Dog Crate Furniture

What if a dog crate could seamlessly blend with your décor? Well, it’s entirely doable. Here’s a selection of awesome dog crates furniture style. Some of them can be bought, others are pretty easy to make with simple resources or from other pieces of unused furniture. Not sure whether your dog will love it, but I definitely do!

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Unique dog crates

The simple design and style of this beautifully crafted dog crate is a combination of functional furniture and stylish addition to the interior. The wooden construction can also serve as a cabinet or end table.

Dog kennel furniture
Price Caitlin

This large and massively made crate for the dog is a combination of functionality and style. Beautifully presented in every interior and can be used in many ways. The whole made of solid wood has a stylish top.

Wood dog kennel

Add this solid and nicely finished wooden dog gate into your home, and enjoy the safety zone for your lovely pet. It's not only useful, but a stylish product too. You need to try it!

Dog crates furniture style 1
Erica White

An amazing dog crate for indoor use, which will make your beloved pup, or two, very happy. Crafted of natural wood with espresso accents, the crate features a spacious two-door compartment with mesh panels for ventilation, 4 drawers, and a smooth rectangle top.

Furniture dog crates
Patterson Gracie

Suitable for indoor use; this spacious dog crate is going to make your beloved pup comfy and well-protected. The unit is made of sturdy wood, with a flat base, a door with a metal lock, and hollow sides for ventilation.

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate
This modern side table in a kennel in one is the perfect solution for your home. Blend beautifully with modern wystrojemn interior, and the metal structure with finesse cutouts and a comfortable seat inside, the interior adds a wonderful character.

Dog crates furniture style
Renee Pri

Robust construction in classic design makes this dog crates in the shape of furniture - coffee tables or benches are an excellent choice for any interior. Beautiful design makes the whole is elegant and functional, and the size is easy to fit into your pet.

Dog crates that look like furniture
Karen Per

An aesthetic contemporary dog crate which can serve as a side table. It's made of wood with a nice finish in mid brown tones. It has a squarish top, walls of black metal wires (with a lattice pattern) in wide wooden frames, a door with a catch.

Large dog crate furniture
Ross Alexandra
Dog crates 24
Martinez Marisa
Dog crates furniture style 2

Stylish dog crate in furniture style is a perfect combination of solid wood construction, gratings, and functionality. The whole can serve as a side table and a place for the dog, and it also looks great inside.

Pet crate furniture
Powell Joanna
White wood dog crate
Stephanie Pow
Indoor wood dog crate and pet cage
Abigail Wrightful
Furniture style dog crate
Meghan Bell
Furniture dog crate
Campbell Monica

Dog bed in the shape of chest. Construction is made of wood. Dedicated for large sized pets. Neutral and functional design for each home as needed.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Kristen James

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Dog bed out of old tv

Beautifully crafted wood furniture style beds are a great combination of functional furniture and space for our pets. Attractive design and excellent finish make the dog crates look perfect in the interiors.

Modern dog crates
Jackson Krystle
Modern dog crate

The practical and well-made dog crate in the furniture style makes it a great showcase for every interior design. The Beautiful design perfectly fits in with modern style, and at the same time, it is a perfect place for your pet.

Dog cage table
Dog furniture crates
Abigail Wrightful
Dog crate bench seat
Hilton Emily
Furniture pet crate
Laetitia Anderson
Pretty dog kennels
Robinson Layla
Wood dog crate furniture
Jenna Delicata
Nice looking dog crates
Mega Leahbrown

Privacy for a dog is its natural law, as his safety is important too- and that the unique dog crate, that provides these two things is not ugly. A wooden gray, bedside table with a wooden dog grating, will allow him to sleep in the middle on a soft cushion.

Furniture style dog crates
Laura Par
Denhaus dens are dog crates beautiful furniture in one 2
Dog crate wooden furniture
Large wood dog crate furniture
Cintia Brook
Furniture pet crates
Andrea Cox
A8b02 img_0035 jpg
Angela Russ
Side table dog bed

Your pet can sleep near you, in truly royal style. You will not even notice that it is there. Pet bed is built into the white night cabinet. Lined with soft, decorative Victorian fabric. With little royal curtains and with ornamental frills.

Wood dog crate jpg
End table dog bed
Evans Liliana
Wooden dog crate furniture for your home
Dog furniture crate
Lopez Ashley
Dog crate furniture 18
Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z, Fold Configurable Gate
Laetitia Anderson

A configurable gate for indoor use to keep your dog in a limited area. Wood craftsmanship includes a walk-thru door that allows for easy movement between spaces. It's lightweirght, foldable and easy to use.

DenHaus Espresso TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Small
DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table
Liliana Gadjus
Modern dog kennel
Dog kennels that look like furniture
Zernike Laetitia
Dog crate console
Melissa Turner
Black wooden dog crate
Dog crates that look like furniture
Bianca Weberable

The dog den is often located in the central part of the apartment-it is worth good design and to have many functions,such as a bed and a coffee table.Made of wood in the form of a table,with a dog's nest inside. It is possible to close it with a metal grate.

Crate style furniture
Adriana Andersson
Glendale woodworking custom furniture style dog crate
Morgan Meghan
Furniture style indoor dog cage midwest classic collection pet crate

Dogs need comfortable and cosy crates. They just love them, that's a fact. But you don't have to strike compromises with the style just because you're an owner of a lovely pet. Today, dog crates come in plenty of styles and shapes, and the best of them are designed to fit right into your interior design. That's what we've prepared for you here, all the best examples of furniture style dog crates. Before you pick one, it's good to get to know them better, to be able to buy a correct dog crate.

The comfort of your dog comes first. Depending on the breed of your dog, the size of the crate you need varies. An overly small dog crate will make your dog feel uncomfortable, and may even cause injuries. On the other hand, a dog crate that's too big won't be very cosy, and your dog won't be able to feel at home in it. Ideally, it should be big enough for your dog to be able to freely turn around in it, with around 10 inches of free space from each size.

Now, the design of your dog crate is very important. Not only because a dog crate that's cohesive with the rest of your interior design will look good, but also because your dog will like it more if it matches the surroundings. An out of place, mismatched crate can cause unease. You don't want to upset your dog, so pick one that looks like the rest of your place.

All of the dog crates we've prepared for you here are furniture style, which means they resemble ordinary furniture. They come in all imaginable styles, materials and sizes, to make sure everyone can find an appropriate dog crate that will match the design of his house. It doesn't matter if you live in a modern apartment or a cottage-style house in England, we're sure there is at least one appropriate dog crate right here, perfect for your situation!

Another important aspect of the dog crate is its finish. No sharp edges allowed, for obvious reasons. Dog crates have to be polished, safe to use and easy to operate. That's why the opening mechanism is very important. It has to be durable and firm, for times when you'll want to keep your dog locked inside, for example when someone visits you. However, it also has to be easy to open, for safety reasons – for example, in the case of a fire alarm, you have to be able to unlock it instantly. Rest assured, all of the dog crates we've prepared for you are safe and trustworthy, but it's still good to have things like this in mind and double check them.

That covers the topic of furniture style dog crates – now you're more than prepared to pick a dog crate that's both stylish and practical. Go ahead and look around, we're sure that here you'll be able to find a dog crate that will satisfy both you and your dog!