Door Bookcases

Books are interesting. So it is worth to take a good care of them. One of the ways to do that is to buy an appropriate bookcase. Thanks to the collection below you might see totally different designs, shapes, sizes and colours of bookcases. You can also choose from different styles – everything is here for you to see and check if it fits into your house well.

Emily Hilton Interior Design Expert
Door bookcases
Mackenzie Poly

Tall and narrow, thus capacious and space-saving, those 2 bookcases with neatly-woven baskets can bring you much space for storage without crowding your interior. They're made of sturdy wood, splashed in a white finish, and offer 6 open shelves.

Door bookcases 8
Kristina Rod

A great solution for indoors, to surround your door with 2 bookcases and give your room a little more character. Made of sturdy wood in a white finish, each bookcase has 1 two-door cabinet and 4 open shelves.

Replace a closet door with a bookcase door 1
Thompson Alyssa

A simple but interesting contemporary bookcase and a hidden door in one! It's constructed of wood with a finish in browns (including a back). An open front bookcase has 6 shelves with a dozen or so asymmetrically arranged compartments.

Door bookcases 2
Amanda Pat

The hidden door bookcase is a fantastic and smart idea for the small spaces,like bedroom or living zone. You can built it by yourself. Everyone will be impressed how awesome this product is!

Door bookcases 29
Mackenzie Milani

This open bookcase, concealed under the stairs constitutes an amazing way to organize your space. A stylish and practical nook, which will impress anyone entering your house.

Door bookcases 6
Carter Diana

A multipurpose addition for indoor staircases, that can at the same time be both a protective stair railing and a capacious bookcase. Crafted of wood and bathed in a two-tone finish, the unit features 18 open compartments for books and decorations.

Old door bookshelf

Another example of a door bookcase, for those of you who like to make the most out of the space you’ve got. Not only is it as ergonomic as possible, but we’re quite sure it will catch all fo your guests by surprise!

Door bookcases 18

Being an example of a cleverly organized space, this bookcase above the door not only provides additional storage space, but also can make a small house optically larger.

Bookshelf closet doors
Laetitia Kloss

Now you can properly secure your hidden room by using this door bookcase, crafted of sturdy hardwood. It operates on 6 metal hinges and has 5 open shelves for your books and collectibles. And it will not sratch your floor.

Door bookcases 15
Sarah Ashleyist

This proposition can be an ultimate proposition for a bibliophile or...Indiana Jones if you want. This large, impressive bookcase will delight with its clever construction, concealing a passage to one's bed (doors above the TV).

Door bookcases 1
Renee Har

The door does not have to be an annoying element of the house as you can see it can also be used as a bookshelf. A simple construction will allow you to develop a place and perfect for small spaces.

Closet door bookcase

High bookcase in neutral form. It is made of wood and fitted with 5 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Functional accent for the living room, bedroom and more.

Door bookcases 19
Michelle Gonzalez

Not only between the corridors in Harry Potter - but also in your home you can have a secret passage, in the form of doors bookaceses that connect to the shelves - a wooden complex, opens and delights everyone - a secret of what lies behind it.

Door bookcases 3
Theresa Mart

Gotta fight for every inch of free space? Why not get yourself door like that! That’s what we call double-duty furniture. The door that is also to be used as a bookcase, just amazing!

Door bookcases 4
Isabella Martinable

A splendid combination of functionality and beautiful appearance. The bookcase is made of white-finished wood, offering two-door cabinets with shelves, small drawers and numerous open compartments for your literary work.

Door bookcases 11
Kathryn Wri

Isn't the hidden passageway the greatest stuff at home ever? Tell me about it! This wooden built-in white bookcase is not a simple place to store books - but it is also a door to another universe! Or at least a door bookcase to your room.

Door bookcases 31
Long Renee

Add a lot of functionality in your interior with this amazing bookcase that is shaped like a door and will ease your organization issues with the five, spacious shelves perfect for books and other objects.

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Shabby chic bookcases 1
Alexis Milani

Offering a distressed finish of the white paint this handmade bookcase is a perfect choice for any hallway, while its salvaged wood and glass structure adds plenty of visual appeal to your home and will provide you with a significant boost of space.

Bookcase sliding door
Brittany Ros

This original idea features two interesting function. One of them is the role of a bookcase with many shelves and the second one is the role of sliding doors. This wooden construction is finished in white color.

Door bookcases 10
Jillian Ross

A clever, space-saving solution. Bookcase smoothly concealed in a door, creating a passage like from adventure movies. All finished with stylish, sleek white will add a fresh, contemporary character to the space.

Door bookcases 5
Esther Gar

Classic lines and old-fashioned appearance of this bookcase makes it a fine piece for homes splashed with a touch of vintage accents. It's crafted of wood in a gray finish, featuring 4 open shelves with a buil-in lighting system on top shelf, and 4 bun feet for stability.

Ikea bookshelf doors

Narrow bookcase designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. It consists of 5 shelves arranged vertically. Functional accent for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Door bookcases 13

Why we love whiteness? Because it is simple, always elegant and doesn't overwhelm the interior - in the form of ikea white bookcase. This simple living room shelving unit has a lot of shelves, white cabinets with black handles and a polished finish.

Secret bookcase doors always fun and always mysterious
Jacqueline Davis
Artisan doors in in dallas texas made this bookcase door
Glass bedrooms
Isabella Martinable

An impressive unit with plenty of bookcases in a rustic style, but with a modern touch. It is characterized by glass doors with a white, wooden frame and extra molding accent, which gives the unit an elegant look.

Bookcase sliding doors
Courtney John

With this 2-piece sliding bookcase, you can cover the secret door to your hidden room. The sliding mechanism works very smoothly, while each of the bookcase features 7 open shelves for storing books and displaying decorations.

Door bookcases 9
Margaret White

The large bookshelf combined with these bookshelf doors is an excellent way to maximize the use of the living room or home library. Solid wood construction is durable and additionally creates a hidden passage.

Door bookcases 14
Stacy Jen
Door bookcases 12
Door bookcases 7

Constructed of a repurposed old door and bathed in a two-tone distressed finish, the bookcase goes well with country cottage decor. Leaned against a wall, it ensures balance and offers 5 open shelves for displaying books and decorations.

Pink bookcases
Chloe Hughesful

The captivating combination of subtle styling, pink details, and beautiful furniture makes this charming girl's room unique. A large bookshelf, a cute headboard, and a functional bed are lovely.

Door bookcases 20
Caitlin Nel
Door bookcases 17
Wilson Gabrielle
Unique book shelf 3
Tara Zucker
Door bookcases 28
Cintia Brook
Library bookcase with doors 1
Jenna Edward
Movable bookcases
Katie Sand
Door bookcases
Roberts Veronica

Sliding bookcase made of wood. Includes 10 wide shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. Great solution for space saving in each home.

Door bookcases 33
Door bookcases 22
Alison Lew
Assembled bookcases 2
Door bookcases 23
Two bookcases 34 99 anchor this makeover the baseboard wrapping
Stacey Lew
For the day we get our act together and make
Lauren Johnson
Sliding bookshelves
Stacy Adams

This large stacked sliding bookcase is the perfect solution for people who love literature. The beautiful and massive structure of the whole guarantees durability and yet presents itself very well.

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Tara Gosselin
This bookcase uses standard hinges to open up and reveal
Mega Leahbrown
Convert your bedroom door into bookshelves 35 things to do
Garcia Brittany