Double Desk Lamp

Do we need to remind you about the importance of desk lamps? Even if this is the first time that you see such elements, you can feel free to get to know all of them. After doing that, you will probably be impressed or even inspired by this incredible variety, like many before you have been.

Morgan Johnson Interior Design Expert
Double desk lamp 3
Double desk lamp 7

Double lamp for desk applications. It features a round, stylish base that assures good support and stability. Two light bulbs with shades provide good illumination of two office work stations. The whole construction of this lamp is wear resistant.

Double desk lamp 1

Not one but two. Not one light source but two sources. All in elegant black shades made in metal. Simple desk lamps, joined together in one - together with their two half-round lampshades create this double desk lamp.

Double desk lamp 8

With the sublime brass finish and the stunning, slightly distressed vibe to it this desk lamp will provide the most stylish lighting fixture for your interior and will let you enjoy a boost of style and class.

Double desk lamp

Made from wrought iron, this double candle holder constitutes an intricately designed desk lamp. Wrought iron enables to create unique, beautiful curves and volutes, which is reflected also in this antique masterpiece.

Double desk lamp 5
Double desk lamp 20
Double desk lamp 38
Double desk lamp 22
Double desk lamp 34
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Double desk lamp 41
Double desk lamp 28
Double desk lamp 42
Double reading lamp

A cool ingenious desk lamp in the industrial style. It features a base built of ... various metal car parts. It has an adjustable gooseneck-type stem and a lampshade (for 1 bulb) of black coated metal.

Mid century laurel double light executive desk lamp teak brass
Double desk lamp 4
Double desk lamp 17
Double desk lamp 2

Double desk lamp in industrial style. Base consists of metal pipes. Lampshades are covered with metal wires. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Double desk lamp 6
Double desk lamp 12
Peggy 18" H Desk Lamp with Bowl Shade

Peggy 18" H Desk Lamp with Bowl Shade
This fabulous lamp on the desk is the perfect decorative and functional accent for your home or office. The stylish shade and beautifully gilded interior design give each of them a new dimension. The whole is maintained in a traditional style will fit in any interior.

Jasmin 21" H Desk Lamp

Jasmin 21" H Desk Lamp
Are you looking for some stylish and practical solutions for your modern house or office? Then, this intriguing and extraordinary functional desk lamp may perfectly fulfill all of your expectations and needs.

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Double desk lamp 14
Double desk lamp 24
Double desk lamp 26
Double desk lamp 29
Double desk lamp 30
Nessen double desk lamp from a unique collection of antique
Double desk lamp 31
Double desk lamp 32
Georgetown Solid Brass Desk Lamp
Rare double desk lamp by christian dell image 3
Double desk lamp 33
Double desk lamp 35
Double serpantine 1930s belmag desk lamp image 2
Bauhaus double arm desk lamp by christian dell image 4
Double desk lamp 36
Double desk lamp 37
Nessen dual control desk lamp
Double desk lamp 39
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Lewis coverplate rejuvenation getguestready
Double desk lamp 40
Double desk lamp 43
Pixo led table lamp remodelista
Double desk lamp 44
1970s guzzini double arc chrome and travertine desk lamp image
Double desk lamp 45