Eco Friendly Cat Tree

If you suppose that your cat would enjoy such solutions, feel free to discover this wide range of designs, shapes, sizes and colours of eco friendly cat trees, all of which are functional and nice looking. In case this is something for you, you can browse through all the photos and decide.

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Outdoor cat furniture

An eco-friendly cat tree made of fleece and sisal rope. It will encourage your pet to stay active due to a 2-step climbing ladder and a hanging sisal rope. The nest area in the shape of a bowl is filled with a cozy, soft material.

Eco friendly cat tree

Comprising several layers, this modern cat tree is crafted from eco-friendly materials, being fully safe for the cats and their owners. Multi-tiered construction features enough space to accommodate several cats simultaneously.

Eco friendly cat tree

Hand-crafted from downded trees, this eco-friendly cat tree is suitable for indoors, giving your cat a nice structure to jump, scratch, and taking soothing naps. The tree rests on a flat square base, offering 4 small platforms and 1 piece for scratching wrapped with a strong string.

Eco friendly cat tree 2

This eco-friendly cat tree will enchant both the pet and its owner. A carefully designed construction, with big attention to details, giving your cat a nice structure to jump, scratch, and take soothing naps.

Eco friendly cat tree 1

The attractive design of this eco-friendly cat tree makes your cats a delight to have fun and rest. The whole looks great in any contemporary interior design. Made of wood for strength and reliability.

Outdoor cat furniture trees

This piece of furniture is dedicated to every nature and animal lover - it is intended for cat and primarily it is eco-friendly. This hand-made cat tree with a scratcher is made of wood and other recycled materials.

Wicker cat tower

Eco-friendly and functional, this 3-level cat tree seems to be an ideal choice for cats' owners and their pets. Its large construction features enough space to accommodate 3 cats at the same time. It measures 58 inches high.

Outdoor cat perch

That's an idea that your cat will just love! It's a unique cat tree that is in the shape of a tree. The branches of this post are equipped with dangling toys. Made of aromatic, red cedar it is 100% eco friendly.

Level mixed with 2 trays
Wicker cat tree

Let us introduce you magnificent cat tower, where your cat will follow its natural instinct of climbing. It has also a lot of scratching boards, hunting hole platform and carousels with toys, which will keep your cat busy for hours.

Green cat tree

An eco-friendly cat tree - sustainable, nicely looking and most importantly - cat alluring. It features 3 arrangements, made from the most popular, proven materials: paper, lamb fleece and sisal.

Wicker cat furniture

For every cat lover this incredibly creative cat furniture is a bull's eye! Eco friendly, light wood,high cat tree looks great either outdoor or indoor. Every cat would be more than happy to climb this 4 storey fun-thing!

Images of cat tree tree house
Outdoor cat climbing towers
Eco friendly cat tree 3
Eco friendly cat tree 9
Outdoor cat tree eco friendly rustic unfinished cedar four levels
Outdoor cat tree

The cat bed for ecofriendly enthusiasts. This type of a toy has many applications. The cat could sleep or hide there. It could also jump into and lay down. The wicker construction could also protect your furniture from scratching, because it is more attractive for a kitty.

Eco friendly cat tree 7
Eco friendly cat tree 11
43" Modular Modern Cat Tree

43" Modular Modern Cat Tree
High cat tree with lots of pads, sleeping space and more. It gives the cat a great fun. Cat house includes a comfortable pillow filled with memory foam. Built-in brush for combing hair for relaxation. It has a very good feedback from customers.

PetPals Eco Friendly Cat Tree
48" Kitty Cuddle Tower Cat Tree

48" Kitty Cuddle Tower Cat Tree

Outdoor cat trees

We love our cats and we want for them as best as possible. It is worth to choose this outdoor cedar cat tree - with solid wood construction,eco friendly and durable. It has a rustic finish and 4 levels of happiness for our cats, with a strong base.

Eco friendly cat tree 3
Outdoor cat tower

Aesthetic modern cat trees featuring clean lines. They're made of plywood finished in white or black with brownish edges. Such a tree has a rectangular base, a tall stem, several rectangularish shelves (in 5 tiers) padded with black carpet fabric.

Cat Play House, water resistant and eco friendly, 37Wx37Lx30H
33" Cat Perch

33" Cat Perch
It is a cat perch that is available in five color options to choose: beige, blue, brown, gray and green. It is handcrafted, easy to care for, fully carpeted and has got a solid wood construction.

62" Boston Cat Tree
Outdoor cat tree tower

A gadget that your cats will simply love. It's an outdoor cat tree made of eco-friendly wood. It consists of a post and four wooden plates. Your cat can jump on it or you can put there some cushions to create a comfy sleeping place for your pet.

Eco friendly 76 large cat tree in birch pine new
Cat Craft 22" Three Tier Carpet Climbing Cat Tree
Eco friendly cat tree
Eco cat furniture
Cat tree outdoor
46" Large Pagodas Cat Tree Color: Blue
By type cat trees 71 inch outdoor cat tree eco
Eco friendly cat tree 16
Pet pals tunnel castle cat tree cat furniture at linens
Unique cat tree houses with real trees from pet tree
Win or fail
Eco friendly cat tree 19
Eco friendly cat tree
Friendly cat furniture 58 eco cat tree medium 2 platforms
Giveaway eco friendly handcrafted cat tree from mountain cat trees
Eco friendly moon shaped tubby two seater cat tree
Of the most eco friendly cat trees and scratchers ive
Baobab - 5' Cat Tree in Eco-friendly Black Laminate and Black Mohair (Faux)
Eco friendly cat tree 14
Eco friendly one of a kind cedar tree