Wooden Wall Shelves

Today wall shelves are so much more than just functional, dull surfaces that hold books, picture frames, or kitchen supplies. With so many amazing designs and DIY inspirations available, your shelving can be an object of envy and truly make a décor statement in any room. Find some awesome examples of decorative wood wall shelves below.

Rustic wood box shelf

Rustic Wood Box Shelf
A blank wall around? Need to lend a slight rustic vibe to it? Simple wooden frames with a nice collection of stylish vases or earthenware does the job surprisingly well. Must try to transform some wood box into wall mounted shelves.

Burnes of Boston LL2931 Level Line Walnut 3 piece Ledge Set

This great set of wall shelves finished in beautiful walnut shade is the perfect solution for the bedroom, living room, kitchen or dining room. Made in the traditional style are very chic and will add class to any interior.

Intersecting Squares Decorative Black Wall Shelf

These decorative wooden wall shelves create an interesting option for both traditional and modern interiors. The use of solid, proven materials combined with original, inimitable shape creates a wonderful combination.

Decorative wood wall shelves 2

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall

Decorative wood wall shelves 11

Decorative Espresso "H" Shaped Wall Shelf

This H-shaped wall shelf will let you provide the extra functionality for your home with the clever design that prevents your books or belongings from slipping or falling off, while at the same time offering a stylish, contemporary piece to your home.

Decorative wood wall shelves

[Brush Finished] 2 Pair(4pcs) of Metal Adjustable Shelf Holder Bracket for Glass or Wood Shelves

Country Rustic "Mosel" Wall Mounted Wood Wall Rack / Planter Shelf / Storage Rack w/ 2 Key Hooks

Handy shelf that you can install in the kitchen or in the hallway. You can put on her pots of flowers or other small items. It also has additional mounted hooks to hang keys or cloth. Varnished wood gives it a rural character.

Decorative wood wall shelves 3

Set of 2 wall shelves with Batman theme. It is made of wood and fitted with screw holes for easy mounting. Great for storing books, display decorations and more. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Decorative wood shelf

Decorative wood wall shelves 14

Decorative wood wall shelves 9

Decorative wood wall shelves

Decorative wood wall shelves 2

Wooden crate wall shelves

Gorgeous decorative arrangement in a rustic, colonial style – an asymmetrical set of shelves made out of different colored wood with a rough design, with a plentiful of cute teapots and coffeepots displayed on them.

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall 7

This wall shelf is made of old wooden letterbox, which was used but a few houses. There are metal numbers, but now it is only decoration. You can hang this nine part shelf on the wall and use it to storage books or frippery.

Decorative wood wall shelves

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall 1

Fruit boxes, obtained from a friendly sir from the market, are extremely useful in interior design. Especially if they have bright colors and are made in pine wood. They created presented here decorative shelves for the wall.

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall

Old wooden boxes used to create a unique, boho wall office? This project shows how creatively you can reuse boxes and pallets to create inspiring wall decorations, here serving as a snack as sweets bar.

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall 6

Wall mounted shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. It is made of recycled crates. Neutral and functional design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Decorative wooden shelves for the wall 11

Cool ingenious though simple wall cabinets with open fronts created from casual plywood crates painted in vivid warm colours. Cabinets have backs lined with wallpaper with various designs and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Rustic wooden wall shelves

Simple and sturdy wall shelves made of stark quite wide thick and long rectangular wooden planks with a natural finish. A shelf has 2 or 3 robust wall-mounted brackets of black-coated profiled metal angles.

Decorative wood wall shelves 1

Decorative wood wall shelves 1

A stunning setup for a rustic wall décor – an excellent idea if you’re looking for an idea for a spare wall in your living room. The vintage details give this one a unique look, and the dark colours make this one cosy and homely.

A stunning wall shelf that sports a mirror-like structure and is made of quality materials, making for a stunning addition to your decor and becoming a long-lasting and creatively designed piece for your home.

Decorative wood wall shelves 5

Decorative ledge shelves

Ledge shelves for decorative tasks. These small, simple shelves are finished in neutral white color and they provide space for pictures in frames. This stylization increases aesthetics of any home decor.

Decorative wood shelves

Decorative ledge

Open shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Great for display photo frames or decorations.

Decorative pieces for shelves

Wood decorative shelf

Wood shelves wall

The innovative shelf to hold your pictures on place you decided to have it. The hanging-out border of the shelf prevent all the decorative elements from falling down. It is made of the simple oak wood without lacquer.

Antique Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelf

Antique Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelf
This reclaimed wall shelf has a very original and unique design and will be a great decorative addition to rustic interior. It is made of high quality aged wood in warm, chocolate brown and is easy to install.

Decorative ledge shelves 5

Wall mounted shelves that allow for creating wall galleries. These white, wooden, narrow ledges provide space for many pictures in frames of different size. They are stable, resistant to wear and they increase interior aesthetics.

How to decorate a ledge shelf

A warm and cozy living room that is characterized by a comfortable sofa and an ottoman which serves as a coffee table. The pieces are in neutral, soft colors, but the sofa is decorated with colorful cushions. There is a nice photo gallery on the wall.

Jar spice rack

Floating wall-mounted spice rack in white, with raised edge that prevents spice receptacles and jars from accidental falling down. Worth mounting above a kitchen countertop - all spices are within hand's reach while you cook.

Geo Ledge Wall Shelf (Set of 2)

Geo Ledge Wall Shelf (Set of 2)
This set includes two geo ledge shelves. They have got two color options to choose: black and white. They are hand crafted and they fit to any style and décor. It is a perfect addition to your home.

Round table dining room furniture

Make up some cozy gathering dining room for you and your family. White round pedestal table dining room furniture offers a fresh look and a charming silhouette. The simplicity of the white trim is subtly connected with the table base slope.

Decorative metal shelves wall mount

Wall mounted rack consisting of metal wires. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. It has 9 square shelves. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Rustic Wood Wall Shelf

Rustic Wood Wall Shelf
This rustic shelf was made in a country style. It is beautifully styled and good looks on the wall. Slightly antiqued check as a bookshelf, frames with pictures or decorations or flowers.

Wall mounted decorative shelves

Industrial decorative shelves made of oak and strong black metal - this is a great solution for a teenager's playroom. Metallic pipes, perfectly match the rebellious soul, young music - hence the hooks on the guitar.

Avf unimax any wall tv and av accessory shelving with

Avf Unimax Any Wall Tv And Av Accessory Shelving With Two Shelves In Metallic Black Silver
This is a perfect addition to any modern, contemporary living room. If you’re looking for a simplistic, mid-century TV shelf, this one is great. Black, metallic design and dark, glass shelves look amazingly beautiful together.

New york metal wood shelf clothes rack

New York Metal Wood Shelf Clothes Rack
This high quality piece of equipment is playing a functional and decorative role. Its wrought iron supports provide the best solidity and attractive appearance. The most important feature of this element is its durability and resistance to damage and overweight.

Rustic retreat accent furniture

Rustic Retreat: Accent Furniture
It is a durable piece of furniture that has got a decorative and functional character. It includes two storage drawers and lower display or storage shelves with solid slats. The whole construction of this table is resistant to damage and wear.

Decorative wood wall shelves 16

Dark wood wall shelves 5

Made from dark wood, juxtaposed to the trendy, brick-imitating tiles, these wall shelves definitely fit in the climate of modern kitchens. A simplistic, yet elegant decor solution, which will add your space a contemporary character.

Decorative wood wall shelves 17

Dark wood wall shelves 4

Tall bookcase designed for mounting on the wall. Construction is made of wood. It consists of a lot of open shelves in various sizes for storing books or display decorations. Classic form and functional design for each home.