Ekco Kitchen Utensils

Everyone who spends some time in kitchen should see this. Below are presented different kitchen utensils in various types, sizes and colours. Check these options and pick the one that suits your taste best. You have a rare chance to choose from among so many solutions so take your time.

Just like mama had vintage flint arrowhead ekco cooking utensils

Ekco kitchen utensil

Ekco Kitchen Utensil
Designed by Ekco, this set of 3 stirring spoons can be a great gift for anyone, who dreams about a solid set of kitchen utensils. High-quality nylon cover constitutes a fully safe material for your pans.

Ekco stainless

Vintage kitchen utensils

Vintage Kitchen Utensils
A handy set of kitchen utensils including (almost) all you need for happy cooking: a meat fork, large spoon, potatoes masher, and a ladle. All elements have black handles. This set has vintage vibe to it.

Ekco kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils made of stainless steel with beautiful color make the kitchen funky and cute. This handy set of spice containers set and functional items will delight anyone who loves to cook.

Ekco kitchen utensils 1

Why not opt for this amazing, retro kitchen tools add that will complete the look of your kitchen and at the same time offer a bit of a vintage flair to it. It is perfect to be framed and displayed on the wall.

Flint arrowhead ekco kitchen utensil set

Flint Arrowhead Ekco Kitchen Utensil Set
Cutlery gained the most popularity in the XVIII century when it became an indispensable element of furnishing a wealthy home. We can not imagine life without them and a set of metal ekco kitchen utensils with black handles will serve us for years.

Vintage cooking utensils

Does your kitchen lack proper utensils that would be a perfect match for vintage interior design? This old-fashioned kitchen tongs are designed of quality metal, offering you a long-lasting, working-as-a-charm, useful kitchen helper.

Vintage ekco red kitchen utensils tools set

Vintage Ekco Red Kitchen Utensils Tools Set
The gorgeous set of kitchen utensils in vintage design is a perfect gift idea and a great item that makes the interior unique. Beautiful workmanship and attention to detail make complete the whole.

Kitchamajig a j ekco slotted scoop

Kitchamajig A J Ekco Slotted Scoop
This kitchen utensil is perfect for a food photography prop, or clean it to use. It has significant pitting and wear to the chrome plating and surface rust that could be cleaned with steel wool, bends in the slats, and one loose rivet.

Vintage ekco almond garden stainless usa

Vintage Ekco Almond Garden Stainless Usa
The vintage set of kitchen utensils with the dedicated wall rack. Each of them have to decorative handpiece with the name of utensil written on it. It is not my style, but maybe my grandma will enjoy it.

Mid century ecko canoe muffin flatware

Mid Century Ecko Canoe Muffin Flatware
We do not need anything like that in the kitchen like ekco kitchen utensils, spoons, ladles or a rake. They can fit into the style of the kitchen, eg thanks to wooden handles, longitudinal with a beautiful mahogany color.

Vintage 9 piece wood handle kitchen

Vintage 9 Piece Wood Handle Kitchen
These tools have survived many years and are very durable. Thanks to the wooden handle, they do not break. And solid metal tips, they do not rust.All the necessary utensils for cooking your favorite dishes, in a genuine antique edition.

Ekco utensils

Set of kitchen tools made of high quality steel. It is fitted with comfortable handle to prevents burns. Handy gadget in each home.

Ekco kitchen utensils

Ecko stainless steel kitchen utensils

For a very long time, the fork was considered a tool immoral. For a time he was even forbidden by the Church! And what about the potato mashers, strange ladles or the first mixer. This ekco kitchen utensil set has fashionable red/pink handles.

Vintage ekco spatula

Pink kitchen utensils mid century

Pink Kitchen Utensils Mid Century
Useful kitchen utensils. This set includes eight elements made of durable metal. They are used for preparing and serving different dishes. Their pink handles are comfortable in use and they protect from hot.

Vintage veggie vegetable peeler potato

Vintage Veggie Vegetable Peeler Potato
Although it looks like a torture tool, it can only be tortured with vegetable. May rip a skin of the potato in the most subtle and accurate way. It is made of steel and has an extremely old-fashioned antique look, from ekco kitchen utensils set.

Vintage ekco kitchen utensils spice o

Vintage Ekco Kitchen Utensils Spice O
Before they came to everyday use, the cutlery went a surprisingly long and difficult way. Today ekco kitchen utensils are a decorative challenge, sometimes adopting unique handles like those of bright ceramic, with folkloric designs.

Ekco kitchen utensils 3

We love tuna in a can, but we should not to open it almost like a Pandora's box, do not hurt yourself and unleash the food war - a metal can opener from ekco kitchen utensils set with a strong black handle will be useful.

3 Piece Spoon Set

3 Piece Spoon Set
Pretty-looking traditional set of 3 length and bowl size-varied spoons manufactured of real wood with a beige finish. Their handles are round, bowls are dished. They can be used for cooking or simply serve as decors.

Vintage ekco stainless kitchen utensils set of 4 retro floral

Vintage Ekco Stainless Kitchen Utensils Set Of 4 Retro Floral
What would we do without cutlery in the kitchen? How hard would it be to pour your favorite soup without a proper ladle? In this case, we can have a whole ekco kitchen utensils set with ceramic handles in white, with a colorful folkloric pattern.

Vintage kitchen tool red wooden handled ekco brand tomato slicer

Vintage Kitchen Tool Red Wooden Handled Ekco Brand Tomato Slicer Original Pkg
An original kitchen tool for vegetables. This tomato slicer features metal construction that is able to slice tomatoes or cheese without problems. Its red handle features an opening for hanging the slicer on the wall.

Handle knife or scissors sharpener old kitchen utensil cutlery tool

Vintage masher utensil spice o life

Vintage Masher Utensil Spice O Life
Potato puree is a popular and nutritious addition to dishes around the world, so we need a potato masher and other ekco kitchen utensils with a metal structure and a ceramic handle in a folkloric style. Potato masher should be conveniently held.

2 Piece Spatula Set

2 Piece Spatula Set

Vintage ekco plastic fork spice of life kitchen utensil dishwasher

Ekco pao 8 piece bamboo kitchen utensil set new

Ekco Pao 8 Piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set New
Kitchen accessories are a great gift idea for your mum, grandma and wife! This 8-piece set is made of the solid and light bamboo, which is eco-friendly.

Retro kitchen tools

Deluxe Locking Tong

Deluxe Locking Tong
Aesthetic practical contemporary kitchen tong. It's made of durable silvery-coated stainless steel. Its working parts have wavy-shaped edges. It has ergonomic side lining and a loop for hanging of black plastic.


The masher is create for help you in the kitchen, especially for dinner potatoes! The stainless steel construction and attractive style are a must have in any kitchen zone.

Vintage ekco tomato egg butter slicer with cream colored plastic

Vintage Ekco Tomato Egg Butter Slicer With Cream Colored Plastic Handle
Looking for some vintage kitchen utensils, to enhance the atmosphere and design of your kitchen? These here will give you just that, and more. Their shapes are straight from the past era, so the vintage vibe is guaranteed.

Vintage ekco flint spatula stainless kitchen utensil small

Vintage ekco spatula short handle chromium plated angled as is

Ekco spatula small black nylon plastic kitchen utensil short handle

Ekco spatula small black nylon kitchen utensil short or long

Vintage ekco square metal spatula with

Vintage Ekco Square Metal Spatula With
Boasting of vintage accents and old-fashioned charm, this spatula is durable, practical, and easy to clean. Designed in the 1950's, the spatual is made of chromium plated steel, and equipped with a wooden handle with a hole to easy hang it on a rack.

Ekco flint cook tools grandmother had these

Ekco spatula utensils

Vintage kitchen utensil set made by ekco flint arrowhead 1960s

Antique kitchen utensils group from ekco by collectiblesbycarol 25 00

Flint arrowhead stainless steel potato masher ekco kitchen utensils

Ekco kitchens

Antique collection of red wood handle kitchen utensils


Cool functional contemporary nutcracker entirely manufactured of durable silvery-finished stainless steel. It consists of 2 round rods having a textured surface with collars. Rods are riveted to a curved coupler. It can be dishawashed.

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Ekco spatula small nylon plastic kitchen utensil short handle as

My Basics Nylon Spatula Stainless Steel Handle

Ekco kitchen utensils 3