Dog Stairs For High Bed

If you're a dog owner who lets the pet into the bed, you might find the collection below very inspiring. What it presents is dog stairs for high beds which help dogs reach the bed more easily. Check them out.

Marisa Martinez Interior Design Expert
How to build a ramp for dogs
Lauren Martinezify

Trust me, your pet needs this tall dog bed steps. They've got six steps and soft cloth upholstery. It's a fantastic product for high beds. If you searching for a high quality pet steps, you should try this!

Steps for dogs
Joanna Pete

If your bed is too high for your dog to get on, try a dog ramp. This one is fit for traditionally stylized bedrooms as it sports elegant medium toned wood construction and anti-skid blue carpet covered steps.

Dog stairs for high bed 2
Renee And

Your pets can't conveniently reach your bed? Look at these wooden stairs. Designed to reach high beds, with nice and soft upholstery on each step. Wooden construction makes them stable and reliable. That's a lot of problems gone!

Dog stairs for high bed 1
Alexis Milani

Stairs with 8 steps dedicated to small pets. It is covered with thick material and reinforced with solid seams. Suitable for cats and dogs. Application in all kinds of interior as needed.

Dog stairs

Two sections, 8 steps, 3 1/2 feet high dog ramp for medium sized pets (sections can be separated). Constructed from plywood, covered with light beige/cream plush carpet. No tools are needed for assembling.

Doggie steps
Ramirez Jasmine

This item includes solid and functional steps for dogs that provide access to higher areas like sofas or beds for dogs or other small animals. These wooden steps feature a nice rich cherry stain finish.

Doggie stairs

This handmade steps for pets are designed for cats and dogs not heavier than 15 lbs! The whole piece is made of a wooden frame with steps that are covered by a fluffy carpet. Each step is approx. 4'' high and 6'' deep.

Dog ramp for bed plans

Practical sturdy ramp for small, old, senile, ill or injured pets. A frame is handmade of brown-finished wood and has pets' names written in white on a side. Its upper surface is covered with carpet fabric in beige tones with inlaid black paw prints.

PuppyStairs 2-Piece Ramp with Cube
Alexis Hallify

This straightforward and robust animal ramp construction is the perfect solution for any home where there are small dogs. The soft upholstery ramp is universal for all types of interiors, and the pets are free to go to higher couches or armchairs.

Pet stairs for bed

This small, decorative and functional element provides access to high beds for small dogs. This pet ramp features a very soft fill that is safe and comfortable for animals. Black finish of this ramp looks very nice in any interior design.

Pet ramp for bed 12in wide climber slope 1
Kristen Broo

Pet Ramp for Bed - 12in Wide Climber Slope

Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp

If your pet is having troubles reaching higher places, we have a perfect solution. The bedside ramp is made of wood, and covered with a anti-skidding material. It can be quickly folded or unfolded. And you can be sure that your four-legged friend will be able to climb on the bed, effortlessly.

Dog stairs for bed
Leah Cart

This interesting piece of furniture is the perfect solution for your pet. Soft upholstered stairs make it easy for small dogs to get on a sofa or armchair. The whole, made in a lovely light shade, perfectly fits in with the different interiors.

Dog stairs for high bed
Lambert Abbey

Add these amazing wooden stairs to your bedroom or practically any space that is in need of a boost of height for your pet to reach the higher surfaces. It sports the design that oozes elegance and class.

Side dog bed
Mackenzie Poly

Side Dog Bed

Dog steps for high bed

Pet stairs made of mahogany wood. It is dedicated for old or sick pets, especially dogs. It is available in two sizes: the classic model is intended for small- to medium-sized pets, large size is recommended for medium and big size pets.

Dog steps for bed
Peyton Marthy

An original, hand-made item created for pet lovers. These steps provide access to upper areas for dogs. These wooden steps feature soft and stylish surfaces on each step. This functional element is also a very nice decoration.

Dog steps for high bed stairs
Zernike Laetitia

These stairs are durable and comfortable for animals. They are suitable for small dogs and they provide access to tall beds. These durable stairs are covered with soft and safe material finished in universal gray color.

Dog steps for high beds

Minimalistic and simple approach to a set of handy pet stairs for smaller dogs, helping them reach a high bed. The three-step structure is made entirely out of foam, which makes it plushy, comfy and easy to clean.

Premier Pet Steps Tall Open Riser Steps, Carpeted Tread with a Rich Cherry Stain, 24-Inch
Meghan Wal

Modernity will allow us to help our dog to climb to the bed. These wood tall dog steps have open steps, enriched with non-slip coverings, thanks to which they are more compact and light and take up less space, guaranteeing safety. The wood has a warm hue.

Pet steps for bed
Tara Zucker

A stylish take on a three step-dog steps, made out of dark oak wood with decorative carvings on the sides. The tops of the steps are fitted with plush cushions to make it softer, perfect for injured or too small dogs.

High bed
Cassandra Hil

This dog stairs for high beds will allow your beloved companion to spend the night with you. Especially when they are ageing and tired, arthritic or smaller. Constructed of high-density foam and professionally upholstered in lush micro velvet.

Doggie steps for bed

Dog stairs dedicated to high beds. Base is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for dogs and cats. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers for functionality and neutral design.

Premier Pet Stairs
Jenna Daviesful

Premier Pet Stairs
These are multi-stage stairs to the fun for the animals. All the stairs are covered with a very nice and soft material. They can be used fun, and you can also rest and lie them. Depending on what pet wants.

Doggy steps for tall beds
Vanessa Wil

doggie steps for high beds | 18 inch high dog ramp. Perfect for long bodied dogs like Dachsunds and ...

Pet steps for dogs

This doggie steps for smaller pets are a very good idea, if you want for your pet to be able to reach higher spots. Each step is covered with a non-slipping surface, while the whole structure is created of strong material.

Dog bed with stairs

For our 21 year old Kitty Caesar

Doggy stairs
Denise Barnes

Pet Stairs Petstairz 6 Step High Density Foam Pet Step and Pet Stair with Beige Removable and Washable High Curly Pile Shearling Cover for Pets up to 50 Lbs. $149.00

PuppyStairs 2-Piece Ramp
Robinson Layla

This 2-piece ramp for pets is going to help your pet reach unreachable places. The whole is created of industrial grade high-density foam, while the covers are removable and machine-washable. It supports pets up to 60 pounds.

Wicker folding dog steps

Wicker Folding Dog Steps

Tall bed
Denise Grif

Dog Steps for Bed. Wooden pet stairs stained with walnut finish. For small to medium breeds. Folds for storage.

Dog Stair Steps 24" Pet Ramp

Dog Stair Steps 24" Pet Ramp
It is a dog stair steps 24 inches pet ramp that is made of 100-percent polyester. It helps your pets to climb into high furniture’s with ease. You will be impressed how amazing this dog stair is.

Designer 6 Step Pet Stair
Stacy Jackson

Designer 6 Step Pet Stair

Stairs for dogs
Jenna Edward

Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed - An innovative bunk-bed for multiple pets; great for the city life, but also very functional and fun for any home. A set of three stairs, with a textured surface on each. One of the most unique and beautiful products on the pet

3 Step Pet Stair
Crystal Bar

3 Step Pet Stair
Useful pretty stairway intended for old, disabled or small pets. It's made of laminated wood with a cherry-brown finish. It has sides decorated with milling-cut. Steps are lined with durable white carpet fabric with reinforced edges.

Dog ladder

24 High Dog Stairs for Tall Beds. All Wood by HamptonBayPetSteps, $149.00

Villa 4 Step Pet Stair

Villa 4 Step Pet Stair
It is a four step pet stair that is perfect for small pets. It is available in five colors: apple, aubergine, navy, orange and vintage. It has got a removable slipcover that is easy to care for and machine washable.

Dog bed stairs
Tiffany Edwards

Steps are great for pets that you want to get in and out of your bed. At one time I had 12 tiny Yorkies that slept with me, and they needed steps.

Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs, 4-step/for cats and dogs up to 150-pounds
Abbey Kowalski

This Durable Dog Steps is consisted of a carpet tread and rubber grippers. The carpet thread can be easily removed for a convenient cleaning, while grippers ensure that the whole structure is firm and properly secured.

Bed stairs
Martinez Brittany

Dog Steps FREE SHIPPING 24 High Designer Dog by HamptonBayPetSteps

1000x1000 jpg 1713
Moore Angela


Dog pet steps dog stairs 15 high pick any color
Bush Eliza

Dog/Pet Steps, Dog Stairs 15" High. Pick any color to match your decor. Help ease & prevent arthritis!

Pet steps for large dogs
Martinez Marisa

Bespoke dog stairs built for Penny. The bed is high but i didn't want them sticking far past the blanket box so i custom made them.

Pet steps for small dogs and cats
Yulia Thompson


Pet stairs for small dogs

18"Tall Dog/Pet Stairs, Dog Steps! Pick any color to match your decor! Hand made, custom built in the USA.

Non Skid 4 Step Pet Stair
Brooks Melissa

Non Skid 4 Step Pet Stair

Dog steps for high bed stairs 1

Dog Steps for high bed stairs

Dog stairs for beds
Alicia Dav

Dog Steps For small dogs. Use pet stairs so pets do not have to jump off sofas or high beds.

Decorative wood steps for small dogs 6 step

Decorative Wood Steps for Small Dogs - 6 Step

Premier Pet Steps Tall Open Riser Steps, Carpeted Tread with Stained Early American, 24-Inch
Christine Lee

Premier Pet Steps Tall Open Riser Steps, Carpeted Tread with Stained Early American, 24-Inch