Doorbell Chime Covers

The doorbell box is usually not an object of decoration. You can easily hide it under a doorbell chime cover. They come in hundreds of styles and it's easy to find one which matches the look of the hall. Check the suggestions below.

Diana Banks Interior Design Expert
Doorbell chime cover 8
Lisa Wats

This doorbell chime cover is a simple, but functional construction based on metal in a neutral, dark finish. Thanks to this shape and color, this doorbell cover matches any doorbell and any interior design.

Doorbell chime cover 4
Liliana Gadjus

This simple, minimalist wired door chime is a beautiful way to make a functional solution for your home. Simple painted design is easy to match the decor, so it is extremely versatile.

Doorbell chime covers 1
Hilton Emily

This is only a chime cover that does not include the actual chime. You can install it quite easily, with some screws and a screwdriver. The entire box is made of plastic, easy to clean, and relatively lightweight.

Interior doorbell cover
Mackenzie Poly

This doorbell chime cover features a size that matches many types of doorbells. Its white, neutral color with nice decorative accents looks good in different rooms. This eye-catching design is also durable.

Doorbell chime covers 2
Karen Per

The hidden doorbell that is covered by the DIY Monogrammed Art is a stylish and fantastic option! The rectangular shape can hide the doorbell with any sizes.

Door bell cover

If you looking for extra ordinary ideas for your apartment, you have to choose this door bell cover. It's a hand carved cabinet with scroll design with tea stained glass finish. Everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Doorbell cover box
Olivia Smithist

If you buy elegant cover on your doorbell, it doesn't have looks dull and ugly. This doorbell chime cover is made of plastic and has stylish finishing covered with gold - it will be fit to your elegant corridor!

Source doorbell chime covers
Williams Kimberly

source Doorbell Chime Covers

Doorbell chime covers
Anderson Marisa

This contemporary sconce doorbell is designed of stainless steel and suitable for modern interiors. The doorbell chimes 2 notes on front door / single note on second door. It can be install either way; vertically or horizontally.

Doorbell covers
Courtney Powell

This art deco style covers the doorbell as an eye-catching element that will transform the porch decor or another place. Beautiful finish and solid construction guarantee durability and good looks.

Doorbell button cover
Jenna Edward

Doorbell chime cover with a very attractive rectangular construction. Six rectangular walls include very attractive, carved accents. The whole cover is finished in universal white color that matches different stylizations.

Doorbell chime cover 3
Jessica Zernike

Modernize your entryway and add the doorbell chime cover, which has got white color and is made of aluminum panels. It fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Door covers decorative
Liliana Gadjus

Vintage design for a sophisticated, old-fashioned decorative doorbell chime cover, made out of cast iron with a worn-off, patina-covered finish which gives the chime a unique and unusual appearance and a rustic vibe.

Doorbell chime cover only

Turned your wall light sconce into the new doorbell chime cover and enjoy the Art Decor, dark brown and stylish accent piece on your wall. Everyone will tell you how cool it is.

Door chime covers
Michele Bail

This interior cover for a doorbell is a durable item with decorative accents. Its rectangular shape matches any type of doorbell. Neutral finish of this element matches any interior design. This cover is a long-lasting item.

Doorbell chime cover 1
Peyton Marthy

This dorbell cover is a decorative and useful element made of solid oak wood. It fits most standard-sized doorbells and its solid construction is a long-lasting one. Traditional finish of this cover looks good anywhere.

Doorbell cover replacement
Mega Leahbrown

Doorbell+Chime+Cover+Only | Mission Style Arts And Crafts Doorbell Cover by craftsmanesque

Top 10 most decorative doorbell covers and doorbell buttons 1
Jenna Edw

Top 10 Most Decorative Doorbell Covers and Doorbell Buttons

Doorbell chime cover 2
Wright Stacy

Traditional approach to a classy doorbell chime cover, made entirely out of dark oak wood with a polished and unpainted finish. The doorbell chime cover is made in a simple yet stylish fashion, providing an elegant element.

Doorbell plates
Garcia Brittany

This set of handmade wooden decorative doorbell covers enchant with the beautiful, interchangeable front patterns. A nice and inexpensive way to embellish your decor.

Door bell chime

Chime cover for any interior as needed. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Neutral design for each home.

Nutone doorbell cover
Tara Gosselin

An attractive antique style doorbell cover manufactured of durable plastic in a golden shade. It has a rectangularish body with an arched top part and features openwork walls with sunbeams-like and geometric motifs.

Unique doorbell chime

The curtain fell - on your home doorbell. Thanks to this chime cover obtained the style of an ancient gong in the temple,this will certainly improve your mood. Highly decorated element on a flat, combines toasted sienna finish and curved scroll pattern.

Door bell cover 1
Theresa Robi

From a small workshop of a good craftsman in woodworking - came this hand-made little wooden cover made of walnut wood. Three coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil were put on it. And it works fantastically as a doorbell chime cover.

Doorbell box
Peyton Marthy

This doorbell chime enchants with its minimalistic, contemporary design. Ideal for those, who want to add a modern refinement to their outdoor space. Designed by Honeywell.

Door chime cover
Gina Bailey

antique copper doorbell chime cover

Doorbell chime cover 2 1
Peyton Marthy

Doorbell chime cover #2

Doorbell cover 1
Melissa Allen

Solidity, attractiveness and functionality are the main features of this doorbell cover. It features flat surfaces and a solid brass construction. Simple look of this cover perfectly matches many interior styles.

Door bell covers
Emily Watson

Doorbell Chime decorative

Doorbell replacement cover

A very simple, but stylish doorbell cover that matches all standard-sized doorbells. Its rectangular shape and neutral colors look good in different interior stylizations. This cover is a long-lasting one.

Details about door bell chime cover antique finish art deco

Details about Door Bell Chime COVER Antique finish art deco style nice

Doorbell chime cover 1 1
Katherine Hen

Doorbell chime cover #1

Doorbell chime cover
Crystal Perr

This dorbell cover is a functional product that was hand made by qualified people. It features a durable wooden frame with matte pastel glazes. This functional and decorative item includes a nice forrest pattern.

Available with ravenstone tiles

Available with Ravenstone Tiles

Doorbell transformer cover 2
Bianca Noorda

... Carved Rectangle Doorbell Chime Doorbell Chimes at Linens 'n Things

Contemporary Door Chime
Katie Sand

Contemporary Door Chime
A piece of equipment that has got stylish and durable character. It is a door chime made of solid materials that assure contemporary look. The product has got a very convenient mechanism and it looks nice in different stylizations.

Decorative doorbell covers
Kathleen Camp

Heath-Zenith Wired Door Chime with Solid Cherry Mahogany Cover

Doorbell cover plate

Heath-Zenith 96/M Wired Doorbell Chime This product by Heath-Zenith has a white finish. This wired door chime features basic styling with a white cover

Doorbell chime box
Cooper Jillian

I love scrollwork!

Decorative doorbell button cover
Kristen James

Sumner Doorbell Chime , Doorbell Chimes, Accessories

Nutone doorbell cover replacement
Jenna Delicata

An elegant dorbell that will be a pretty accent of your house facade. It features a decorative cover made of wood in a beautiful, deep cherry colour. The bell inside the cover looks like a small mirror.

Door bell chime cover made from shadow box burlap and
Denise Grif

Door bell chime cover Made from shadow box, burlap and black scroll ...

Chime box
Cintia Kowalski

I miss my old doorbell, I got one from this guy in 2008 and LOVED it.. I think the "Ribbon - Three Bell Chime" would be perfect in the new house!

Door chime and doorbell button packages metal door chimes wood

door chime and doorbell button packages metal door chimes wood

Doorbell cover only
Wilson Alexis

Unique Doorbell Covers | Elegant Doorbell Styles

Doorbell chime cover replacement
Laetitia Zernike

Quarter Sawn White Oak Stickley Mission Style interior doorbell cover by missionwoodworx, $109.99

Door bell chime cover antique finish art deco style nice

Door Bell Chime Cover Antique Finish Art Deco Style Nice | eBay

Heath zenith unfinished wood doorbell
Martinez Marisa

Heath Zenith Unfinished Wood Doorbell

Modern door chime
Rebecca Turn

Doorbell+Chime+Cover+Only | The Morris doorbell cover will add a wonderful touch to your arts and ...

Chimes with three tubes bells are ding dong or two
Carter Erica

... chimes with three tubes/bells are "ding dong" or two-note chimes; the