Dvd Storage Cabinets Wood

A wood DVD storage cabinet is a useful piece of furniture especially for film enthusiasts with big DVD collections. It enables to keep the collection organized and away from dust and is a nice piece of furniture itself. Check the collection below for more inspiration.

Dvd storage cabinets wood

This solid wooden cabinet can provide a great dvd storage in your house. You will be enchanted by it's charming, traditional style. A particularly useful space of furniture for film enthusiasts with big DVD collections.

Dvd storage cabinets wood

Modern rack made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for storing books, CD's, DVD's, display decorations and more.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 2

Made of wood DVD storage cabinet is an unusual combination of stylish design and interesting forms. The whole is extremely impressive in every rustic and industrial interior design. The stylish element of the living room interior.

Beautiful dark wood dvd vhs cd locking cabinet storage beautiful

Beautiful Dark Wood Dvd Vhs Cd Locking Cabinet Storage Beautiful Furniture
Capacious 3 panels dark wood cabinet, locking. Storage for CDs, DVDs collection. Opens up to reveal 3 separate panels. Spacious shelves inside. Functional above all. The style is just an addition here

Rustic dvd cabinet

Is it the furniture of the old herbalist? Or an alchemist cabinet?Such coincidence with this little cabinet will bring a unique mysterious look to your interior.Made of cherry wood,it contains a multitude of small square drawers-so is perfect for dvd storage.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 2

The elegant CD and DVD storage cabinet made of simple pine wood. If you have the big music collection or you are the movie enthusiast, you have to appreciate such an interesting piece of furniture for sure.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 1

Emanating with its rustic appearance and weathered finish, this vintage cupboard is crafted of sturdy barn wood. Maintained in a country style, the unit includes inside shelves secured with stained glass door, and 1 bottom drawer.

Buffet pie safe w tin punch doors

Buffet Pie Safe W Tin Punch Doors
A kitchen sideboard that will add a rustic feeling to your house. It features a traditional structure, but it comes in an unusual deep red color. Instead of typical, transparent glass, the inside of the door is pure black with a subtle flowery accent.

Dvd storage cabinets wood

Designed to comprise large collections of DVDs or CDs, this wooden tower will be a perfect multimedia rack in a traditionally designed entertainment room. Darkly stained wood delights with its dense graining.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 1

The design features of this DVD Cabinet are three drawers to hold DVD's and a large open space in the bottom to hold the subwoofer of a sound system. This stylish piece of furniture is made of elegant, cherry wood.

Wood dvd cabinet

A traditional apothecary cabinet might be easily used as a CD or DVD storage cabinet. It is made of a deep brown wood, which will go well with other traditional pieces of furniture. It will give your space a touch of a librarian style.

Shabby chic dvd storage

Dvd storage cabinets wood 13

Dvd storage cabinets wood 12

Dvd storage cabinets wood 15

Upcycled industrial style drawers

Upcycled Industrial Style Drawers
This case with drawers s must-have in every house, because there is a lot of ways to use it. It can be bookcase, place to storage DVDs or utilities. This case has metal stillage and drawers made of wooden boxes.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 1

Dvd storage cabinets wood 4

Wood dvd storage 25

An ingenious contemporary wall-mounted shelving unit. It's DIY-created from 16 casual reclaimed wooden crates (in 4 tiers) with a natural worn finish. Crates are fixed to a wall with their bottoms and are facing open top parts a room interior.

Wood technology mm 600 oak hardwood multimedia storage shelves in

Wood dvd storage 7

You are not a fan of watching movies online. Hence your DVD collection must have its place. Wooden DVD storage with long shelves adjusted to the size of a DVD case. In addition, it is located in the wall niche and is closed on a wooden double door.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 3

Wood dvd storage 3

DVD shelf in rustic style. It is made of recycled palett. Designed for mounting on the wall. Neutral and functional accent for any interior as needed.

The sherwood oak dvd cd cabinet with 5 shelves has

Wood dvd storage 1

Someone had time to construct a reclaimed wood DVD storage shelf on his/her own. I wonder whether tis a final effect, so outrightly rustic. Five shelves there. They look fairly substantial. DIY project from blog.

Wood dvd storage 14

This DIY construction uses an IKEA cabinet to create a clever, double broder DVD shelf, making it a self-contained multimedia centre. Handmade modifications resulted in the appearance of wheels, making it a convenient, fully adjustable piece of furniture.

Pecke Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Pecke Multimedia Storage Cabinet
This refined multimedia storage cabinet is made of MDF wood and has a rustic finesse with tempered glass door panels, decorative handles and six adjustable shelves that have a capacity of 371 CD’s or 185 DVD’s.

Mahogany dvd storage cabinet

DVD and Video Storage Box - Bamboo (Bamboo) (4.75" H x 8.5" W x 12.5" D)

Use this fine bamboo box to store whatever you wish, but it was created above all to store DVDs and video games. It has cutout handles and it is light in weight, so you can effortlessly move the whole box around.

Dvd player storage cabinet

A wood DVD storage cabinet is a useful piece of furniture especially for film enthusiasts with big DVD collections. Its distressed style will appeal to all retro enthusiasts. A fully handmade project.

Wooden dvd cabinet photo

Dvd storage cabinets wood 16

Dvd storage wood

This medium wardrobe is perfect as a TV stand or dvd storage. Made from mahogany brown wood, consists of 6 drawers to keep books or documents. Great for cabinets, studies and offices. Ideal to keep a lot of different things.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 2

Shabby furniture pie safe cabinet

Shabby Furniture Pie Safe Cabinet
The dark blue wooden DVD storage. It is a little bit down and dirty, so should be renovated before the reuse. You could use the polishing machine and some paint in a fair color to bring back the old shine.

Painted storage cabinet

With its distressed finish, this blue-painted storage cabinet adds the dining room a splash of vintage, rustic character. Neutral, pale blue lacquer will match well most of the decors.

The design features of this dvd cabinet are three drawers

Atlantic Wave 1316 110 CD Tower (Black Steel/Cherry Wood Base )

Playful curved design makes this CD tower a distinctive, fashionable accessory and not only a mere storage gadget! The black steel construction promises sturdiness, and the cherry wood base enhances the balance.

Painted storage cabinets

Storage cabinets and kitchen island with durable wooden construction. These elements are finished in white color and they provide plenty of storage space for kitchen accessories. Universal colors look great in any decor.

Painted storage cabinets

I would love to have this kitchen corner cabinet with three drawers, door with shelves and white color. Excellent to storing plates, spices, cups and more. What a great idea!

Dvd storage cabinets wood 20

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Painted storage cabinets 4

Tall rack in vintage style. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. It has wide drawer on the base and 3 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing beddings, display decorations and more.

Kitchen island granite

Kitchen island with a rectangular shape and durable wooden construction in universal gray finish. It features a rectangular granite top, practical storage shelves, cabinets and compartments with metal hardware.

Storage bookcase with doors 6

A great storage cabinet that will give your space a cool, country character. It is characterized by a traditional wooden door and a unique shade of green. It's a multi-functional piece, where you can store books, documents, or clothes.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 10

Dvd storage cabinets wood 8

Living room chests cabinets

This amazing chest cabinet sports the simple yet immensely elegant design with the black finish of the wood and the glass windows on the doors to make it a nice display piece for your decorative items.

Blue storage cabinet 1

A stunning china hutch cabinet that sports the lovely, baby blue finish and will make for just the most fitting option for your interior for when you need a perfect display piece, since it comes with the lovely glass inlay.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 17