Dkny Shower Curtain

To protect the shower water from splashing all over the bathroom, choose a shower curtain. And if you want serious design in your home, go for DKNY shower curtains. Great patterns, elegant pops of colour and plenty of style. Browse below to see the products.

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Luxurious fabric shower curtain with FLORAL / FOREST pattern on its fabric. Tan, taupe, black and white colors look decent and complements this cool bathroom desing with nice dark wooden floor. I love it!

Dkny fabric shower curtain enchanted forest blush dkny
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Dkny shower curtain enchanted forest branches leaves blush peach pink
DKNY Brushstroke Floral Yellow Sorbet Cotton Fabric Shower Curtain
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Functional and original element in the bathroom. This shower curtain features a very attractive, multi-color pattern on its surface. It decorates bathrooms and provides protection from water and moisture.

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A beautiful contemporary fashionable shower curtain manufactured of quality water-repellent white cotton. It features a charming flower design in blue shades. Its top hem is equipped with metal grommets.

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A charming, long shower curtain made of a soft, velvet-like fabric. It's in a classy white color with a subtle pattern of light green and blue twigs, making it a lovely bathroom decoration, which offers privacy too.

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Dkny shower curtain 12
Dkny curtains

If you do not like exaggerated designs that impose colors especially in a bathroom,and you value a cleanliness: this shower curtain is made for you. Pastel colors spread on thick layers of belts, arranged horizontally at the end of the long dkny curtain.

Dkny bathroom
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If you want to add a bit of luxury to your bathroom, consider this DKNY Spring Willow Shower Curtain. Its gray and light purple shading, covering the snowy white background bring sophistication and prestige to the interior.

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An aesthetic modern shower curtain of white waterproof polyester. It features size-varied rectangular vertically arranged blocks design in greyish and pale greenish tones. It has metal grommets in a reinforced top hem and can be machine washed.

Home bath bath collections dkny spring tree bath collection
Dkny home filigree fabric shower curtain from china dkny shower
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Dkny shower curtain 1
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Who said that you can add some colors into your bathroom? You can add them in stylish way by using this wonderful shower grey herringbone curtain with juicy red finish on the bottom. So simple, so effective.

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DKNY of NY Twine Shower Curtain- 100% Cotton- Linen- 72" x 72"
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Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain

Lucia Polyester Shower Curtain
A shower curtain that looks simply adorable with the lavish and elegant drape and an attractive ruffled texture that all make your bathroom look much more appealing. The piece is made from polyester to ensure you with durability and strength of the fabric.

Laurel Shower Curtain

Laurel Shower Curtain
A shower curtain with beautiful, ruffled texture that will instantly create ample style and sophistication and make your interior look attractive. The ivory finish provides a classy and elegant feel to any bathroom.

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Dkny fabric shower curtain urban lines natural dkny
Oodle Shower Curtain

Oodle Shower Curtain

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Dkny enchanted forest 100 cotton shower curtain floral design 72
Dkny shower curtain 32
Interdesign Tuxedo Stall Size Shower Curtain, White, 54 Inches X 78 Inches

With its elegant and universal white finish, this Inderdesign Tuxedo stall size shower curtain will add refinement to any bathroom decor, fitting well to modern and classic ones. It measures 54 x 78 inches.

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Home bath shower curtains dkny color block fabric shower curtain
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Image of dkny city garden cotton shower curtain
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Tranquil stripe seaglass and white shower curtain
Dkny wildflower field fabric shower curtain
Dkny enchanted forest botanical fabric shower curtain neutral on ivory
Dkny shower curtain
Image of dkny gridlock 72 inch x 72 inch shower
Dkny watercolor fields fabric shower curtain in aqua coral
Waffle Textured Extra Long Fabric Shower Curtain - 72" x 84"

These simple yet very impressive shower curtain is a great solution for you. It is very stylish and practical so that it can be adapted to any interior. Made of polyester, easily dries.