Designer Bean Bags

Bean bags can prove to be quite a comfortable and nice looking thing, don’t you agree? As a matter of fact, these designer bean bags are quite impressive visually and they have been bought by various people already. Make sure to see them all first. What do you think about all this?

Designer bean bags

Here is a great woolen designer bean bag - which from today, with its baggy form will create your favorite resting place. It can be a bed, or a chaise lounger. It was handmade in Nepal and has a beautiful gray tint, very eclectic trim.

Majestic Home Goods Sticks Bean Bag, Small, Salmon

It is a fantastic and comfortable bean bag that has got a small size and salmon finish. The zippered slipcover is easy to care for and machine washable. This is a great addition to your family room.

Majestic Home Goods Coral Chevron Small Classic Bean Bag

Create comfortable surroundings with this classic bean bag with vivid pattern. It is made with 100% cotton twill and filled with up to 50% recycled polystyrene beads. Comes with practical zipped slipcover.

Cotton bean bag

Majestic Home Goods Pacific Zazzle Bean Bag, Small, Turquoise

Playful bean bag of a compact size, covered with a turquoise fabric featuring a fashionable zig-zag pattern. Polyester filling conforms to the body position. The piece is recommended for playrooms, study rooms and relax areas.

Grey bean bags

An exclusive set of furniture that creates extra warmth and coziness in a room. It consists of soft bean bags, which serve as armchairs and small coffee tables. That's a great idea for your patio or garden too.

Majestic Home Goods Links Bean Bag, Small, Gray

Small bean bag chair which features slipcover made of polyester. Thanks to the use of this material the slipcover is machine washable, which makes it easy to clean. Additionally, it features zipper for faster taking off.

Classic Bean Bag Chair

Classic Bean Bag Chair
Bean bag chairs are extremely popular for their attainability, mobility (thanks to light weight) and comfort. This one is covered with maintenance-free pink vinyl, fully water resistant, sewn with double stitches for safety.

Graphic africa part of ldf 2013 habitat

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair
Fantastic bean bag chair featuring modern design, gorgeous polka dot cover, ample and comfortable filling, and sturdy stitching to provide great looking and versatile lounging piece for your you and your family.

Awesome bean bags 3

Awesome bean bags 5

Majestic Home Goods Pacific Zazzle Bean Bag Chair Lounger, Turquoise

Bean bag chair featuring durable slipcover with prevalent turquoise and simple pattern. Additionally, it's very comfortable thanks to the soft filling, and can be moved easily, as the chair is very lightweight.

Majestic Home Goods Red Links Outdoor Bean Bag Chair Lounger

This element is a product responsible for providing comfort in a living room. It is a bean bag chair lounger that is filled with soft elements. This type of filling assures comfort and ergonomy to children and adult users.

Cocoon Couture Dreamy Owl Bean Bag Chair (Watermelon Color)

A small, comfortable and space-saving bean bag chair that assures softness and comfort, because it is filled with special beans that provide relaxation and support. It has got an owl pattern on a background in watermelon color.

Fuf Bean Bag Chair

Fuf Bean Bag Chair
Simple bean bar chair designed to provide durable and comfortable support. Features ample memory foam filling and soft, durable, and easy to wash fabric cover to offer versatile land functional lounge spot.

Designer bean bag

Majestic Home Goods Aruba Bean Bag, Small, Gray

A very solid, comfortable and attractive bean bag chair. This kind of product has got a neutral gray color and an attractive pattern. It is made of eco-friendly materials and it is available with a slipcover designed for an outdoor use.

Camouflage Bean Bag Chair

Camouflage Bean Bag Chair
It is a bean bag chair that has got a camouflage upholstery and is very comfortable. It is a fantastic addition to your family room, game room and kids room. You need to have it.

Better than a giant bean bag

Majestic Home Goods Aruba Bean Bag Chair Lounger, Gray

Large bean bag chair featuring durable slipcover with appealing pattern and gray finish. Additionally, the chair has very soft filling, which makes seating on it, even for long hours, very comfortable.

Majestic Home Goods Vertical Stripe Bean Bag, Small, Black

Bean bag with zippered slipcover featuring simple, striped finish. Additionally, the slipcover is machine washable and available in four different colors. The bag is filled with up to 50% recycled polystyrene beads.

Majestic Home Goods Pacific Towers Bean Bag Chair Lounger, Turquoise

It is a bean bag chair lounger that i responsible for providing comfort and relaxation. Its cover looks very attractive and it is machine washable. The product assures a very comfortable and ergonomic posture.

FUGU Team Bean Bag Chair - Large 4'

Large bean bag chair as additional place to sit or place for relaxation. It is covered with pleasant to the touch material. Ideal for watching TV or reading books. Functional design for the living room, teenager's room and more.

Majestic Home Goods Red Links Small Classic Bean Bag

Classic bean bag featuring removable slipcover with child-safety zipper. Additionally, the slipcover is machine washable, which makes it very easy to clean. It's a great addition to all casually furnished interiors.

Comfort research fuf extra extra large bean bag sofa 4

Comfort Research Fuf Extra Extra Large Bean Bag Sofa
A very original and modern element in any house. This is a bean bag sofa filled with special materials that assure softness and appropriate level of support. The size of this product is good for an adult person.

Comfy Bean Beanbag Large Ultra Vinyl

Filled with blend of virgin recycled styrene bead and recycled chopped foam, this red beanbag allows you to easily kick back and relax after a hard day. The whole is covered in an easy to clean vinyl fabric, offering retro accents for improving your home decor.

Majestic Home Goods Bean Bag, Gray Ellie

Classic bean bag in its best-selling shape, outfitted with a gray cover boasing cute print of white elephants. Adorable and comfy, it is a superb addition to a playroom or study room; popular in dorms, too.

Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair LIME - Large 8'

This 8-foot bean bag is wrapped in a microfiber cover (removable and machine-washable), properly securing the virgin urethane foam filling that is able to spring back to normal size. Also includes a child safety zipper.

Majestic Home Goods Chocolate Zig Zag Bean Bag Chair Lounger

This is a bean bag chair lounger that is very solid, stable and comfortable. It is filled with soft materials that assure comfort, support and ergonomy. It has got a polyester cover that is durable and looks very attractive.

Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

This extra-large bean bag chair is covered with tear-proof black denim. Two adult or more than two kids may sit in it at a time. The denim cover is removable, you will wash it in your washing machine without effort.

Faux fur bean bag

A lovely addition for contemporary homes and for giving your family comfortable seats for watching favorite movie flicks. Those large bean bags are upholstered in faux white fur and generously filled, easily adjusting their shape to your body.

Elite products lifestyle collection large bean bag 30 1041 3xx

Elite Products Lifestyle Collection Large Bean Bag 30 1041 3xx
This product is a large bean bag that provides comfort and support thanks to its filling materials. This stylish and functional element measures 26'' H x 34'' W x 32'' D and its overall weight is only 8 lbs.

Extra large bean bags 1

It is a large bean bag sofa created for young and adult users. It is filled with special beans that provide, softness, comfort and appropriate level of support. This is an original stylization that looks nice in different types of decor.

Storm Gray Alli Small Bean Bag

Bean bag featuring slipcover with simple design and zipper. This makes the slipcover easy to remove and wash. Additionally, interior of the bag is filled, in up to 50% recycled polystyrene bead, which makes it very comfortable.

Circo oversized bean bag

Bean bag chair that is oversized, so it provides comfortable sitting space for an adult user. Its soft fill also provides support. Gray, neutral color of this bean bag perfectly matches any interior design.

Majestic Home Goods Raja Classic Bean Bag, Small, Gray

This piece of equipment is a bean bag chair that has got a small, space-saving design and an attractive grey color that looks very stylish in any decor. The overall size of this chair is 28 x 28 x 22 inches.

Slacker sack 8 foot oval charcoal grey microfiber and foam

Slacker Sack 8 Foot Oval Charcoal Grey Microfiber And Foam Bean Bag
This bean bag is a product that provides high quality of rest for both adult and the youngest users. It is filled with shreded foam that is soft, so the product is comfortable and safe for the health of human.

Extra large twill fuf chair zebra

Extra Large Twill Fuf Chair Zebra
This large bean bag chair is a high quality element prepared for people who love high level of comfort and safety in their houses. It is filled with a special foam that is soft and durable, so the whole product will serve its users for a long time.

Classic Bean Bag Chair

Classic Bean Bag Chair
Classic bean bag chair as a place to relax or additional seat in any interior. Convenient form adapts to body shape and give support to the spine. It is filled with polystyrene and a double locking zippers.

Fatboy Mètahlowski Bean Bags, Bronze

This is made from high quality materials bean bag is filled with virgin polystyrene beads, which give it exceptional comfort. Beautiful shiny lid makes it easy to clean and looks very impressive.

Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

This Cocoon Bean Bag Chair is designed for various uses, therefore offering not only cozy place to snuggle in, but also space-saving additional seat. Manufactured from quality materials only, this beanbag is durable and efficient.

Fatboy The Point Bean Bag, Petrol

It is a fantastic bean bag that is perfect for your kids or as a footrest. It has got a blue color and very comfortable seat. You will be impressed how cool this bean bag is. It is a great choice.

Better Than a Bean Bag , Anywhere Lougher Chairs in Multiple Colors

With this fabulous bean bag you have the chance to experience a true feeling of comfort. The bean bag has a contouring ability, and you can use it as a chair, recliner, pillow or bed.

Adult Bean Bag, Velvet Leopard

A large bean bag with extended back support, dedicated for adults that seek for a comfy and snug seating that would be additionally portable and light in weight. The bean is upholstered with leopard print velvet fabric.

Jaxx Sofa Saxx 6 ft Bean Bag, Charcoal Microsuede

This type of product is a bean bag chair that is filled with polyurethane foam. It assures the best level of comfort and support. The size of this product is 64"L x 47"W x 36"H, so it is perfect for adult users.


Bean bag chair with high back, with two-colour waterproof vinyl cover in blue and green. Kids sized, it offers comfort and colourful design which is attractive for children. The parents may be pleased of easy maintenance.

Majestic Home Goods Michelle Bean Bag Chair Lounger, Salmon

This bean bag lounger is wide enough to provide a seat that's more convenient comparing to typical accent chairs. Its patterned upholstery in black, grey and red, with oriental motifs, is highly bedecking.

Gold Medal 30011246807TD Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag, Scarlet

This large bean bag is opulently filled with virgin expanded polystyrene beans and wrapped in durable, leather-like red vinyl. It is also reinforced by double stitched seams and secured by a child safe zipper.

Fun Furnishings Large Beanbag, Denim

This large beanbag is filled with flame retardant beads and wrapped in a 100% denim polyester cover. The bag comfortably wraps around the sitting person, and features a removable cover for easy washing.