Decorative Night Lights With Shades

What’s important about night lights is not really the quality of light they give, but the ambiance they create. You don’t need a glare for a bedtime read, but you will definitely appreciate a soft and soothing gleam, perfect for dreaming and romance. Here’s my collection of decorative night lights with shades. Hope you will enjoy it!

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Bathroom night light 10

Seashell Night-Light Substitute the usual plastic shade of a night-light with a shapely beach treasure. Look for shells with a flat surface that you can glue by Martha

Ikat shade night light personalized by baby milano

Ikat Shade Night Light (Personalized) by Baby Milano

Decor Cat Night Light

Decor Cat Night Light

Opulent crystal purple green nightlight bead butterfly night light new

Opulent Crystal PURPLE GREEN Nightlight Bead BUTTERFLY Night Light NEW

Night lights with shades

2nd arrondissement - the "Paris Deco Off 2013". Participating fabric houses each contributed a lamp shade to create this fantastic display down the rue du Mail on the right bank. How fun! How quirky! How Paris!!

Decorative night lights with shades 1

If you are looking for elegant, yet delicate and subtle lamp, this wonderful, glazed one may appeal to you. Its transparent, glazed base beautifully compliments with the paper box pleat shade.

Decorative night lights with shades 13

Set of three lamps intended to decorate your corridor. Set is composed of chandelier and two lamps mounted to the wall next to front door. They have luxurious frames covered with gold and classic silk lampshades.

Decorative night lights with shades 8

Making a Sturdy Wood Tripod - How To I want this for a floor lamp base, then I can outfit it with a diy light kit and a lamp shade of my choosing.

Decorative night lights with shades 11

NEW Wine Bottle Light, Wine Bottle Lamp, Decoupage Wine Bottle with Lights, Decoupage on Lamp, Lokta Paper, Decorative Wine Bottle on Etsy, $40.00

Ring of Roses Night Light

Ring of Roses Night Light

Set of three candle holders

These can be done with parchment and tea lights, or on a string of white lights maybe

Decorative night lights with shades 2

Elegance, mystery and solemn atmosphere - that presents a gothic style, one of the achievements of medieval Europe. Decorative night lights with shades are one of example. Gothic fringes, spiders and skulls -all made of black lace.

Lamp shade night light

Victorian Lampshade with Antique French Embroidery

Night light lamp shade 6

Clever solution for a kids’ room ceiling lamp shade – a cloud-shaped cover made out of Styrofoam around a light bulb, which creates a unique look and gives the room a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

Toile Night Light

Toile Night Light

Night light lamp shade 5

Well, this is indeed a big thing! Cloud chandelier. Like, a lifelike cloud, not a ceiling lamp with clouds print. It's white (no rain in the forecast, apparently!), woolly and irregular in shape. It looks EXACTLY like a cloud. Just wow!

Night light lamp shade 6

If you like unique lamp shades, this Lego night light lamp shade shall appeal to you. It can be a great idea for your child's room. An adorable, DIY blue and green construction.

Decorative night lights with shades 7

Cabin 9 Design - Rustic Cabin Decor

Night light lamp shade 7

A truly sublime lamp that you can choose for any room of your interior, ensuring an easy and seamless fit wherever it goes. It offers the bear-shaped design with the cardboard structure and is a perfect option for a contemporary-styled home.

Decorative night lights with shades

Lace lampshades ~ turn a plain shade into a piece of art using lace, ribbons, flowers, trims, beads, even paint ~ the ideas are endless. A solid colored shade looks great when covered in lace, you don't have to start with a white or cream base. {These ar

Decorative night lights with shades 8

Suzie: Kerrisdale Design - Woven magazine basket, Robert Allen Dwell Studios Gate white & gray ...

Night light lamp shade 20

Pendant lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Suitable as main or additional source of light.

Huge lava lamp

Large lava lamp with a durable construction. This element of design provides illumination at night and it also decorates indoors at day. It is also resistant to wear and damage caused by many different factors.

Decorative night lights with shades

Starry Night Lamp - typical floor lamp, crafter used simple paint pens to mimic the Starry Night scheme on top the plastic shade- very nice :)

Night light lamp shade 9

This unique, DIY lampshade is based on an ingenuine idea of presenting your picture while turning on the lamp. Best to use with compact fluorescent bulbs, which light the lamp without heating it so the paper and glue stay safely put.

Decorative night lights with shades 2

Fog Night Light with Shepherds Hook - The perfect fixture to make changing your "shade" easy!

Lava lamp night light 7

If you want to create a wholly new level of Christmas decorations, this set of Lava Lamps will add a unique glow to your spaces, creating a wonderful, glittering experience. Available in different colours, will truly distinguish your house.

Decor Bird Night Light

Decor Bird Night Light
This small but very charming lamp is a great way to calm a child who is afraid of the dark. Cute bird theme will add charm to the whole décor, pleases the eye and Provides subtle lighting at night.

Lava lamp night light 2

Decorative and practical lava lamp that provides some interior illumination at night. This element of equipment features a multi-color design and a durable frame, so it is resistant to wear and damage.

Lava lamp night light

This lava lamp night light might be the perfect solution for all of those couples who worry about their household decor, since it looks like the classic design but is also tiny enough to both provide the needed light and keep the interior from looking overwhelmed.

Decorative night lights with shades 16

Button Lampshade Did ya ever wonder what to do with the ugliest lampshade in the world? Well here is one idea.

Lava lamp night light 9

If you don't like vintage style and you are very modern person, you should buy this plasm lamp with metal stillage. This table lamp has very bright light and it is stylish, but it will play its role only in minimalistic interior.

Lava lamp night light 1

It is not a volcano, but it is full of lava. This mysterious item is in a heart of everyone - lava lamp night light, the most vintage and characteristic item for the 50s and 60s. The whole structure is made of steel, inside has lava liquid and wax content.

Aurora Master Sold by Abco Tech Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector, 12 LED, BLUE, RED, GREEN, MULTICOLOR, MP3 iPhone Speaker LED Night Light

The Aurora Master sold by Abco Tech light projector has an ocean LED lights with blue, red, green, multicolor and more options. It adds a style and beauty into any bedroom.

Decorative lamp shade night lights

Cutwork antique lamp base is hand painted and holds a Bohemian Gypsy Crescent Moon shade in tones of warm peach and midnight blue. Shade is covered with a duo of early 20th century lame fabrics with abstract patterns and embroidered net. The fron of the s

Decorative night lights with shades

Interesting take on a decorative lamp shade – these ones are battery-powered and revolving, spinning around all the time which gives your lamps a one-of-a-kind look that provides a cozy, homely detail for your home.

Lamp shade night lights

Table lamp in rustic style. Pedestal base is made of wood. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Great as night lamp or extra source of light in any interior as needed.

Blue glass sink 1

DIY idea for a vanity cabinet with a nightlight under the sink, which gives it a unique, moody look and makes it easier to see at night. The light is placed under a glass top with some pebbles under it giving it a nice look.

Night light with lampshade

dandelion lampshade... i wonder if i could make one with vinyl...

Night light shades

From Santa to LK Play Tent (with lights) - 7 Playful and Fun DIY Tents for Kids

Decorative night lights with shades 7

Crystal decanter lights - taking the mason jar idea to a whole new level. It looks like the bottoms were removed, so these are actually pendant light shades.

Night Light with Paper Shade Can Be Decorated With Your Personal Touch (Pkg/3)

LED Petals Automatic Night Light

LED Petals Automatic Night Light

AmerTac 71142 Pleated Sconce Night Light

Meyda Lighting 10192 4.5"W X 6"H Amber/Green Pond Lily Shade

Indoor lighting specialty decorative lighting night lights

indoor lighting specialty decorative lighting night lights

Decorative night lights with shades 14

Cordless Day-Night Shades give you a light filtering and room darkening shade in one. With completely cordless operation these shades are a great choice for homes with kids.

Lighting indoor lighting specialty decorative lighting night lights

lighting indoor lighting specialty decorative lighting night lights

Of 2 camellia flower antique style lamp shade ceramic night

... of 2 Camellia Flower Antique-Style Lamp Shade Ceramic Night Lights