of home equipment protects doors and walls from impact damage. This fabric door stop features a soft fill that will not damage doors. Its neutral color is able to decorate different indoors.

How to make door stops

How to make door stop

Cute Rabbit Door stop Large Cream Ribbed Fabric

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Fabric door stop

Fabric door stopper

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Fabric door stop 3

Decorative door stops fabric

Home Decor - Siamese Cat Doorstop - Siamese Cat Door Stop

A fabulous door stop for indoors, that can also be used as a gorgeous decoration. Shaped like a cute cat, the door stop is made of quality materials, quite heavy, very stabile, and able to firmly hold your door in place.

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Fabric door stop 10 00 3

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