Designer Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Everyone wants to have a nice bed, even dogs. In case you would like to buy one for your pet, feel free to get inspired by these shapes, sizes, colours and designs that are presented here. Many people have already decided on all these solutions and what do you think?

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Large dog furniture

A cool and comforatble contemporary bed for large dogs. This round bed has a quite high semi-circular backrest. The bed is thickly padded and upholstered in beige fabric with a delicate square pattern.

Fancy dog crates furniture

A creative idea to keep your beloved dog close to you, while sleeping. This dog bed is built-in underneath the real bed, and has its own lighting system, and a steel frame with square door for easy access.

Designer dog beds for large dogs

If you have got a large dog, you need a dog bed or kennel with the large size. We suggest you to choose this one, it provides the fantastic sleeping comfort.

Fancy dog beds for large dogs

You have your own house, why your dog shouldn't? A big house for large dogs, perfect for garden. Dogs like bones, so they like the pool in their shape.Enough to experience a bath surrounded by wooden boards.

Adirondack dog bed

When one thinks of dog beds, an ultra-fashionable contemporary sofa design like this one is for sure not the first option that comes to mind. No more ugly, shaggy dogs beds! This designer piece is appropriate for large dogs.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 12

Combining microfiber and fleece, this comfy, soft-in-touch bolster dog bed will offer a great spot to rest and relax for your furry friend. Filled with 3” of premium non-allergenic virgin polyester fiber pad in base that will not flatten, it measures 40" x 29".

Designer dog beds for large dogs 1

A practical solution for your entryway and a cozy place to sleep for your beloved dog. The unit is made of wood and it consists of 9 open cubic compartments with a large enough dog bed with an open front for easy access.

Unique dog beds for large dogs

A cute bed for your cute critter, which will make him feel safe, cozy and comfortable. The whole unit is made of wood in two-tone turquoise and bright yellow finish, including 3 drawers with decorative brass pulls.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 29

Adding glamour and chic to any interior, this designer dog bed for large dog enchants with its ornate character. Inspired by oriental art, it will create an inimitable sleeping spot for your puppy.

Luxury dog beds for large dogs

Fold out bed dedicated to medium sized pets. Construction is made of wood and designed for mounting on the wall. Modern and functional design for all kinds of interiors.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 16

When choosing a designer dog bed, its dimensions should be taken into account. But also convenience and a good place for dog privacy. This one has its own lair built into a black nightstand, subtly carved. Soft pillow - and the company of your human friend.

Wood pallet dog bed handcrafted custom

Wood Pallet Dog Bed Handcrafted Custom
You choose whether this designer dog bed fits in better with industrial or shabby chic style - this dark stained reclaimed wood construction can easily complement both. Anyway, your dog should be delighted with the comfy, thick mattress cushion.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 7

Dog runs all day, tracks and watches home and his family-in the end comes the moment of fatigue and then even the biggest dog wants to take a nap in his designer dog bed. For this purpose, this outer dog couch, stably based on metal legs with cooling fabric.

Designer dog beds for large dogs

A large and very functional dog house is a great way to set up a puppy corner near your home. Solid wood construction with a practical lockable grille makes the dog has a comfortable home with a place to rest.

Dog bed designer 6

Dog bed designed under the stairs. Frame is made of wood. Suitable for large and medium sized pets. Functional design for each home.

Dog bed designer 1

This designed dog bed shows how ingenuine DIY projects can be. Combining grey painted crate with wheels and soft cushioning created a comfortable and very practical spot for one's furry friends.

Dog bed designer

Cool comfy giant contemporary floor pillows very thickly padded and covered in durable fabric with various designs (e.g. striped, polka-dot, geometric) in prevalent white, pink, yellow and blue shades.

Dog playhouse for sale

Make sure that your dog can be both happy and enjoy its safety with this indoor dog kennel. It can be installed in a way that will let your pet look through the windows and comes with the wire doors so that the inside of the house is no mystery as well.

Dog gates wooden

Roomy and cozy; this indoor dog crate can also be used as a table, or a shelf. Crafted of off-white-finished wood, the dog crate has a lattice front door and sides for ventilation, and a powder-coated metal lock along with a pair of matching hinges.

Dog kennel under stairs

Large dog bed with stairs for larger dogs is a great solution for the pet. The whole made of excellent quality materials and in attractive colors creates a nice whole. The perfect solution for any decor.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 21

Provide a simple and yet immensely comfortable structure in your interior with this amazing, designed dog bed that sports an elegant look and is perfect even for the larger breeds, offering ample amounts of space.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 2

If you really love your dog mate you should think about its comfort too. This fancy looking large dog bed is perfect for placing both indoor and outdoor. It will make not only your pet happy but any your visitor would be excited.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 13

Don't give up a stylish piece of furniture only because it is not for you. The designer dog bed for large ( and smaller) dogs were made of fine quality leather in honey brown shades, with strong seams in grey color. A tiny sofa with wooden structure.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 8

The you decide to use an old table rather than the chest, try to organize your dog or cat some place under the table. This is the fantastic solution. They will fully enjoy the possibility to hide in their own little bedroom.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 9

Hepburn crystalline dog bed brown

Designer dog beds for large dogs 4

The designer dog's bed for large animals. Made as a patchwork comforter. Built of the colorful pillows, which guarantee not only the good the great look, but also the high comfort for the big-little doggy.

Dog furniture for large dogs

Designer pet bed

Not only our dog - but we would like to have such a cozy corner to nap. A large cushion, designer pet bed being both a dog's shakedown and a quilt. Consistent design - plush beige interior and dark blue fabric in dots.

Comfy Pooch Dog Bed

Comfy Pooch Dog Bed
Cool comfy contemporary dog bed. It's low-profiled and rectangular. A quilted cushion and a bolster on 3 sides are foam-padded. Its cover is of beige polyester with a diamond design and black edging. It's removable and machine washable.

Designer pet bed 19

This sublime plywood structured dog house sports a design that will fit and elevate the look of your contemporary styled interior thanks to the sleek and clean look it offers, while your pet can enjoy a new-found level of comfort.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 1

Luxurious designer and artist inspired

Luxurious Designer And Artist Inspired
Decorative and very useful bed for pets. It provides comfortable sleeping space to small dogs and other animals. This comfortable and durable construction also complements different interior stylizations.

Designer pet bed

A cool innovative chaise lounge for dogs. It features a frame in the form of an incomplete horizontal cylinder having a bottom covered in soft fluffy white material. A cylinder is fixed to 2 bowed legs. The entirety is of plywood in mid browns.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 30

Charnwood designer dog bed sofa style

Designer pet bed 4

These designer bed pets with head and footboards constitute an enchanting proposition both for the furry friends and their owners. All equipped with a soft, black and white, rhombus-patterned cushioning.

Designer dog beds for large dogs

Who had never dreamt about being the American Indian when he was a kid...? This beautiful handmade tipi will be not only the wonderful place to sleep, but also the great place to play with your little friends.

Designer dog beds for large dogs

The most convenient large safe secure

The Most Convenient Large Safe Secure
This 4' x 4' large dog kennel for indoor use, is crafted of durable Red Oak hardwoo, with top-to-bottom vertical dowel side panels. The bottom is covered with a waterproof mat, with the whole also providing a good visibility of your pet and proper airflow.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 22

Designer dog beds for large dogs 1

If you love Adirondack chairs, don't miss this unique design when fishing for a dog bed. Traditional and rustic interiors will welcome this designer real wood dog bed. Its size is dedicated for large dogs.

Monster dog bed

This construction is large and provides good level of comfort for large dogs. Dog houses of this type are durable, comfortable and they look very attractive in any kind of garden or in other outdoor areas.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 23

Designer Rectangle Dog Bed

Designer Rectangle Dog Bed
A pillow-shaped dog bed in black and white, with black bottom, white trim and herring bone print fabric on top. It will complement contrasting color scheme of a decor. It is soft and plushy, and satisfyingly durable.

Brisbane Sofa Dog Bed

Brisbane Sofa Dog Bed

Designer dog beds for large dogs 14

Extra Large Dog Bed

Extra Large Dog Bed
This super comfortable and very cozy dog bed is the perfect resting place for your pet. Made of polyester is very cozy and allows for convenient and comfortable rest. It is perfect for all kinds of interiors.

Designer dog beds for large dogs 27