Entertainment Centers With Bookshelves

Bookshelves are certainly a piece of furniture which is very useful. Discover those that are shown at the photos below, and try to find the one most appropriate for your household. If that’s difficult, maybe you should look at the offers more closely. Anyway, you don’t have to rush with making your choice.

Built in entertainment center bookshelves eclectic family room philadelphia

Built In Entertainment Center Bookshelves Eclectic Family Room Philadelphia
Stylish and very functional entertainment center with bookshelves makes the whole look incredibly impressive. Numerous shelves and cabinets and plenty of room on the flat screen tv create a sensational whole to the living room.

Entertainment center with bookcase

Entertainment center made of wood. Includes cabinets and a lot of open shelves for display decorations or storing TV components. Neutral design for any living room and others interiors according to taste.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 21

Large entertainment centre with multiple (!) bookshelves and cabinets. Stained dark (like cherry wood, but darker) it falls on the classic side of design. Could match traditional interior layout pretty well. Houses flat TV.

Bookshelf entertainment unit

Entertainment center design with bookshelves and stock cabinets. The central part of this unit provides space for wall-mounted TV. The lower area includes compartments and the upper area with sides includes shelves. All elements are finished in white color.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 2

Elegant multi-part wall-unit made or carved, dark wood. Central part of this set is dedicated for being TV stand. Both backs and down can be used as a bookcases or to storage frippery and porcelain crockery.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 2

Crafted from dark wood, this entertainment center with surrounding bookcases seems to be a nice transition between the contemporary and the past. It will work out well in both traditional and modern decors.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 2

A fine entertainment center for emphasizing larger indoor spaces with its practicality and elegant appearance. Crafted of white-finished wood, the unit comes with a built-in fireplace, 2 bookcases - each with 3 open shelves, 2 storage drawers and 1 two-door cabinet; and enough space to mount a flat screen TV.

Fantastic entertainment center designed to provide ample space for your audio-video equipment. Features solid construction made of wood, divided shelving for better organization, and cable management function.

Bookshelf entertainment center

The entertainment center with bookshelves is a large piece of furniture for the living or family room. This one create the home library and the media center. Io\ like the traditional style and dark brown finish.

Bookcase entertainment unit

A good example of an entertainment room decorated in the contemporary style. Simplistic, cool and clean shapes, finished in white and black, cubicles and a brilliant etagere or plant stand in the corner.

My houzz deby and vivek eclectic living room new york

My Houzz Deby And Vivek Eclectic Living Room New York
Contemporary arrangement for a spacious living room with an eclectic vibe. The living room is furnished with a large bookcase on the whole wall, with an embedded spot for a TV and a couple of storage compartments underneath.

Entertainment centers with bookshelve

entertainment centers with bookshelve

Premier Andrews Entertainment Center

Premier Andrews Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 1

BC155: Great Room Custom Bookcase and Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers with bookshelves

i could totally do this in the bumpout, if only they would come build it for me! :)

If you want to relax and unwind after a long day, while watching your favorite movie in utmost comfort then this entertainment center is surely the way to go, allowing you to experience the best quality.

Entertainment center bookcase

An impressive entertainment center with a fireplace in the middle, crafted of hardwood and bathed in a distressed finish. Also includes a beautiful mantel supported by 2 classic columns, and 2 bookcases - with each consisted of 1 two-door cabinet and 5 open shelves.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 16

Fireplace with built in entertainment center

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 10

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Built in corner options ideas on how to go around

Built-in corner options - ideas on how to go around the fireplace in the corner with the built in

TV unit crafted from solid wood and veneered. Features 2 glass front cabinets, 2 wood front cabinets, 2 exterior shelving compartments with adjustable shelves and a long shelf above the TV stand. Holes in the back for easy cable management.

A magnificent and tremendous entertainment center featuring sleek metal pulls which add a lot of style to the overall design. Its weight capacity is estimated around 220lbs and holds TVs up to 60 inches.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 13

A nice classic entertainment center with bookshelves and cabinets. Very Nice.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 4

LOVE these built-ins for the livingroom. That is one multi-functional wall!

Entertainment center with bookshelves

The effective composition of this entertainment center with bookshelves makes the interior delight in details and is very functional. The dark finish and modern form of shelves will check every modern interior.

Entertainment center with bookcases

A large entertainment center for spacious living rooms, crafted of hardwood and covered in an oak finish. The unit offers a rectangular nook for your flat screen TV, 34 open shelves, and 4 compartments for electronic devices - each with a hole for cable management.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 12

- traditional - family room - charleston - Solaris Inc. Decided! Painting bookcase built-ins white, along with judges paneling.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 9

A really great tutorial on building your own media center with two old bookcases and a dresser

Bookcase media center

Painting laminate furniture how to, sand, prime with oil based bonding primer, sand to smooth any drips, paint two coats water based paint, and seal.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 3

Built In Book Shelves And Entertainment Center With Fireplace Surround

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 20

This would go well with the taxidermy and hifi equipment in my man cave

Diy entertainment centers

The impressive combination of the entertainment center and bookshelf makes the salon a complete, functional and exceptionally cozy one. All furniture made of wood was beautifully decorated and beautifully combined with a fireplace.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 1

Entertainment center made of wood. It is fitted with a lot of open shelves in various sizes for storing books, display decorations and more. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 15

Planera Large built-in entertainment Unit with floating shelves 2 pack

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 5

Built-in shelves flanking the fireplace of this Craftsman bungalow keep clutter and media organized. |

Entertainment center diy

Entertainment center for the living room and others interiors according to taste. It is completely made of wood. It consists of 6 open shelves in various sizes. Great addition for space saving in any place as needed.

Bookcase entertainment center

A fine entertainment center that will let you hang your flat screen, display your books and knick-knacks, and store your DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays. Includes 11 open shelves, 7 drawers, 2 side cabinets, and a long seat with beige fabric cushion.

Wildon Home Baileyville Bookcase in Dark Oak

Entertainment center made of wood and fitted with a lot of open shelves for storing TV components and other necessities. It can accommodate up to 60" TV. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

TV Entertainment Center - Solid Wood - Super Strong - Adjustable Unit

Orchard Hills Entertainment Center

Orchard Hills Entertainment Center

Cabinets from lowes were combined with beadboard shelving to build

Cabinets from Lowe's were combined with beadboard & shelving to build this custom entertainment center.

Using the cabinets as bases they created a really beautiful

Using the cabinets as bases they created a really beautiful wall with lots of storage

Life with fingerprints diy entertainment center building project media center

Life with Fingerprints: DIY Entertainment Center, building project, media center

Tv above fireplace fighting with hubby about that he says

TV above fireplace (fighting with hubby about that), he says not practical cos of heat from fire,but I see so many mounted like this. Plus we only use fire at night for about 3 months! What about UK ?

Custom built with 60 wide center and lower flat panel

Custom built with 60 " wide center and lower flat panel frosted glass ...

Large entertainment center wall unit w bookcase wall fits 48

Large Entertainment Center Wall Unit w/ Bookcase Wall Fits 48" - 72 ...

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Built in bookcase and matching entertainment center

Built-In Bookcase and matching Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers with bookshelves 23

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