Elephant Lamp

Do you like these? The collection on this site presents many different elephant lamps, all of which have their own charm. If you are looking for innovative but pretty solutions, maybe this is your chance. Many people have already chosen such solutions and this might be the time for you.

Nursery elephant lamp

A nice table lamp in neutral white color. It matches any design and provides good level of light on the table. Base of this lamp looks like an elephant, so this functional lamp also plays the role of a natural-styled decoration.

Elephant lamp 6

Elegant table lamp in Hindu style. It has wooden, sculptural base and kickstand which is rock figurine of monkey, which ride on the elephant. Monkey have porcelain umbrella, which is lampshade of this lamp.

Elephant lamp 8

Ceramic nursery lamps

Nursery table lamp with embroidered shade and cute elephant base. The sculptural elephant base is blush pink; the elephant stands on creal acrylic pedestal. The embroidery rim is watermelon pink, crafted on white shade.

Elephant lamps

Lil' Peanut Elephant Lamp by Blossoms & Buds for your kids room. So adorable, pretty and lovely. It adds light to any apartment and space. Choose it.

Elephant light 1

Elephant lamp 13

Shirley fintz table lamp

Elephant lamp 90

Elephant lamp 16

Elephant lamp for nursery

Jonathan adler elephant lamp

Elephant lamp 17

Elephant nursery lamps

Decorative and functional lamp that provides small amount of light on desks and other small indoors. It offers a traditional drum shade supported by a frame in the form of an elephant. The whole lamp is finished in classic white color.

Elephant lamp 9

Elephant lamp 7

Elephant lamps for nursery

Elephant lamp 11

White elephant lamp

Elephant lamp nursery

Ceramic elephant lamp

Shirley fintz table lamp 1

Shirley Fintz Table Lamp
A very functional table lamp with a decorative character. Its base includes three hand-painted elephants in nice white and blue colors. Its white shade looks good on any table. This lamp provides appropriate level of light.

Elephant lamp 22

Elephant 7" H Table Lamp Base

Elephant 7" H Table Lamp Base
It is the base for a small lamp on a cabinet. The base has the shape of an elephant. It is very delicate, pretty and grateful. It has extremely grateful expression. It is light. Perfect in the girl's room.

Elephant lamp 30

Elephant lamp 25

Elephant lamp 10

Elephant lamp 18

Elephant lamp 15

Elephant lamp 1

Elephant lamp base 1

Elephant nursery lamp

A wonderful accent lamp, which will be a beautiful decoration of your table. The base of it is a charming figure of a golden elephant. The shade features a traditional shape and pure white color. The piece will be an exotic accent of the space.

Elephant 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Elephant 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
A beautiful table lamp with an antique gold finish and shade which is mainly made of linen providing high quality and durability. This finish will brighten your room and perhaps bring good fortune.

Elephant lamp 20

Jonathan adler utopia elephant lamp

Elephant lamp 19

Elephant lamp

Elephant lamp 29

Elephant lamp 32

Elephant lamp 34

Elephant lamp 21

GEENNY Elephant Lamp Shade ONLY without base

Baby girl nursery bedding

Love this nursery inspiration muted safari featuring calm and neutral

Elephant silhouette lamp


Elephant lamp and shade available in multiple by puggifts 30

Elephant lamp 31

Brooklyn would love a random elephant head on her wall

Elephant lamp 33