Empty Spice Rack And Jars

Storage space and solutions are needed everywhere around the house, especially in the kitchen where food, condiments and utensils pile up in no time. Here's something which helps to organize the kitchen stuff a little bit. It's a spice rack with jars! A cool idea which blends functionality with character. Check out the empty spice rack and jars below.

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Wall hanging spice rack
Elizabeth Coupe

This wall hanging unique spice rack jar is such a piece of art. Glass jars filled with spices, ended with metal lids could be placed on stainless stell wall rack or on your fridge in your kitchen. Great idea for cooking lovers.

Empty spice rack and jars

GneissSpice's Etsy Shop hexagonal jars & MAGNETIC spice rack hand-stamped lid with spice names,

Up spice organization ideas using sunburst bottle spice jars 1
Natasha Her

... Up – Spice Organization Ideas Using Sunburst Bottle Spice Jars

Empty spice rack and jars
Turner Holly

awesome spice rack. - since most herbs and spices lose potency and flavor quickly, i like to buy them in small quantities.

Hexagonal magnetic spice jars

A functional and extraordinary spice rack with 24 small jars., which are attached to a metal wall plate. The jars have practical, magnetic stamps and are made of transparent glass, which makes the spices and herbs nicely displayed.

Empty spice rack and jars 11

Set of 24 jars for storing spices. It is made of clear glass and fitted with magnetic lids. Functional design for each kitchen. Received a lot of top ratings from customers for modern design and high quality.

Fridge spice rack
Craven Rachel

Wall Hanging Spice Rack // Everything Magnetic Spice Kit. Includes 24 ORGANIC Spices (1.5 oz) and Stainless Wall Plate for Kitchen Storage.

Customizable spice rack
Laetitia Anderson

Spice Jar with Label, Set of 12 #williamssonoma add some christmas spices , some spice mixes and just add spice blends recipes to some empty jars

Empty spice rack and jars 2
Evans Liliana

Magnetic DIY Hexagon Large Spice Rack. Use these 24 hexagonal jars to store your seasonings on your fridge or any steel surface. This spice rack saves valuable cabinet space in cramped apartments. ars are empty for you to fill with your own herbs and spic

Live spice rack

Ingenious and practical spice jars with lids having fixed neodymium magnets enabling attaching jars to any metal surface. Storing seasonings in such jars is convenient and functional as well as decorative.

Round custom magnetic spice rack for your wall includes 24
Sarah Ashleyist

ROUND Custom Magnetic Spice Rack for your WALL. Includes 24 empty jars, custom hand-stamped lids, stainless steel plate.

Large spice cabinet
Catherine Gray

LARGE Custom Spice Rack: Set of 12 Larger Spice Jars. Store on Fridge to save space. Ships Free in US.

Empty spice rack and jars 13
Abigail Wrightful

DIY Magnetic Spice Rack. Set of 24 Small Empty Magnetic Glass Jars., Silver Lids - modern - Spice Jars And Spice Racks - Gneiss Spice

Empty spice rack
Wilson Gabrielle

Hanging Coca Cola Crate on the wall. Great repurposing spice rack.

Empty spice rack and jars 4
Bush Eliza

i have one of these old spice racks and now i know what to do with it!

Hexagonal spice jars magnetic

Magnetic Spice Jars for the kitchen, I made them by purchasing the empty jars with metal lids, then attaching round flat magnetic inside the lids. They will adhere to the fridge or range hood

Spice rack with empty jars
Tara Gosselin

Honeycomb magnetic glass jar storage set 24 empty by XercesArt, £57.00

Empty spice rack and jars
Hill Courtney

This intriguing hexagonal magnetic spice jars will bring an inimitable, fresh proposition for your kitchen. It strong neondymium magnets will keep jars from sliding. Plastisol lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh.

Empty spice rack and jars 4
Davis Courtney

Magnetic Spice Rack jars. Make your own and use the side of the fridge?

Empty spice rack and jars
Robinson Layla

A useful collection of clear glass bottles. Future spice jars, maybe? A complement of a kitchen collection of accessories? Six of them here, closable with corks attached. Devoid of any ornaments, they should blend with numerous styles.

Empty spice rack and jars
Jennifer Hay

Empty baby food jars to organize buttons

Magnetic hexagonal spice jars
Mary Roge

DIY: Empty bottles or jars make perfect containers for candy,cereal or other ingredients! You can even decorate and label them yourself! I love this!

Spice Rack
Andrea Park

Spice Rack
If you're looking for a functional and stylish way to store all of your spices, this amazing rack might be a perfect solution. Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary design and convenience in your kitchen!

Hexagonal spice jars
Kelly Fost

I love this. I save most of my empty jars and reuse them for storage. Would love to have a pantry like this.

Gneiss spice magnetic spice jars
Lambert Abbey

DIY Inspiration: Spiced Jewelry Made of Sterling Silver from Sara Hood

Magnetic spice rack fridge

Reclaimed Wood and Jelly Jars Wall Mounted Caddy by PegandAwl

Spice rack empty
Lauren You

Industial Floating Shelf Industrial Spice Rack by ThisOldWoodShop

Empty spice jars with rack
Laetitia Anderson

Magnetic spice rack - use tiny magnetic jars and stick to fridge or paint the inside of a cabinet with magnetic paint

Countertop Spice Rack

Countertop Spice Rack
This fashionable space rack adds a modern twist to your kitchen decor. It will effortlessly accommodate all your jars and spices with its three wired shelves. It may be hanged on a wall or used as a freestand.

Large wall spice rack
Samantha Perez

Honeycomb magnetic spice rack for wall. Set of 24 personalized, hand-stamped empty jars. Includes large, metal 12" x 15" wall plate. These wall hanging spice jars could be used in any kitchen, super handy!

Empty spice rack and jars 6

AWESOME use for all those empty baby food jars! It'll be SO much easier to find the spices I need, while freeing up A LOT of cupboard space. As an added bonus, my fridge is right next to the stove, so it's such an incredibly convemient place to keep the

Empty spice rack and jars 3
Sara Cole

Someone needs to remind me about this when the baby starts on baby food. Turn empty baby food jars into magnetic spice jars with magnetic paint!

Empty spice rack and jars 8
Brittany Walk

Save those Tic-Tac containers for a cool space-saving spice rack

Empty spice rack and jars 9
Olivia Smithist

Spice Rack for Fridge (Set of 24 empty EMBOSSED magnetic jars to make your own spice rack). Free Shipping

Stoneware Garlic Keeper
Sarah Turner

Stoneware Garlic Keeper

Empty spice jar glass jars have our unique flip lid
Kristen Wrig

Empty spice jar glass jars have our unique "flip lid" which permits ...

Empty spice rack and jars 10
Wilson Jaclyn

Free up cabinet space! CUSTOM Magnetic Spice Rack (set of 10 empty HAND-STAMPED jars for your own spices)

Classic 24 Bottle SpiceStack

Classic 24 Bottle SpiceStack

Adjustable Door Mount Spice Rack
Evans Liliana

Adjustable Door Mount Spice Rack

Sugar Maple Carousel Spice Rack
Lindsey Jame

Sugar Maple Carousel Spice Rack

Empty spice rack and jars 5
Abigail Wrightful

DIY HEX 24: Magnetic Spice Rack for Fridge (Set of 24 empty jars, clear 1" labels and choice of silver, gold or black lids). Spice Storage.

Totemspice spice storage rack spice blends from by purposedesign 65
Angela Bak

Totemspice spice storage rack Spice blends from by purposedesign, $65.00

Prodyne A-845 Acrylic 20 Bottle Spice Rack
Aloma Garcia

Prodyne A-845 Acrylic 20 Bottle Spice Rack

Empty spice rack and jars 12

EVERYTHING but the...RUSTIC Spice Kit: 24 Organic Herbs and Spices. Includes Rusted Plate for Wall Installation of Magnetic Spice Rack. $155 Want it.

Great for that pesky empty space beside the fridge or
Kelly Sanchez

great for that pesky empty space beside the fridge or just for a tiny house in need of clever storage

Spice rack organize your spices with this custom set of
Peterson Krystal

Spice Rack. Organize your spices with this custom set of 24 empty magnetic glass jars with your choice of spice names.

Pantry with moveable storage a pantry closet maximizes space with
Patterson Gracie

Pantry with Moveable Storage: A pantry closet maximizes space with storage on the door as well as on a rolling cart inside. The shelves stop short of one wall, leaving space to hang a mop and broom.

Empty spice rack and jars 6

Magnetized Spice Jars From Baby Food Jars One Lucky Pickle came up with the smart idea to magnetize baby food jars, dress them up, and use them as spice jars to keep all that goodness neat and tidy. Such cute, functional upcycling!

Inch on the wall spice rack contemporary food containers and

... -inch On-the-wall Spice Rack contemporary-food-containers-and-storage

Cork Expandable Triple Step Spice Shelf Cork
Stacy Tor

Cork Expandable Triple Step Spice Shelf Cork