Dog Cage Furniture

All of us want some comfort, so do dogs. Thanks to this collection, you will have a great chance to pick furniture for dogs. But also their owners will be satisfied as these dog cages really look well and come in various sizes, shapes and designs. Pick the most suitable for you and your dog.

Lauren Potter Interior Design Expert
Dog cage furniture 1

Stylish dog crate furniture can be combined with a comfortable place for your pet and beautiful furniture. The beautiful finish of the wooden construction makes the whole look perfect in every interior design.

Dog cage furniture

A lovely bunny condo for indoors, crafted of natural-finished wood, with flat feet for stability. The front is covered by 4 square, painted-black, lattice wire panels. And the top can be used for displaying decorations, pictures, pot plants, etc.

Dog cage furniture 5

A cool practical portable DIY-made cat cage. Its frame is built of durable lightweight grey plastic plumbing tubes, elbows and connectors. All five walls (the cage has no bottom) are of metal mesh. Doors are equipped with a catch.

Indoor rabbit hutch furniture

This element of furniture is a combinatione of a cabinet and cage for animals. Lower part of this cabinet includes space for dogs or rabbits. The upper one includes a top and two spacious drawers. The whole frame is made of wood.

Pvc dog crate

A practical and stylish addition for indoors, that can be both a dummy dresser and a cozy home four your beloved pup. It features 2 top drawers with metal pulls, and a large hollow side for easy entrance.

Dog cage furniture 2

Designed for indoor use, this comfy bunny cage will give your furry friends a cozy place to nap, eat and drink. Made of wood in a distressed finish, aside of the large space for rabbits to roam in, it also has 2 storage drawers on top, with matching-pull-knobs.

Cage furniture

Dog crate in elegant form. Designed for 2 dogs. Construction is made of wood. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Dog cage furniture 22

Tall cat tower with net walls. Safe, but letting lots of natural light and air in. Has posts to scratch, towers to climb and shelves to lounge on. Smart elevated corridor lets your cat walk her own paths.

Dog cage furniture 9

If you have pets, you should buy this set of dog coops made of old cabinets - it can be used for cats too. It is made of mahogany wood and it is very useful, if your pet is sick. Must-have in every kennels.

Dog cage furniture 6
Dog cage furniture 16
Dog cage furniture 10
Dog cage furniture 10
Dog cage furniture 12
Dog cage furniture 11
Dog cage furniture 11
Dog cage furniture 2

How to keep an annoying pet in one place? With the help of this pen. Between the white sticks, the pupil will have enough freedom. And for you this kind of whelping box can be a savior!The height can be adjusted. And the gate easily open, but not for puppy.

DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table
Dog cage furniture 23
Dog kennel coffee table 1
Dog crate kitchen island i find this cruel preparing and
Dog cage furniture
Dog cage furniture 15
Designer dog bed 3
Dog cage furniture 4

This is an excellent example how can you re-use old fashion things to create something unique and usable. This dog hut made of an old console television frame is so cute and you can be sure anyone would love it.

Dog cage furniture 8
Dog cage furniture 9
Dog cage furniture 21
DenHaus Espresso TownHaus Hideaway Dog House, Small
Dog cage furniture 5

A cool 2-level cage for rabbits. Its frame and a shelf are of white-finished wooden materials, tilted front panels - of metal wires. The cage is equipped with a brown carpeted covering, a mattress covered in greenish faux fur, a drinker, a bowl.

Dog cage furniture
Dog cage furniture 7
Dog cage furniture 3

This casual dog crate has somehow a mission style vibe to it, perhaps because of the wooden construction, slates design and warm brown finish, yet it seems suitable also for contemporary interior. What's best, it's big enough for large dog breeds.

Dog crate end table 5
ProSelect Steel Modular Cage with Plastic Tray, Black
Outside run
Bingo Dog Crate

Bingo Dog Crate
This modest dog crate is also the stylish side table. Beautifully executed perfectly fit into contemporary interior. Practical crate allows the pet to rest, is airy and very comfortable, and the interior is very spacious.

Dog cage furniture
Custom build wooden tortoise table substrate to be added
Get more dog cage inspiration at the mywebroom blog dogs
Dog cage furniture 15
Build your own small animal cage
Dog cage furniture 3

Lately I've found a great website with hacks on upgrading furniture that are available in IKEA markets. As for example, this dresser was transformed to a functional (and pretty!) dog cage for smaller dogs.

Dog crate covers medium custom made in beautiful by crateideas
My best friends crib
Green Blue Swivel Dog Pet Wire Kennel Crate Cage House Cover (Small, Medium, Large, XL)
Beautiful raised dog bowl feeder
Deluxe Pet Crate in Brown

Deluxe Pet Crate in Brown
This stylish dog crate is a great solution for your pet. Made of solid materials provides a comfortable shelter for your dog, which rest conveniently. The whole can also serve as an elegant end table.

Chic bunny hutch
Small cage with crate cover

With the panels that cover the main components of the crate, this cage with crate is the perfect piece to keep your pet confined without limiting it's visibility and comfort, while still taking care of the style of your home.