Dog Gate For Stairs

Want to keep the dog safe or away from some places in the house? Equip the house with a dog gate for stairs. It's an easy way to prevent the pupil from climbing up and down when you simply don't want it. Browse the collection below to choose from plastic, wooden or metal gates.

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Dog gate for stairs 1
Peyton Donaldson

This delightful gate for indoor use is foldable, and made of a quality, white material. It is mounted on the one side of the window-frame, and then stretched out to the other end, where strong clips keep it in place.

Dog gate for stairs
Bianca Weberable

This dog and baby gate for stairs is a very durable protection for animals and small users. This gate features a simple construction with vertical slats. It also includes solid metal hardware finished in black color.

Dog gate for stairs
Laetitia Kloss

This creative gate can be used for securing stairs in your home, to keep your children safe and prevent your pets from walking upstairs. The gate is made of wood and covered with a stripe-patterned fabric.

Diy pet gate
Mendes Natasha

A very original piece of fabric that plays the role of a gate for babies or animals. It is very soft and not dangerous for the youngest users. Neutral colors and pattern look very good in any kind of decor.

Outdoor dog gates for decks

Long time ago someone named this kind of gate a "baby gate". Is not true - it could protect also you animals against falling down the steps. Except cats - for them there are no barriers, because they follow their own paths.

Pet gates for stairs

Furnish your apartment with the custom gate, which is made of wrought iron and wood. It has got beautiful motifs, look like the art! It is a stunning decoration for your home.

Outdoor pet gates
Mackenzie Poly

A solid and simple gate for doorways or stairs. It blocks the way for animals or small children, so it assures safety. The whole gate is made of wood except for metal hinges. Its neutral white color looks nice among other colors.

Barn door baby gate
Heather Thompson

The baby gate for safe your kids. The door are cut in half and they have got a traditional latch lock. You need to have it if you've got small children or home pates. It's nicely finished and high quality product.

How to build a dog gate
Alexandra Wood

Decorative, solid and practical dog gate for stairs. This element of home equipment is made of metal and it includes many decorative scrolls. Universal black color looks very good in different types of stylizations.

Pet stair gate
Cintia Kowalski

If you can’t teach your dog to stay away from the upper floors, take a look at this stair gate for dogs, made out of oak wood with a lock, making it a perfect way to keep your dog out, and it works for child-proofing as well.

Dog gates for stairs
Lambert Abbey

If you have got kids, dogs or cats, you need the barn door stain gate to protect them. It's a nicely finished and high quality product for any apartment.

Blocking stairs from baby

Protect your child or dog from losing his life on the steep stairs - to the balustrade from the dark brown stairs it is enough to add a wicket door connected to the wall, which will prevent the little traveler from climbing to dangerous levels.

How to build a baby gate
Laura Par

Dog gate designed for stairs. It is mounted on thick rope and covered with fabric. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Simple form and functionality for each home.

Easy open baby gates for the stairs interior furniture decoration
Lambert Abbey

Easy Open Baby Gates for The Stairs Interior Furniture Decoration - Baby Gate Ideas for Interior

Easy Up Folding Pet Gate

Easy Up Folding Pet Gate
Pretty practical traditional pet gate made of wood with a dark brown finish. It's quite long so is perfect for a use in wider areas. It consists of 3 vertically slatted parts with metal hinges and can be easy folded like an accordion.

The paper gate i need this to keep sassy doggies

Simple and minimalistic approach to a DIY, self-made cheap paper gate for keeping dogs out of the higher floors. The paper gate is made out of cardboard box with a classy cover providing a traditional look.

Folding baby gate

This retractable baby gate is a smooth way to protect your baby from experimenting with with dangerous staircases. It will let you have free mind, not worrying about the baby's time.

Half door ideas
Baker Jacqueline

Stairs gate for kids or pets. Frame is made of metal and covered with clear glass. Includes screws holes for easy mounting. Functional design for each home as needed.

Pet gate for stairs
Susan Mitchell

This wall-mounted gate is an element that provides safety for children or pets. Its solid construction includes vertical elements finished in neutral white color, so it looks very nice in different indoors.

Homemade baby gate
Thompson Alyssa

An elegant traditional dog gate crafted of black-finished wrought iron. Wall-mounted hinged panels have rectangular frames with curved top edges and showy openwork scrolls and floral motifs inside. They're closed with a catch.

Diy barn door baby gate

This functional and handmade item is a dog gate for stairs with side panels. It features a solid wooden construction with black metal hardware. White color of this gate perfectly matches many indoors thanks to its simplicity.

Diy half door baby gate
Hill Courtney

Find old doors, cut them skillfully and decorate with white paint so that they look neat and safe. In this way, you can create the necessary security gate for a child or dog - so that none of them would have to fall down the stairs.

Diy retractable baby gate
Andrea Youn

This is not an expression of distrust of your dog - but an expression of concern for his safety. The dog gate for stairs, designed ideally, has a wooden, pine structure made of solid wood. Stable from the wall to the balustrade. It can be adjusted.

Diy deck gate

This wooden element is a special dog gate that protects indoor from home pets. This gate is solid and looks very interesting in different interior stylizations. The gate includes reliable black metal hinges.

Diy stair gate

This functional item is a special gate for pets and small children. It protects them from getting on stairs or to other dangerous or forbidden areas. This wooden gate looks like barn doors, so it is suitable for country style lovers.

Stair gates for pets
Long Lindsay

Retract-A-Gate - Retractable Safety Gate, An easy to use wide retractable safety gate for indoors or outdoors and certified for use at the top and bottom of stairs. There are banister adapter kits so it can be installed on the stairs without drilling hol

Diy baby gate

The white, wooden and solid gate for stairs, to protect babies and home pets. It could be used with any stairs in apartment. You will be impressed how high quality this product is.

Of all stairway openings with its universal top of stairs

... of all stairway openings with its universal top of stairs design

How to make a baby gate
Tara Zucker

sliding deck gate - a good start with a couple tweaks here and there. # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Half door baby gate
Ashley Russell

Doggie Gate DIY + Ace Kick-Off - Once we get a doggie this will need to block off the stairs, but need to leave big enough gaps for the kitties.

Bespoke timber stair gate baby gate dog gate
Anna Richardson

Bespoke Timber Stair gate, Baby Gate, Dog gate

Baby gate plans
Brittany Walk

Wrought Iron Scroll Pet Gates - could be used for baby gate say the top of the stairs. ...they make pet gates so much more appealing than baby gates!

30 freestanding slide gate
Alexis Torr

30" Freestanding Slide Gate

Dog stair gate
Amber Butler

9 PALLET PROJECT IDEAS | Our Holly Days. This would be great if painted. I might try to expand it for our large kitchen opening. Cheaper then buying a large child's gate

Gate for front porch
Adams Amy

Simple gate for protecting babies and pets from falling out of stairs. It is made of lacquered planks from pallets. Vertically arranged planks are framed and reinforced with 2 X-crossed ones. Two hinges and a latch on an upper edge are of dark metal.

Sure and Secure Deluxe Top Of Stairs Wood Walk-Thru Gate
Brittany Walk

Sure and Secure Deluxe Top Of Stairs Wood Walk-Thru Gate

I had a vision of a non plastic non tacky

I had a vision of a Non Plastic, Non Tacky baby gate for our stairs. I told my husband what I wanted and he whipped up this awesome gate. I love that it is permanent and darling. -Carly Homer

Nottingham Gro-Gate
Lauren Martinezify

Nottingham Gro-Gate
Every family that has a small child knows how important it is to ensure the safety of the little explorers. The child is very curious, is all concerned. You come to the interest rule that the child did not get hurt.

Stair guard
Jenna Daviesful

Dutch door (half door) style baby gate for stairs. So much better than store bought baby gates!

Diy dog gate
Katie Thom

A high quality, sliding dog gate that blocks stairs and other areas that are dangerous or forbidden for dogs. This white wooden construction is equipped with black wheels located on solid metal hardware.

Stair gate with door

Stair Gate With Door

Made to measur made to measure stair gate
Patricia Cook

Made to Measur... Made to Measure Stair Gate

Dog kennel under stairs
Jenna Daviesful

Large dog bed with stairs for larger dogs is a great solution for the pet. The whole made of excellent quality materials and in attractive colors creates a nice whole. The perfect solution for any decor.

Decorative dog house
Lily Cravenable

an under the stair way space gives pets room to roam. A custom iron door adds a decorative touch, as does the heartfelt script above.

Retractable Gate Spacers
Jessica Gra

Retractable Gate Spacers
The retractable gate installed in an area where there is a molding, this spacer will help the gate to be in parallel with the wall. As this gate is made from high-quality materials, it is sure to be a part of your home for years to come.

Stairway pet gate
Morgan Monica

... baby gate it is easy to remove after removal of the gate and latch

Tool time tuesday pvc dog gate and stair baskets too
Lauren Martinezify

Tool Time Tuesday...PVC Dog Gate and Stair Baskets Too

Pull out stair gate
Anderson Marisa

Great looking gate, even for pet protection!

Design Studio 2-in-1 Free Standing Pet Gate

Design Studio 2-in-1 Free Standing Pet Gate
Great looking and functional pet gate made of sturdy wood with black steel accents. Features easy to install and remove construction, security latch, and convenient step-over design allowing customization.

Folding Wood Pet Gate- 3 Sections
Evans Liliana

Folding Wood Pet Gate- 3 Sections