Decorative Ledge Shelves

How about having one of these decorative ledge shelves? We can assure you that there are numerous customers who have managed to make their choices down here and what will you do? Of course, there is really no point in trying to pick too quickly so why don’t you take a careful look?

Decorative ledge shelves

Ledge shelves for decorative tasks. These small, simple shelves are finished in neutral white color and they provide space for pictures in frames. This stylization increases aesthetics of any home decor.

Decorative ledge

Open shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Great for display photo frames or decorations.

Living room photo gallery 1

Create a cozy atmosphere in your living room with this decorative shelves. Put there photos of memorable moments of your life in some fancy frames. Use a lot of pillows to create a comfortable, resting zone in your home.

Wood plank shelves

Such a creative DIY project to expand the storage room in your living room. A handy little set of floating shelves, bound to spice up your home with its rustic, unique look and save you a plenty of space.

Decorative ledge shelves

Decorative ledge shelves

Decorative ledge ideas

Ikea picture ledge ideas

Wood shelves wall

The innovative shelf to hold your pictures on place you decided to have it. The hanging-out border of the shelf prevent all the decorative elements from falling down. It is made of the simple oak wood without lacquer.

Decorative ledge shelves 5

Wall mounted shelves that allow for creating wall galleries. These white, wooden, narrow ledges provide space for many pictures in frames of different size. They are stable, resistant to wear and they increase interior aesthetics.

Decorating ledges

Decorative ledge shelves

Decorative ledge shelves 2

Decorative ledge shelves 1

How to decorate a ledge shelf

A warm and cozy living room that is characterized by a comfortable sofa and an ottoman which serves as a coffee table. The pieces are in neutral, soft colors, but the sofa is decorated with colorful cushions. There is a nice photo gallery on the wall.

Decorative ledge shelves 1

White wall mount shelves

Simple lines and decorations are the main features of these white wall-mounted display shelves. They are suitable for decorations or family pictures. Wooden construction of these shelves is finished in neutral white color.

Portable display shelf

Cool traditional wall-mounted floating shelves DIY made of reclaimed wood finished in browns. A quite long narrow rectangular shelf has a shelf-length rectangular back and a low protective slat along a front edge.

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Cornice 3 Piece Ledge Floating Shelf Set

Cornice 3 Piece Ledge Floating Shelf Set

Big wall shelves

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Ledge Wall Shelf (Set of 2)

Ledge Wall Shelf (Set of 2)
Classic wall shelf, white in color, with eye-drawing sculpted edge detailing. All the hardware needed for installation of this piece is included in the set. Good-looking at any home area, it's great for display purposes.

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Decorating a ledge

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Narrow end table ikea

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Decorative ledge shelves 4

Decorative ledge shelves

Decorative ledge shelves 1

Decorative ledge shelves 1

Decorative ledge shelves 6

Decorative ledge shelves

Decorative ledge shelves

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Wall shelf ideas for living room

Classic shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal for storing books or display decorations. Neutral and functional accessory for each room as needed.

Lewis Hyman 9084684 Picture Ledge Floating Shelf, 72-Inch, Black

Decorative ledge shelves 7

Wall art gallery layout rather than having a gazillion holes

Decorative ledge shelves

Crown molding ledge

A beautiful living room makeover by emily from decor chick

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Decorative ledge shelves 1