Double Loft Bed With Desk

Here's something for two kids and a limited room space. With a double loft bed with a desk using the space effectively is easier. The bed and the desk don't take too much floor space and combine functionalities in a smart way. Check out the designs below.

Carmen Milani Interior Design Expert
Double loft bed with desk
Coupe Andrea

A nice solution for kids' rooms, this tween loft bed is as practical as it is inviting. The top bunk is secured by fixed rails, and has a beautiful staircase with built-in drawers. In the bottom part of the set, there's a pullout desk, and several open shelves.

Double loft bed with desk
Vanessa Hen

A lovely addition to a girl's room, this vanity loft bunk bed set is going to be a great panacea for nightmares, and a functional helper while doing your homework. The bed is secured with rails, and has a convenient ladder to climb on. The bottom part has a built-in desk, several drawers, open storage compartments, a 3-panel mirror, and an office chair with casters.

Bunk bed with desk for adults
Jackson Krystle

If you looking for the best design ideas, we suggest you to choose this loft bed with desk nook underneath! It features the white color and classic, simple design, which is excellent for girls and boys bedroom.

Double loft bed with desk

Trying to find the excellent, nicely finished and high quality loft bunk bed? We suggest you to choose this one! It creates the fun sleeping space, that can be used as a cozy study or play area!

Double loft bed
Krystal Lee

Add comfort and combine functionalities with the loft bunk bed. It features a work station, white and yellow colors, striped mattress and pillows with storage space under the bed. Great addition to girls room.

Double loft bunk beds

A perfect way of organization of small spaces. This loft bed is a solid wooden construction in a neutral white color. The upper part includes a comfortable bed and the lower area features a large corner desk with storage shelves.

Double bed loft
Coupe Andrea

In this picture we can observe an interesting, comfortable and space saving construction that includes an upper bed with a window and ladder. The lower area includes a desk that provides some working space. The whole wooden construction is solid and attractive.

Double desk bed
Jessica Zernike

A solid wooden loft bed that provides comfort on its soft mattress in the upper area accessible thanks to the ladder. The lower part features a desk with a spacious bookcase. So this construction is solid, comfortable and functional.

Double bunk bed with desk
Jenna Gon

A loft bed with a functional rope ladder that provides access to its comfortable upper area. This bed includes white wooden protections and its lower part includes a comfortable sitting space and space to play with toys, etc.

Double study bed
Weber Lily

Minimalistic set of furniture which will play its role the best in student's studio flat or children's bedroom. It is composed of chest of drawers, night tables and loft bed in a shape of letter L dedicated for three people.

Loft double bed
Cintia Kowalski

A solid and comfortable loft bed with desk. Its upper area is available thanks to a simple ladder. Lower desk includes some space for a computer and it also includes spacious compartments. The whole wooden construction is finished in white color.

Raised double bed with storage
Griffin Kathryn

Small space does not mean cramped, as exemplified by this interesting loft bed project with a generous space downstairs. Numerous shelves and storage cabinets, unusual coloring and styling of the academic room create a pleasant whole.

Desk double bed
Long Lauren

A very comfortable and space-saving solution for a bedroom in kid's room. This bunk bed features solid and safe stairs. Both beds include soft sleeping areas. The upper bed is also equipped with solid protection.

White double loft bed
Jasmine Mar

Space saving and room optimising solution. This loft bed includes a comfortable upper sleeping space with an access ladder. The lower desk area offers working space and plenty of storage shelves for books and other items.

Double bunkbeds
Weber Lily

A touch of classicity in the bedroom. This is a quite large and complex set of bedroom furniture. It includes beds, a chair and a storage cabinet with spacious drawers. All of these elements are made of poplar and hardwood.

Double size loft bed

Compact and space-efficient design for a children loft bed with a built-in desk and a set of stairs with a bookcase inside of it. The whole set is made out of light birch wood, which gives it a simple and minimalistic vibe.

Bunk bed with desk 1

bunk bed with desk

Double bunk with desk
Evans Liliana

Add comfort, style and beauty to your apartment with this bunk bed with table underneath. It's not only unique, but it looks great too. It brings the solidity and simplicity to any bedroom.

Loft bed with nothing underneath

Loft bed with desk for space saving in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Great solution for work organization at home.

Loft beds with the desk underneath have been popular for
Howard Renee

Loft beds with the desk underneath have been popular for a while. (Heck, my mom did one for my sister back in the day in an effort to make more floor space in her tiny room.) But these I haven't seen before. Double loft beds. Totally cool idea for saving

Double bunk beds with desk
Stone Caroline

Space-efficient setup for a compact children’s bedroom with a double loft bed with a handy ladder fitted with aluminium railing. The loft bed has a study desk below with a built-in bookcase, which provides additional display room.

Double kids desk

An ideal addition to children's bedroom. Its glossy, white finish refers to the best cottage or shabby chic works. The bed, entered by a ladder, towers over an ergonomic desk, comprising spaces for work and play in one place.

Double bed with desk underneath

Loft bed with wardrobe, desk, drawers and open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood and metal. Perfect solution for space saving in kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Loft bed with couch

Loft bed with couch underneath for small room to maximize space, consider having a loft bunker

Double bed and desk combo

A comfortable bunk bed that provides soft sleeping space in the upper area and in the lower one. The upper bed is accessible thanks to stairs with storage drawers. White color of this bed matches any child's room.

Tiny teen double
Jasmine Jen

Suitable for larger rooms, those loft bunk beds allow you to save some space by placing them in a corner. They're made of wood in an off-white finish, including 1 platform with fixed steps for easy access, and protective railings.

Double twin loft bed
Cintia Brook

I love the idea of having one shared kids bedroom, a walk in wardrobe with sections for each of the kids and a play room with a desk for each child

Double bed loft with desk

Maxtrix Kids High Loft Bed (shown with desk & bookcase, white) (41)

Loft bed double
Jessica Zernike

This loft bed is an element of furniture designed for young users. Its upper bed area is comfortable and includes functional shelves. The lower area features a desk with shelves and quite spacious working area.

Double loft

this is my favorite! two twins and a full or queen under with a desk on top. i will have to try to build this some day if we have too many kids or even just for sleep overs!

Loft bed with vanity and desk
Jillian Wrig

Willow Run, by Lea Furniture, is a clean, modern take on country styled bedroom furniture and designed to appeal to almost everyone. Generous undertop moldings, framed drawers and tapered feet give this group a sense of value and scale. Constructed with M

Lofted double bed
Brown Jamie

Interestingly constructed double bed with stairs is a perfect solution for children's room. Beautiful woodwork is solid and will make the decor take on functionality and coziness. The whole finished in a warm shade.

Full size loft bed with desk 2
Catherine Martin

Full Size Loft Bed With Desk

Double loft beds for small rooms
Joanna Russ

A cool practical bunk bed for kids. It's of wood finished in white. It has simple panel headboards and footboards, horizontal side rails. It's equipped with an upright but angled corner ladder and a shelved desk lapping a part of a lower bed.

Loft beds mesmerizing funky kids offset bunk beds adult loft
Lindsey Grif

Loft Beds. Mesmerizing Funky Kids Offset Bunk Beds Adult Loft Bed With Desk: 75 Cool And Creative Loft Beds For Adults. Cube Holes Bookcase,...

Double bunk bed with sofa underneath

Little Boy Bedroom Ideas | ... boys bedroom decorating ideas with bunk beds bedrooms mixed decoration

Small double high sleeper
Jenna Edward

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Madison Single Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Storage
Lauren Martinezify

Madison Single Twin Loft Bed with Desk and Storage
This twin loft bed will let you easily combine the amazing style and comfort of the design, especially with the simple lines and rich, espresso finish and add some more functionality, since it comes with the extra desk and storage.

Bunk bed double
King Heather

Bunk bed with desk under it. This could possibly be a birthday gift this year!

Bunk bed with desk on bottom
Mary Pow

Actually I may build this corner loft bed in the girls room by the closet. Would be a much better fit, with a desk underneath and bookshelves under each end. NO futon though. Perfect for two maturing young ladies who have to share a room. Will give the

Double loft bunk bed

Bunk Beds with desk and built-in storage

Loft Bunk Bed

Loft Bunk Bed

Full loft bed with desk top id 3095438 in bedroom
Carmen Milani

Full Loft Bed with Desk Top [ID 3095438] in Bedroom Furniture | eBay

Bunk loft bed package
Laetitia Zernike

Bunk Loft Bed Package

Loft bed with desk and vanity
Kristin Diaz

I am a sucker for creative built-ins. I used to fantasize about knocking down my parents' front hall closet & expanding my bedroom into a little lofted reading-nook where I could hang out with my American Girl dolls & devour my Babysitter's Club books.

Its a huge bedroom for 3 boys with a tropical
Jenna Hay

it's a huge bedroom for 3 boys with a tropical appeal, but I could get some wonderful ideas here for the playroom / family area.

Double bed bunk bed

Contemporary Kids Photos

Bed double bunk beds twin storage boys room ideas decor
Stephanie Flo

bed-double-bunk-beds-twin-storage-boys-room-ideas-decor-kids-wood-desk ...

Loft bed with built in desk
Tara Zucker

How to Build a Loft Bed with Desk Underneath with white color

A loft with industrial design by russian designer maxim zhukov
Evans Karen

A Loft With Industrial Design by Russian Designer Maxim Zhukov