Dog House Furniture

Want to provide your pet with exquisite living conditions? Check out the dog house furniture then and perhaps give it a go. It provides a comfy lair and enough space to lie or play. Browse through the products to find furniture which best matches your pet's needs.

Dog bed nightstand with steps

Owners of dogs are interested in providing comfort to their animals thanks to this dog house furniture with an upper bed and lower bowls. This construction includes solid stairs and the bed includes protective rails.

Wood dog kennel

Add this solid and nicely finished wooden dog gate into your home, and enjoy the safety zone for your lovely pet. It's not only useful, but a stylish product too. You need to try it!

Dog bed house indoor

Make sure your nightstand is truly functional by opting for one that can easily double as a dog crate. It still offers the boost of surface space you will surely need, while accomodating your pet at the same time.

Diy indoor dog house

Turn a kennel into a beautiful mansion for your dog with this unique set. A stylish mountain lodge-like house, inspired by the Prussian architecture with a charming fountain and path.

Dog kennel furniture

Incredible dog house furniture that will fit every house and apartment! A white stylish cupboard at the same time being comfortable dog house? It's possible. This simple vintage furniture will make your room elegant and ideal for your best friend!

How to make a indoor dog house

Cute dog house bench by Mommo Design. Offers a cushioned seat to relax on, with gabled 'roof' above. Fun throw pillows and teddy bears complete the charmful looks. Close to nature - made out of wood products.

How to build an indoor dog house

A disguised dog bed which is made to resemble a traditional-looking dresser cabinet with functioning top drawers. The dog bed is made out of solid oak wood and has a door on the side which allows your dog to get in easily.

Dog indoor house bed

Are you a dog lover? If so, check this cool outdoor dog house furniture! It totally looks like a real house, with doors, windows and stairs. Whole lot of fun for your dog to discover new territory! Ideal for backyards and gardens.

Indoor dog house plans

An inimitable proposition for your dog, this pool for dogs is a carefully designed item, adjusted precisely to the dogs' needs. Having a proper size and depth, it will provide a smooth relief during all hot days.

Indoor dog kennel ideas

Surprise your barking friend with its own home in shape of this wood dog cage that you can also use as a stylish side table. Bathed in a white finish, the cage has multiple cutouts for proper ventilation, and 1 door with a powder coated lock two matching hinges.

Indoor dog house furniture

A cool proposition for all dog owners. If you want to provide comfy conditions for your pets to rest and play, while at the same time saving your space, this dog bunkbed shall appeal to you. Made from pallets, constitutes a good example of upcycling.

Dog house for inside

Are you a dog-lover? Then take a look at this astonishing, tiny dog bed! Such a cute, candy design, perfect for a small pug or a Chihuahua. Looks like a tiny, pink castle. Your dog will surely love it!

Indoor dog house bed

Hello, did we disturb you?We just need to take a look of your great dog house furniture made of reclaimed wood pallets.Raw in bed style,has a higher back and sides-and a front with a name plate. For the convenience of a dog, it was lined with a fluffy pillow.

Dog house table

Pet bed cat bed cat cave puppy bed cat

Pet Bed Cat Bed Cat Cave Puppy Bed Cat
Dog bed in modern style. It is made of high quality wool. Designed for small and medium sized pets. Received many positive recommendations from clients for contemporary design and high quality.

Double decker dog bed

This lovely dog house constitutes a great proposition for your pet. Providing comfortable relax, it will become his new favorite bed. On the other hand, you will benefit from its lovely, ornamental design, with lot of subtle details.

Unique indoor dog houses

Indoor wooden dog house

How to build a indoor dog house

Dog house furniture 4

Wooden indoor dog house

Dog house indoor furniture

Cool dog houses for sale

Kitty litter cabinet

Dynamic Accents End Table Medium Pet Kennel Indoor House furniture - Antique Black

Nice dog houses 1

Original dog house designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Perfect for the garden, patio and more.

Custom indoor dog kennels

A relaxing and attractive dog house combined with a large kitchen table. The cage is surrounded with lattice steel and white-finished wood panels, with a large door for easy access and a super-soft pillow for extra comfort.

Inside luxury dog houses

Augusta aspen summit traditional basement calgary

Augusta Aspen Summit Traditional Basement Calgary
Comfortable and stylish - this cute dog house amazes with its clever idea. Built next to the stairs, it offers a full size, regular dog's house, ranging from the floor to the ceiling with the side slide.

Cute dog houses 5

Really, such an awesome pool for dogs? Well, for sure these doggiest are the happiest creatures in the world! The pool has rounded shape with a few bays, some steps gradient the depth. I'd use it by myself!

Dog house furniture 2

Room with a View Dog House

Room with a View Dog House
Charming indoor dog house but it is also suited for cats. Construction made of cedar wood with a brown multi-layer stain finish. A kennel has an arched opening and a removable floor and top. It has 3-step stairs and a balcony with X-slatted rails.

Dog house furniture

Arf Frame Dog House

Arf Frame Dog House
Beautiful outdoor kennel for the whole dog family. It's made of real wood with a brown multi-layer stain finish. A kennel has an arched opening and a removable floor. It features a slatted construction, a sloped roof, dark brown frames and low legs.

Indoor dog bed house

Bark-itecture Victorian Dog House

Bark-itecture Victorian Dog House
This is made in a Victorian-style house is a beautiful dog kennel for your pet. The charming wooden structure makes it all perfectly suited to each design. The robust and solidly constructed.

Dog furniture ideas

Bark-itecture Nantucket Colonial Dog House

Bark-itecture Nantucket Colonial Dog House
Charming doghouse looking like a miniature of a traditional cottage style house. It's made of durable plywood with a weatherproof water-base painting. It has blue walls, white windows, a pine-shingled gable roof with an attic room, low black legs.

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Premium Dog House

Premium Dog House
This premium dog house is a beautiful dog kennel for your pet. The charming wooden structure makes it all perfectly suited that each design. Made on a robust and solidly construction works in different weather conditions.

Dog house furniture 1

Barnhome Dog House

Barnhome Dog House
Pretty modern portable kennel for up to 25-pound dogs. It looks like a traditional barn made of durable weatherproof plastic. It has a white roof with a rain-diverting rim, beige sides, an elevated floor, a rear ventillation system.

Dog house furniture 2

Indoor dog beds houses

DenHaus Mahogany TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Medium

Wooden dog house furniture jpg

Dog houses for indoors

Cute dog houses 1

DenHaus Mahogany TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, X-Large

DenHaus Espresso TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Small