Electric Fireplace Mantels Surrounds

Although there's no actual fire in an electric fireplace, the highly realistic flames add quite a lot of ambience to the interior. If you fancy the warm flicker, definitely opt for an electric fireplace for your house or apartment. Should you need a mantel for it, check our selection of electric fireplace mantels below.

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Electric fireplace mantels surrounds 1
Courtney Ross

This electric fireplace insert is an excellent way to create a unique indoor climate. Beautiful fire shade introduces a cozy atmosphere. The whole admires perfectly with modern interiors, where it is a good decoration.

Electric fireplace mantels surrounds 2
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Electric fireplace mantels surrounds
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This beautiful fireplace is a great way to warm up the interior. Subtle decorations and stable composition guarantee an interesting effect in the living room, bedroom or another interior. Easy to arrange will change the whole design.

Diy electric fireplace
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This flat TV was placed above electric fireplace which is surrounded by mantel. And that's why a faux shelving around an electric fireplace is useful - one can use it for decoration purposes! And choose different decorations according to current season.

Electric fireplace surround
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Even an electric fireplace needs a mantel! Just to display collectibles on it! This mantel project takes inspiration from traditional fireplaces that have moulded shelf and column design. Its creator plans to paint it white.

How to build electric fireplace
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Need something for your living room that is going to make it cozier and visually enhanced? This flame electric fireplace can be installed in a stone fireplace, transforming your whole room into an oasis of peace and beauty.

Building an electric fireplace
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If you want to have much more functional surrounding of your electric fireplace, those bookshelves are here to help you with that. Beautifully designed case is perfectly combined with open storage space, you can accommodate as you please.

Custom electric fireplace insert

An elegant contemporary electric fireplace with flame effects. It's made of heatproof materials including glass. Its frame is horizontally grooved at the top and at the bottom. This fireplace especially matches walls of stones in greys.

Custom electric fireplace
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If you want to have much more functional surrounding of your electric fireplace, those bookshelves are here to help you with that. Beautifully designed case is perfectly combined with open storage space, you can accommodate as you please.

How to build electric fireplace surround
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A gorgeous electric fireplace surrounding that is going to transform your room, making it warmer and homey. The bottom part that's under the rectangle fireplace, has a useful mantelpiece, you can use for displaying some decorations.

Build electric fireplace surround
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If you dream about fireplace in your living room, but you want to avoid disorder, you should buy this electric fireplace with rock-solid casing. It look like real and it makes your interior more cozy without mess.

How to build a electric fireplace surround
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Original fireplace stylization suitable for living rooms and other indoors. It features durable and practical cabinets. The central part includes a fireplace with a classic construction that plays decorative role in any design.

Electric fireplace surround plans
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Faux fireplace surround kits
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A very attractive electric fireplace surround that will make your room cozier and more soothing. Crafted of birch plywood, the casing features a beautiful design, with a rectangle base, and a large enough top to place some decorations on it.

Electric fireplace with stone surround
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The electric fireplace imitating the real one very well. It is equipped with the wide mantel where you can put your family photos or other bric-à-brac. Looks great, but I probably like the classic one more.

Electric fireplace with white mantle
Clark Monica

Electric fireplace in elegant form. Surrounding is made of wood and finished with delicate carvings. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Electric fireplace diy

An elegant contemporary electric fireplace and a long rectangular mantel shelf. They're of wood and metal with a black finish but a clear glass. They look great against a background of a wall built of stone tiles in cream, beiges and delicate greys.

Small fireplace surrounds
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Traditional setup for a spacious and elegant living room with a white-painted fireplace with space for a TV above it. The fireplace itself is electrical, which makes it both cost-efficient and save to use with children.

Small fireplace mantel surround
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Mantel for electric fireplace insert

Everyone likes fireplaces, but not so much the dust and dirt. That's why an electric fireplace is such a good alternative. This one here is elegant, stylish and safe to use. You won't have to worry about starting a fire anymore!

Pulaski furniture reflexions electric fireplace mantel surround
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Build your own electric fireplace

Electric fireplace mantel mounted on wooden frame. It is fitted with a lot of open shelves in various sizes for storing books, display decoration and more. Elegant design for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

How to make an electric fireplace
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This electric stone fireplace is a propositon for refined interiors, desinged in the traditional way. It provides a realistic patented flame effect around the room, while Its cool-touch glass makes it children safety.

Fireplace mantels electric
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Electric fireplace mantels mounted on wooden frame. It has open shelf for display photo frames, decorations and more. Neutral and functional design for any interior as needed.

Electric mantel fireplaces
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An aesthetic contemporary mantelpiece. It's composed of wide vertically grooved pillars and a crown-type mantelshelf with ledges. A wall around and a floor in front of a fireplace are cladded with ceramic tiles in grey shades.

How to build an electric fireplace mantel
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The electric fireplace mantels surround - combines 2 functions-decorativeness and heating. It doesn't produce fumes.Its decorativeness is connected with light bricks around, and with beautiful white buildings,which creates a coherent whole in the living room

How to build a electric fireplace
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Electric fireplace with mantle
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Fireplace mantel surround made of wood and finished with delicate carvings. Designed for mounting on the wall. Application in the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Fire surround insert
Electric fireplace surrounds
Primitive fireplaces
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If you surround your electric fireplace with those wooden bookshelves in a white finish, you will have enough place to decorate it as you please. Each unit features 4 open compartments and 1 two-door cabinet.

Primitive fireplace decor
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Build electric fireplace
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Diy fireplace mantel kits
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Primitive fireplace mantel
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Mantel with electric fireplace
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Diy electric fireplace surround
Fireplace mantel construction
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Shelf width 59 1500mm mantel height 49 1245mm one size
Peyton Marthy
Classic Flame Ranier 23WM9043-S994 MANTEL ONLY.
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Image detail for gas or electric fireplace will be a
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Corner electric fireplace with mantel
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This high-quality electric fireplace constitutes an amazingly good accompaniment to the tv set above. The whole beige-colored composition adds warmth and coziness to the interior.

Energy savers specializes in custom mantels and surrounds our cozy
How to build an electric fireplace
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Gwendolyn Fireplace Mantel Surround Finish: White
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Classic flame grand canyon 28 electric fireplace mantel package in
Diy faux fireplace ideas this is the fireplaces and mantel
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How to build a fireplace mantel from scratch
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A mantel dedicated for electric fireplace or gas fire. Finished white, showcasing a simple, contemporary design. Adds some style to a modern heating solution. Sleek marble fire surround, good looking and resilient.