Design Mini Fridge

Mini fridge can actually be a very useful thing, especially this is the case with these models. Feel free to check out these shapes, designs and sizes that have proved to be an inspiration to many. Which one of these appeals to you most – can you decide on anything ?

Liliana Gadjus Interior Design Expert
Mini fridge cabinet 1

Mini Fridge Cabinet

Design mini fridge 2

Available in 4 colors, this mini fridge from SMEG is an icon of Italian design. Retro outside, modern inside, featuring absorption cooling, LED lighting and numerous shelving options. It is equipped with glass shelves; plastic body with metal handle.

Design mini fridge 1
Renee Butl

Compact kitchen with mini fridge on the base. Top is fitted with 2 burners and sink bowl. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Design mini fridge 18
Catherine Barnes

mini fridges for your kids/teens room to keep snacks and drinks cool

Skinny mini fridge
Lambert Abbey

Tiny bar area - can't figure out how to do this at home, so why not at the beach?!

Bar cabinet with wine fridge 1

Elegant cupboard for dining room, kitchen and more. It consists of many cabinets, drawers and shelves for bottle of wine. Top has large usable surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Design mini fridge 9
Hilton Emily

This cute nook will plays its role perfectly in cafe or elegant restaurant. There are cabinet with drawers intended to storage kitchen tools and desktop. On the cabinet, there are two little fridges for wine, on the desktop - packages to cakes.

Design mini fridge 8

Maybe we should just do a bar like this so someone doesn't have to be behind it to make drinks. Hmmmm... Just thinking.

Design mini fridge 4
Thompson Alyssa

Clever use of a simplistic, traditional night stand with a little drawer on top and a compartment hiding a minibar fridge underneath, so you can finally eliminate the need to go all the way to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

Design mini fridge
Cassandra John

Fridge with a lot of compartments for storing food and others needed items. Frame is covered with wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Design mini fridge 21
Alexandra Hall

Your home office is far away from the kitchen, and yet you are dreaming of cold beer while you are on the work pause - mini fridge with great design - includes everything you need: a stove, refrigerator and sink in a classic white color.

Design mini fridge 13
Dana Hernandez

This is the ticket!! Wine AND beer. That would leave so much room in our full size fridge

0.777 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator
Jasmine Lee

0.777 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator
Portable thanks to top handle and light weight, compact sized refrigerator in red with well-known white Coca-Cola motif on its door. It has a removable shelf inside. The door is equipped with self-locking handle.

Design mini fridge 6
Abbey Kowalski

Small outdoor kitchen. have the BBQ just need the mini fridge and we can build this!!

Design mini fridge 2
Jacqueline Rogers

A sunny kitchen can handle moody blue cabinets and still be cheery, especially with gleaming white counters that bounce light around.

I dont drink a lot myself but i do understand
Evans Liliana

I don't drink a lot myself, but I do understand the advantage of having a designated spot for SERVING drinks when you entertain at home. It gets everyone out of my way in the kitchen.

Our type of wet bar we have one at my
Craven Rachel

Our type of Wet Bar! We have one at my house not quite this size and its perfect for storing all types of drinks in the mini fridge, cups and glasses in the cabinets, and the ice machine is amazing . This will be a must at my next home.

Design mini fridge 11
Craven Rachel

Wish I would have had this when I was in the Disney College Program! Stackable fridge for roommates - Design to "marketply"!

Mini fridge in cabinet
Jaclyn Jen

Marvel glass door refrigerator perfect to stack up beverages in both the home bar and the kitchen

Design mini fridge 20

Mini Cooler #westelm $69 7.5" wide x 10.5" deep x 11" high Temperature Range (heating): 50–55 degrees Temperature Range (cooling): 15–20 degrees below room temperature Insulated compartment keeps soda cans cold or your hot chocolate hot. Plugs into an

Design mini fridge
Julie Cook

Keep all of your cleaning supplies in an easily accessable space with Thomasville Cabinetry's Utility Cabinet.

Mini bar ideas for small spaces
Isabella Martinable

Would you like to get some martini, in my house? Nothing easier! Minibar with design mini fridge for a home with metal structure and chrome finish contains also wine storage and lighted glass cabinetry.

Small bar sets 15
Chloe Hughesful

Wet it but it would need a kegerator or mini fridge instead of a wine chiller to ever make it into our house *could this fit at end of stairway???

Design mini fridge
Tara Mitc

This tiny kitchen is the bees knees - perfect for little house or studio or guest cottage

Mini fridge cabinet
Samantha Clar

This kitchen island is as practical as it is elegant. The inside has accommodated with a convenient refrigerator that's perfect for storing drinks and smaller food. The whole is crafted of wood, and has a nicely-polished top.

Design mini fridge 16
Campbell Natasha

Caroline Gomez, Pastels and Colors in Bordeaux House, Pink Smeg in Kitchen

Bar cabinet with wine fridge 1
Scott Stephanie

Set of kitchen furniture with wine cooler on the base. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with drawers, cabinets and shelves for bottles of wine. Simple form and modern design. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Bar cabinet with wine fridge
Thomson Marisa

This excellent arrangement of the kitchen is a beautiful combination of functional cabinets, drawers and shelves, a large countertop, refrigerator and extremely impressive mirror tiles on the wall. The whole looks modern and stylish.

Cabinet with fridge
Liliana Gadjus

Bar units like this one make your kitchen much more practical. In this bar you will find 1 storage drawer, 1 two-door cabinet with adjustable shelves, and 1 large enough top to make your favorite drinks.

Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

Retro Series 3.1 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator with Freezer
Dull white fridges will never comprise such an appealing indoor accent as this vintage styled refrigerator does. It is a perfect piece to complete a retro kitchen decor. It is made of stainless steel with black outer finish. It features a freezer.

Design mini fridge 7
Roberts Isabelle

Use this stackable method to create more space in your dorm AND then the storage underneath can be designated for "kitchen supplies"

Home bar ideas for small spaces
Tara Gosselin

Utilitarian kitchen nook. Dark cabinetry with lots of rawers, wine cooler /small fridge / mini bar, and a spacious wine rack that houses the bottles horizontally. Additional horizontal rack harbours wine glasses.

Mini bars for home

Kitchen mini bar with mini fridge - when you want to avoid a big footprint, but still wouldn't mind a well organized beverage bar. See the details: black cabinet, mosaic tile backsplashh and wood panels floor that breaks up the monochrome layout a bit.

Nostalgia electrics retro series mini fridge a 1 7 cubic
Carter Kathryn

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Mini Fridge: A 1.7-cubic-foot fridge ...

Design mini fridge 12
Coleman Allison

My Sweet Savannah Melaine's Lake House tour (32)- love the stencilling in the sky light

Coca-Cola Series 3.0 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator with freezer
Stone Caroline

Coca-Cola Series 3.0 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator with freezer

Mini bars for the home
Hayes Kelly

Inspiration for a private bedroom coffee bar. Perfect for times when you just don't want to walk all the way to the kitchen. Would have to add a mini fridge below for creamer though! - Savvy City Farmer

Design mini fridge 15
Jessica Zernike

Budweiser Bottle Design Mini Fridge | Mini Cooler Fridges Beer Fridge Small Cooler - Buy at drinkstuff

Retro Series 3.0 Cu. Ft. Beverage Dispensing Compact Refrigerator with freezer

Retro Series 3.0 Cu. Ft. Beverage Dispensing Compact Refrigerator with freezer

Design mini fridge 17
Lindsay Ross

5 Favorites: Skinny Refrigerators

Mini fridges and coolers portable small appliances 2
Mega Leahbrown

mini fridges and coolers, portable small appliances

5.5 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator
Abbey Kowalski

5.5 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

Design mini fridge 19
Tara Zucker

Beautiful use of granite in the kitchen! The little beverage fridge in the island, awesome idea!

Unique mini fridge
Lily Cravenable

I'd like to move the wine fridge into a small island, maybe we could get something with room for other drinks too?

Liquor cabinet with fridge
Jacqueline Wil

A classic bar cabinet finished in brown. It has a door cabinet with a 3-false drawer front, a glass door wine fridge, a white marble top, a mirrored backsplash. An upper part has glazed doors with bowed X-like decors, 2 shelves, a mirrored back.

While wearing heels my gray kitchen the big reveal

While Wearing Heels: My Gray Kitchen - The Big Reveal

Home design with built in kitchen desk work area 4
Thomson Marisa

home design with built in kitchen desk/work area | 4,736 kitchen desk Charlotte Kitchen Design Photos

3.2 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

3.2 cu. ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

Ergonomic desk chairs
Jennifer Cook

A comfortable chair to do your homework in, that comes with an integrated laptop tray. Its ergonomic design features a beautifully molded seat with a footrest, that accommodates a padded and orange-upholstered seat.

Designer mini fridge

designer mini fridge