Electric Candlestick Lamp

How about having an electric candlestick lamp? If you would like to purchase one of these, it is surely a wise decision since this collection features an incredibly diverse choice of such lamps. Which one of them do you find most appealing – can you already tell us or do you need more time?

Electric candlestick lamp 2

Candlestick like in a gothic temple or old castle - but modernized because it is electric. Electric candlestick lamp has a triangular double frame, there are artificial candles, which at the dinner glow with electric light.

Electric candlestick lamp

Electric candlestick lamp 1

Richly decorated table lamp mounted on pedestal base made of metal. Lampshade is made of crystal and finished with elegant pattern. Perfect as additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Electric candlestick lamp

The glass electric lamp made of the intensive opalescent glass. Long time ago it was produced by using the vestigal quantities of uranium to color the glass, but probably nowadays it could be don't easily using computer technology.

Electric candlestick lamp 22

Electric candlestick

Electric candlestick lamp 12

Electric candlestick lamp 13

Coming from around 1920's, this pair of electric candlestick mantel lamps constitutes a valuable proposition for all fans of vintage or antique design. Needs to be re-wired. Measures approx. 10.25" tall.

Finnish Designs 4228085 - 12" x 14.5" 7 Light Electric Red Adam Swedish Candelabra

Electric candlestick lamp 16

Electric candlestick lamp 3

Electric candlestick lamp 39

Electric candlestick lamp 30

Electric candlestick lamp 1

Electric candlestick lamp 32

Electric candlestick lamp 37

Flat Dish Lamp with Star Shade Crackle Black/Red

Electric candlestick lamp 5

Electric candlestick lamp 10

Electric candlestick lamp 35

Electric candlestick lamp 7

A functional and charming addition to one's interior, this DIY electric candlestick uses an upcycled wooden base and the length of electrictal wire. Combined together, it allowed to create an inexpensive proposition, which will enhance any space with its romantic glow.

Electric candlestick lamp 33

Antique pair of elegant crystal electric

Antique Pair Of Elegant Crystal Electric
Had these in your childhood home? A lovable vintage pair of electric candlestick lamps with clear crystal bases; large dangling teardrop shaped crystal beads serve as another decorative accent. When light shines through crystals, a moody ambiance is guaranteed.

Twist Candlestick Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Twist Candlestick Table Lamp with Bell Shade
Not only does the dark bronze finish ensure an elegant and classy look to the overall setting but the bell shade with the candlestick styling allows for something unique and fresh to your household and helps you create a welcoming atmosphere.

Country electric coal bucket light

Electric candlestick lamp 17

Electric candlestick lamp 6

Electric candlestick lamp 38

Candle lamp electric

Electric candlestick lamp 36

Ledu Candlestick 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Ledu Candlestick 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This is a very stylish, subdued and elegant lamp. It has a very slender and delicate leg and shade is in the Empire style. It is perfect for elgant and stylish interiors which it can brighten up. Chick and charm.

Candle electric lamp

Create a Candle Lamp With This Candle and Shade Holder(Pkg/5)

Sweet liberty homestead make do candle lamp were making primitives

1915 western electric brass candlestick phone w bakelite ear cup

Electric candle lamp pip berries marbled base picture 2

Electric candlestick lamp 28

Electric candlestick lamp 29

Electric candle lamp kit

Electric candlestick lamp 31

BOX of 12 Battery Operated LED Tapered Candles w/ Flickering Light Bulbs!

Electric candlestick lamp 34

Gerson 60981 Candle Light Brass Base Electric Candle Light

LED Window Candle with Light Sensor

Vintage style reproduction country measuring cup electric candlestick lamp

Chandelier__8_barbouille_r160ablog_copyr jpg juin 2011

Casual Living Square Candlestick Pot 33.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Casual Living Square Candlestick Pot 33.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Candlestick Etched Glass 33.5" Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Candlestick Etched Glass 33.5" Table Lamp with Empire Shade

2378 pair medieval style electric candle floor lamps

Electric candlestick lamp 41