Decorative Plates To Hang On Wall

Need to decorate a wall and want to go beyond the obvious? I’ve got one awesome idea to share. Below you can find a selection of decorative plates to hang on walls and some useful layout inspirations. Perfect for vintage, country style, and bohemian décor. What do you think? Is it something you could give a try?

Wall plate display ideas

Shabby chic in its best edition. This dining room buffet sideboard delights both with its adorable yellow painting, as well ornately crafted silhouette, with lots of gentle accents. The storage space is divided between two drawers and two side doors.

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor
With this Scattered Italian Plates Wall Décor you cannot go wrong. Each plate is beautifully hand-painted and glazed, and is attached to a very durable metal construction. Plates are very easy to mount, and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

Decorative plates for hanging

Original and attractive wall decorations. These porcelain decorative plates are suitable for wall hanging. They feature different shapes, sizes, decorative accents and all of them are finished in neutral white color.

Decorative wall plates for hanging

Provide your living room a unique decorative appeal with this set of vibrantly finished plates. Designed in a form of a diamond, this mosaic will help you create a warm, cottage ambience.

Decorative plates to hang on wall

A wonderful wall decoration created from precious china plates in various sizes. They are neatly arranged with larger pieces in the centre and the smaller ones surrounding them. All of the plates depict skilful images in a blue color.

Decorative plates to hang on wall

Make sure you have a nice option of decorating the walls of your household with these stunning decorative plates that can be hung on the wall and present you with a touch of color and true originality.

Decorative plates for the wall

This 12-piece wall hanging will make your living room look as if you've been collecting for years. It resembles well the antique imagery of hand-painted Faience pottery designs with decoupaged prints.

Decorative plates to hang on wall

Creating a decorative plate for walls was never that easy. These beautiful decorative plates to hang on wall are made from pure white porcelain. Beautifully decorated with nice and soft line pattern look adorable.

Decorative hanging wall plates

Decorative plates for kitchen wall

Toscana Assorted Plates Wall Décor (Set of 3)

Toscana Assorted Plates Wall Décor (Set of 3)

Decorative plates to hang on wall 1

Decorative plates for walls

Collections etc 3d floral decorative hanging plates

Decorative plates wall hanging

Wall decorative plates 29

Decorative plates designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of rattan and finished with sophisticated pattern. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

Wall decorative plates 8

Nice plates should be exposed, not only by serving food but hanging them as wall decorative plates. The composition of the ceramic colored plates perfectly fits into the yellow background of the kitchen wall. Some look like fruit crossings.

Wall decorative plates 38

An elegant approach to a decorative arrangement placed around a side table in a living room. The wall above the table is decorated with an abundance of black, plastic flowers which provides a classy contrast to the white wall.

Decorative plates to hang on wall

Wall decorative plates 27

Pretty traditional decorative plates intended for display on walls or shelves though they can also be used e.g. for serving sweets. Plates are manufactured of rattan and finished in spiral designs in natural brown shades with black accents.

Yellow decorative plates

Decorative white plates

Decorative vintage wall plates pastel

Decorative Vintage Wall Plates Pastel
Make sure your kitchen is accentuated to perfection and makes for a nice, complete decor with this amazing wall plates collection that sports the ''pastel brunch'' theme with the bright finish to it and lovely design.

Decorative plates to hang on wall 3

Wall decorative plates 6

Have a bunch of old China plates? I bet there are many ways to perform some nice recycling. Multicolour plates can transform into a wall decoration, become a cake stand, or a table top ornament. And many more!

Chrysalis Wall Décor

Chrysalis Wall Décor
Amazing contemporary self-adhesive wall decors in a form of 3D size-varied butterflies of various species. They're made of semi-transparent plastic and features a very realistic look and wing fluttering in the breeze.

Plates for hanging on the wall

Decorative hanging plates 19

Decorative plates in various sizes. It has convenient handles for easy mounting on the wall. Elegant accent for the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor

Magnolia Large Platter Wall Décor
Beautiful floral wall decor featuring large magnolia-like platters. It is perfect for lightening your interior decor with elegant style. Crafted of solid ceramic, it comes with a hole in the back to accommodate wire for hanging.

Red decorative plates wall

Decorative hanging plates 13

Contrary to appearances crockery can be used not only during meals - they can be beautiful decoration. This porcelain plate with hand-painted pattern is mounted to the wall by artistic metal rack. It will look good in your dining room.

Decorative plates for the wall

An interesting idea of how to use wicker plates. It can be a decorative feature to almost any kind of interior, adding a rustic, boho vibe to the space. Easy to prepare and install DIY project.

Decorative plates to hang

Decorative plates to hang on wall

Vintage decorative wall plates

A rich bunch of plates can of course be used for dinner serving purposes, but when set on a wall - the plates get a new decorative feel. A plate wall is not reserved for cottage style interiors. It can variegate contemporary setting as well.

Decorative plates for wall hanging

Decorative plates for wall hanging. It is made of high quality ceramics and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant decoration for each room according to taste.

Decorating the wall behind plates or an wall hanging such

Decorative plates for wall hanging 3

Charming diameter-varied plates intended to decorating walls. They're crafted of quality white ceramic adorned with various intricate motifs in prevalent blue shades. Some of them have scalloped edges. They should be hand washed.

Wall decorative plates hanging

Flight Of The Butterfly Metal Wall Art Decor

Metal wall art with multi-color plates. This element of design is suitable for different indoors. Attractive butterfly theme brings a touch of natural style into the house. Solid metal frame with scrolls and metal leaves improves strength and attractiveness.

Decorative white plates for hanging

Decorative plates some stylish decorating ideas

Apple Kitchen Hanging Metal Wall Decor

Wall decor with apple theme. It is made of metal and finished with pastel colors. Sophisticated decoration for any interior. Received a lot of top ratings from customers for high quality and stylish look.

Ocean Decorative Bowl

Ocean Decorative Bowl
Innovative design of this decorative bowl creates a refreshing mood that brings ocean to mind. Blue, wavy appearance looks just as good as you would expect it to look. Great to store and display varied items.

Decorative plates on wall

Attractive wall decorations for kitchen indoors. These decorative plates and bowls are finished in different colors and they include stylish themes on their surfaces. They are also made of materials that are resistant to wear and damage.

Istanbul Glass Decorative Bowl

Istanbul Glass Decorative Bowl
Amber and teal green combination of stained glass creates a harmonious whole that makes this bowl be a true mebellishment of any ambiance. You may use it to display fruits or just take benefit of its decorativeness to accessorize your console table.

Decorative plates to hang on wall 2

Fishbowl Decorative Bowl

Fishbowl Decorative Bowl
Sleek, polished surface of this decorative bowl mirrors the sun rays and catches the eye when decently displayed. It is made of premium quality ceramic that resembles Chinese porcelain. It is glazed gray.

Rosewood Plate Stand

Rosewood Plate Stand
A high-quality rosewood plate stand. Made of solid wood finished in brown with golden hinges. Great for displaying decorative plates, photos, pictures, prints, artwork or oriental folding fans.

Hanging plates on wall ideas