Designer Dog Crates Furniture

If for a reason you need to keep the dog locked, consider some crate furniture. This enables to keep the pet safe and comfortable. The variety of such furniture is really wide so finding something which matches your home decor is not a problem. Browse below to find out designer dog crates.

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Designer dog crates furniture 1
Shannon Thomas

This tasteful and very elegant dog crate is a beautiful piece of furniture for a stylish interior. Robust wood-based construction with a table top similar to the side table, which can also be used as such. Comfortable place for the pet.

Designer dog cages
Craven Rachel

Blend function with eye-drawing visual aspects. This designer's dog crate boasts openwork design with elaborate entiwining geometric pattern. Even the most particular puppies and owners should be delighted by this dog den.

Hidden dog crate
Krystle Williams

A fashionable and useful item for everyone, who needs to transport his/hers loving pet. The crate has two crated windows for good ventilation, four feet for proper protection of your floors, and a 2-hinged door that opens up.

Dog cage design
Cintia Kowalski

This element of furniture can serve as a small table with wooden frame and smooth top made of wood. The lower area serves as a dog crate with solid metal walls and soft cushion that provides comfort to a dog.

Dog crates as furniture
Watson Cynthia

Luxurious cage with bed intended for pets, especially for little dogs. It has carved frame made of blanched wood. It is spacious and comfortable. You can insert it both in your interior and in the garden.

Designer dog crates furniture

This practical side table with built-in dog crate base is a useful piece of furniture that is perfect for stylish decor. Beautiful wood design with contrasting countertop and many drawers make the whole unit very functional.

Designer dog crates furniture 2
Alexis Hallify

Elegant cabinet fitted with 2 dogs crates. Construction is made of wood. Designed for medium sized pets. It contains 4 drawers for storing personal items. Functional accent for each home.

Designer dog crate
Lauren Martinezify

An amazing dog crate furniture for your barking critter, which is going to make your home cozier and warmer. Wooden construction is, here, combined with lattice wire panel doors and a lighting system. And you can, easily, accommodate more than one dog inside.

Designer dog crates

Aesthetic and practical size-varied coffee tables that can accommodate cuboidal wire dog crates underneath. A table has straight angular legs with canted bottom ends and a rectangular top. They're made of wooden materials with a warm brown finish.

Furniture dog crates
Lily Cravenable

Such a unique piece like this one, can really boost the practicality of the whole room. With a bit of creativity the traditional chest of drawers was combined with a dog house, giving a great piece for storing your belongings and your barking friend.

Indoor dog den

Durable and comfortable dog crate with a solid wooden construction. It is finished in attractive white and brown colors. This crate is made of materials that are not only solid, but also safe for small dogs.

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Kristen James

EcoFLEX Pet Crate End Table
Create the perfect place for your pet, while they are indoors. You get both the amazing functionality and stunning style with the versatile finish. It is durable and strong enough to ensure you get many years of great and problem-free use.

Dog crates designer
Krystal Alexander

Unique setup for a rustic, Western-styled home bard with a long counter fitted with a polished oak countertop. The bar is furnished with a set of unique saddle stools made out of real horse saddles, providing a cowboy finish.

Designer dog crates furniture
Mendes Natasha

Dogs sleep up to 12 hours a day,sleeping half the time of their lives! If our house is maintained in an industrial style,then the designer dog crates furniture will be like that. Brass small walls with longitudinal holes,form a dog's bunker with green bedding.

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Luxury Dog Crates PDF Plans diy pergola plans

Luxury dog crates
Gina Barnes

Dog crate in elegant style. Designed for large and medium sized pets. Construction is made of wood. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Sarah Ashleyist

Dog crate dedicated for medium and large sized pets. It is completely made of wood. It can be used as end table or plant stand. Neutral and functional design for any interior.

Stylish dog crates
Mendes Natasha

A stylish dog house for indoor use, in which your barking critter will be able to rest in style. Crafted of wood and equipped with sliding doors, the house is functional and comfy, and has a large, square hole in the front for entrance.

Luxury pet crate
Jessica Zernike

A custom-made designer dog crate made to resemble a sideboard cabinet, made out of oak wood with a black coat of paint. The dog crate has a spacious compartment with a dog bed on the bottom and three functional drawers on top.

Hidden dog crate furniture
Johnson Erin

Give your dog an equally designer home as you have. Inspired by the lowly shoreline barnacle, this designer dog crate furniture will be a distinguished home for him. Nicely sanded bright wood provides a modern appeal.

Wood dog furniture

Dog crate mounted on wooden frame and covered with metal wires. Neutral and functional design for each home. Great as end table or plant stand. Dedicated to small and medium sized pets.

Dog crates for the thoroughly modern mutt the daily treat640
Abbey Kowalski

Dog Crates for the Thoroughly Modern Mutt - The Daily Treat640

Crown Pet Crate End Table
Watson Krystle

Crown Pet Crate End Table
The fabulous functionality of this piece lets you enjoy the multi-purpose use perfectly, since it can easily serve as an end table and a pet crate that will let you keep your pet safe when you need to and enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting structure.

Furniture dog crate

A creative kitchen island that is combined with a comfy bed for your dog to sleep in. The island's base is made of crate panels embedded in a wooden frame that holds a square tabletop that also plays a role of the roof. The dog cage has a convenient door, and a comfy pillow inside.

Stylish dog crate
Alexander Jennifer

An aesthetic traditional dog crate DIY-converted from a disused baby cot. It has full panel shorter walls, vertically slatted longer ones (a front wall is hinged and closed with catches). A top and a low profiled recessed base are brown.

Dog crate cabinet

A unique solution for our beloved big dalmatian. No Cruella Demon will change the value of this folding designer dog crates bed with a mattress and shelves in a shade of plum. Aesthetic - no longer associated with a thrown pillow for a dog, to sleep.

Wood dog crate diy mini kreg jig
Bush Eliza

Wood Dog Crate DIY Mini Kreg Jig

Dog crate under bed

Talk about dog-gone design!

Modern pet furniture accessories for design lovers 1
Emily Ross

Modern Pet Furniture & Accessories for Design Lovers

Designer dog crates uk
Alexis Hallify

Suitable for indoor use, this functional dog crate can be a nice place for your barking critter to get comfy. Crafted of wood, the crate has a spacious compartment with a rubber surface, and a nicely-polished top that can be used as a seat.

Fashionable dog crates
Tara Zucker

Wonderful Dog Bed decorating ideas for Aesthetic Hall Transitional design ideas with banquette seating banquette with dog kennel built in bench built-in dog kennel

Wooden dog crate end tables luxury end table dog crates
Evans Liliana

Wooden Dog Crate End Tables: Luxury End Table Dog Crates

Fruit crate furniture
Ross Angela

Paris Hilton's $325,000 #dog #house, complete with Philippe Starck #furniture

Luxury dog crate
Stone Caroline

Need a dog pen for the time when your guests visit you and your dog doesn't want to behave? Check out this white, elegant beauty. It's perfectly safe for your dog, no sharp edges anywhere, and the white colour makes it suitable for every type of interior.

Designer dog crates furniture
Bianca Weberable

$100 3.5/29 reviews Espresso Wooden Furniture Pet Crate

Mud room storage with disguised dog crate

Mud room storage with disguised dog crate.

Designer dog kennels

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Dog crate ideas where to find cool crates you wont
Jenna Daviesful

Dog Crate Ideas -- Where to Find Cool Crates You Won't Need to Hide

Indoor Wooden Wire Kennel

Indoor Wooden Wire Kennel
This sensational kennel for use inside is the perfect solution for your pet. It has two openings through which the dog can freely go in and out. It's done very tastefully, which has made fits into interior design.

So much nicer than a straight metal crate
Isabella Martinable

So much nicer than a straight metal crate

Furniture pet crates
Alexis Milani

DenHaus | Designer Dog Crate Furniture | Wooden Dog Crates

Designer luxury dog play pen 70 l x 40 w
Cintia Kowalski

Designer Luxury Dog Play Pen – 70″L x 40″W x 30″H

Designer crates
Wilson Gabrielle

Durable and stylish, this dog crate has a sturdy frame crafted of wood and covered in a cherry finish, and it has all sides made of lattice wire panels. The front has a square door with a lock to keep your dog properly protected during transport.

Luxury dog cages
Margaret Ram

Free Log Cabin Play House Plans - Woodwork City

Dog crate entertainment center
Anderson Marisa

Dog Crate Entertainment Center

Crates furniture
Bianca Weberable

DenHaus Designer Dog Crate Furniture

Home dog crate furniture crown eco friendly wooden pet crate

Home › Dog Crate Furniture › Crown Eco-Friendly Wooden Pet Crate ...

Designer dog furniture
Price Caitlin

What a great idea for those who have to crate dogs at night.

Wood crate

Wood crate

Luxury pet crates
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