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If you're looking for pub bars, you might find something interesting in my collection below. I fancy the idea of arranging a bar nook in my kitchen where you can have the morning coffee and a croissant in nice bistro-like surroundings. Check out the products below and perhaps you'll get inspired inough to crate a nook like this too.

Victorian english irish sty corner pub bar furniture antique mahogany

Victorian English Irish Sty Corner Pub Bar Furniture Antique Mahogany Left Hand
Corner bar made of high quality mahogany. Front is finished with sophisticated pattern. Includes a lot of open shelves and compartments for storing bottles, glasses and others accessories.

English pub bars 2

If you find yourself a fan of pubs or cafes' decors, then this may be a valuable inspiration. All finished in high-quality dark wood and black leather, with lots of counters and bar stools, represent the best features of a typical English, classical style.

English pub bars 7

Any inspirations from this high end English pub room? An enormous spider chandelier, curved bar crafted from dark wood, globe lamps, burgundy curtains, marble columns? Yes, this interior is soaked with refinement. Still some ideas may be found here...

English pub bar for sale

English traditional traditional family room houston

English Traditional Traditional Family Room Houston
An impressive traditional English style wooden pub bar in warm browns. It features a showy rich ornamented crown top supported by thick carved pillars flanking arched serving windows. Its bottom part features rich carved semi-columns and panels.

English pub interior

English pub bars 1

A spectacular arrangement of a pub in an old English style. The space is dominated by wooden elements and warm light. Tufted, leather upholstery of the sofa gives the place an elegant touch while the old, wooden barrels bring the feel of the old world.

English pub bars 3

English pub bar

English pub bars 9

English pub bars 10

English pub bars 5

English pub interior design

English pub bars 6

English pub bars 4

English pub bars 6

English pub bars 15

Luxury bar stools 2

Basement irish pub ideas

English pub bars 12

Irish bar stools 1

Such an astonishing design for living room with a kitchen annexe turns your home into an Irish pub! Truly unique and unusual idea, very creative and must have taken so much dedication and hard work to polish out and complete!

English pub bars 13

English pub bars 2

English pub bars 4

English pub bars

English pub design 1

English pub bars 18

English pub bars 17

English pub bars 16

English pub bars 1

It is a wooden massive, round table. Perfectly suitable for the premises. At the bottom, around the table leg is disposed a metal rod which allows the support leg without destroying the wooden base table.

English pub bars

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English pub basement

English pub bars 8

English pub bars 5

New english style pub restaurant raises the bar for british

Traditional english pub 006 jpg

English pub bars 7

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4x ccq36139-g PULASKI Family Name Home Bar Pub Beer Club Gift 3D Engraved Coasters

Elegant and practical 4-inch diameter coasters for beer glasses and mugs. They include 3D licensed writing engraved of quality clear acryl neon-green coloured and looking shiny in normal light. Excellent for beer lovers.

English pub bars 14

English pub bars 11

Photo from hub shibuya british pub in shibuya tokyo

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English pub lower level bar traditional family room

English pub design

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