Decorative Plates For Kitchen

On this site, you will find an impressive choice of decorative plates – if you feel that this could be something for you, try to spend some time here and tell us what you like most. Actually, even those people who are hard to please, were satisfied after visiting this collection.

Decorative plates for kitchen 2

Attractive wall plates for kitchen indoors. These decorative items are round plates with interesting floral themes on their surfaces. This wall decoration is resistant to dirt and damage caused by many factors.

Tuscan Old World Fleur De Lis 10" Decorative Plates Set of 4 New

Add a historical accent here and there in your eclectic kitchen and have a look at a quality set of 4 decorative round plates. Large Fleur de Lis motif makes them unique and eye-drawing. Each plate has different colour.

Bless Our Kitchen - Decorative Oval Plate, Wooden Platter ~ Country

A pretty traditional decorative kitchen plate of wood. It has an oval frame in light browns and an oval dark red central part with pious sentences in stylised white letters and adorned with gold stars. A green wire stand is adorned with stars.

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Decorated with charm in mind, this plate rack and shelf sport not only the white finish of the overall design but come accented with delicate pink items and will look immensely charming in your household.

Kitchen decorative plates

Decorative plates for kitchen 1

Decorative plates for kitchen

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Porcelain plates on the wall are again fashionable. For the decoration of the walls, we use decanter plates that can be found in every home. White decorative plates for kitchen - hanging on red ribbons will create a fantastic cozy atmosphere.

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In the picture I can see a very attractive and practical kitchen design with solid, simple and spacious cabinets. Attractive flowers make this interior design more aesthetic. This kitchen is also decorated with beautiful plates.

Decorative Plate

Decorative Plate

Rooster Wall Decor Plates

This charming set of decorative ceramic plates is a great way to design your kitchen or dining room. It has a beautifully painted roosters. The whole is based on a metal rack that perfectly harmonizes with the plates.

Decorative plates for kitchen

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Bon appetit french food words kitchen art decor dinner plates

Hanging plates in kitchen

15" Decorative Plate

15" Decorative Plate
Eye-catching large round contemporary plate manufactured of quality red glazed ceramic and featuring a charming hand-painted colourful flowers and plants pattern. It's intended for display and must be hand-washed.

Decorative plates for kitchen

Decorative plates for kitchen 1

14.5" Decorative Plate

14.5" Decorative Plate
Pleasing to the eye round modern-day plate manufactured of quality green glazed ceramic. It features a hand-painted alluring colourful flowers and plants design. It's intended for display and has to be hand-washed.

Manual Woodworkers Wine Cellar Decorative Dinner Plates, 8 Inch, Set of 4

Set of four finely detailed grapevine wine country themed hand painted plates, each measures 8" in diameter. Either to be used to serve special dinners or as a gift for friends and family. Dishwasher, Microwave and Food Safe.

Kitchen Art Plate Hanger, 8-Inch to 13-Inch

Unique Industries PKPLT7-37484 7-Inch Round Plate, Hot Pink Decorative Dots, 8-Pack

Decorative Ribbon Plate

Decorative Ribbon Plate

Hello Kitty Decorative Light Switch Wall Plate Cover

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Your Hearts Delight I Have a Kitchen Wooden Decor Plate, 9-1/2-Inch

Great tutorial for adding letters to old china endless possibilities

Elegant Decorative Wall Hanging Plates Set of Three 10 Inch Antique Hand Painted Look

Beautiful decorative round rustic style plates intended for hanging on walls or display on shelves. They are made of quality resin and feature charming floral patterns hand-painted in vivid colours on white.

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Unique Industries PKPLT7-37454 7-Inch Round Plate, Midnight Black Decorative Dots, 8-Pack

King of the barnyard plate set multi jewel set of

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Square Splendor 7.25" Decorative Trim Plate

Square Splendor 7.25" Decorative Trim Plate
Elegant square traditional plate manufactured of quality and durable white plastic. It features 2 width-varied decorative golden trims along edges. Plates like this are stackable, only refrigerator safe and has to be hand-washed.

Decorative Metal Plate with Stand

Decorative Metal Plate with Stand
This charming and very stylish metal plate on the stand is a beautiful decorative element to the decor. Impressively adorned, it has an antique bronze finish. Impressive theme and interestingly decorated frame make the whole interior of the character.

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Home Source 500-21913-B Decorative Wall Art, 21.7-Inch by 20.1-Inch by 2.7-Inch

Decorative plate set is a classy addition to any wine

Home Source 500-21913-D Decorative Wall Art, 21.7-Inch by 20.1-Inch by 2.7-Inch

153788152_ plate decorative plate for dining or wall decor kitchen

Celtic decorative plate

Traditional kitchen canister set decorative plates kitchen

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