Elephant Table Lamp

What do you think about these table lamps? Maybe this is something for you so what are you waiting for? We can assure you that there are practically no other collections that would be as rich as this one. The main question is whether you are ready to buy one of these lamps?

Elephant table lamp 22

A charming rustic table lamp with a 3-way switch. It has a stem (of resin in browns) showing a cute small elephant standing on a back of a bigger one which is fixed to a rectangular base. A rectangular lampshade of brown jute has a softback.

Elephant table lamp 16

Decorative and functional table lamp with stylish elephant base. This element of home equipment is made of durable materials. Its solid base includes some decorative accents just like its beautiful shade.

Elephant table lamp 33

Elephant table lamp 23

An amazing set of two just breathtaking, painted porcelain lamps that come with silk shades and would make any bedroom ooze style due to the charming elephant base in gold hue. It will surely help you create an oriental look for your master suite!

Elephant table lamp 37

Elephant table lamp 35

Elephant table lamp 38

Elephant table lamp 28

Elephant table lamp 18

This lamp and elephant trunk will surely bring happiness. A playful ceramic white elephant is a beautiful lamp base. The elephant table lamp was hand-carved in high-fired stoneware, it connects to a traditional white shade.

Elephant table lamp

Elephant table lamp 55

Antique elephant lamp

Elephant table lamp 3

Sculpted elephant table lamp

The playroom lil peanut elephant table lamp

The Playroom Lil Peanut Elephant Table Lamp
Table lamp in the shape of elephant. It is covered with plastic and gives warm tone of light. Perfect as night lamp in kid's room or baby room. Simple form and contemporary style.

Elephant table lamp 48

Elephant table lamp 39

Elephant table lamp 58

Elephant table lamp 54

Elephant table lamp 42

Elephant table lamp 29

Elephant table lamp 45

Elephant table lamp 40

Elephant Decorative 22" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Elephant Decorative 22" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Elephant table lamp 34

Elephant table lamp 27

Elephant table lamp 43

Elephant 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Elephant 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
A beautiful table lamp with an antique gold finish and shade which is mainly made of linen providing high quality and durability. This finish will brighten your room and perhaps bring good fortune.

Elephant table lamp 24

Elephant table lamp 26

Elephant table lamp 44

Elephant table lamp 2

A frosted polypropylene elephant table lamp, designed manufactured by Multi4M. Easy to assemble, can be a perfect gift for a child's bedroom, especially if they like wild animals.

Elephant 7" H Table Lamp Base

Elephant 7" H Table Lamp Base
It is the base for a small lamp on a cabinet. The base has the shape of an elephant. It is very delicate, pretty and grateful. It has extremely grateful expression. It is light. Perfect in the girl's room.

Elephant table lamp 17

Elephant table lamps 3

Elephant table lamp 17

Elephant lamp table lamp prh 158

Imperial elephant table lamp antique brass black 1

`Safari Light` Elephant Head Table Lamp w/ Silhouette Shade

Elephant table lamp 5

Tropical 27.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Tropical 27.5" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
27.5 inches high table lamp with bell shade made of polyresin and fabric. The base of the lamp features mahogany finish and tropical pattern, which adds originality and freshness to the interior. It accommodates 60W bulb.

Elephant table lamp 52

Imperial elephant table lamp antique brass black

Elephant table lamp 53

Indian elephant table lamp 1

African elephant table lamps

Pair of frederick cooper brass elephant table lamps 1

Elephant table lamp 56

The everygirls 10 favorite ikea finds barometer floor lamp 59

Elephant table lamp 57