Decorative Kitchen Canisters Sets

They decorate and they store. That's why a set of canisters in the kitchen is worth its money. Check the designs below to choose items which complement the decor of your kitchen. I personally love the turquoise ones - look awesome in a white interior.

Handcrafted Wooden Antique Look Tea Coffee Sugar 3 Piece Canister Set Made of Mango Wood Large

A set of hand-crafted canisters, like this one, can be a great addition for vintage kitchens. Each canister is made of Mango wood, and has a square lid with black handle. Suitable for sugar, tea and coffee, all three canisters are sitting tightly in a matching box.

Vintage tea coffee and sugar canisters

This set of glass canisters will embellish any kitchen space, adding a bit of the classic ornateness. A distinguished way to store your herbs and spices or tea bags. Thick, crystal finish will provide solidness for years.

Kitchen cleanup 3 piece sofia canister set

Kitchen Cleanup 3 Piece Sofia Canister Set
The adorable 3-piece Sofia canister set, for spices and much more. They have got the white, clean look and prints with small dots. I think, that it will be a perfect gift for my mother.

Attractive Set of Three (3) Square Canisters with Natural Bamboo Lid and Stand - Wave Design Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Ceramic Canisters Set

Aesthetic canisters of white ceramic with a textured wavy design. They have a cuboid shape with a bit curved vertical edges. Recessed labels are in black letters. Round rubber sealed lids and a stand with handles are of natural bamboo.

Elegant kitchen canister sets

An eye-pleasing set of decorative kitchen canisters. Intricate details draw glances and beautify the kitchen environment with a glowing layout of colours: yellow, blue and tan. The large set includes cookies jars and other containers.

Decorative kitchen canisters sets

An impressive set of spice containers, coffee or other kitchen items makes the interior take on the character and functionality. Beautiful coastal motifs are captivating, and the blue trim adds interior lightness.

French Country Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters ~ Decorative Containers E4~ White Retro Enamel with Vintage French Roosters

Welcome a homey accent in your cottage style kitchen: these decorative French kitchen canisters with lids (three receptacles: small, medium and large) feature adorable roosters pattern on a sheen white enamel background.

Galvanized Canisters Set of 3

A decorative set of 3 canisters that will be a real hit in your vintage-looking kitchen. Those galvanized beauties have different sizes, tight lids with ball handles, and they emanate with a truly striking appearance.

M2CBridge Kitchen Collection Metal-Coated Window Canister Set with Airtight Lids(Black) ,Set of 4

This beautiful set of four kitchen containers is an excellent solution that will introduce law and order in drawers and shelves kitchen. Made of steel and glass is very elegant and suitable for many types of interiors.

IMAX Red Ceramic Canisters, Set of 3

This lovely set of ceramic jars is the perfect solution for your kitchen or dining room. The beautiful colors, descriptions of contents and well-fitting lids emphasize the domestic interior.

Owl Canisters Jars - Kitchen Decor - Set of 3

This lovely set of ceramic owl-shaped containers, is simply sensational idea to store kitchen novelties and more. Colorful and very stylish owl will add charm to any kitchen and dining room.

1950s vintage turquoise aqua chrome kitchen bread box canister like

1950s Vintage Turquoise Aqua Chrome Kitchen Bread Box Canister Like Pantry Queen
Straight from the 1950s, this vintage set of canisters will sprinkle your kitchen with old-fashioned flavor. The 3-piece set is designed of durable metal covered in a turquoise finish and have chrome square lids with small black handles.

Decorative kitchen canisters sets 1

A set of decorative kitchen containers is an excellent way to practice your kitchen interior. Climbers in vintage design with lids delight and beautifully presented on the shelves. Ideal for storing delicacies and ingredients.

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set
This lovely set of ceramic jars / containers is a tasteful set for the living room, kitchen or any other room in your home. It can serve as a place for spices or other products or jewelry, etc.

4 piece kitchen canister sets

This set of kitchen canisters is a proposition for all, who like to have everything organized in their kitchen. Available in various size and writing variants, made from solid, durable ceramic.

3 piece primitive canister set

3 Piece Primitive Canister Set
This primitive canister set in universal beige color will be great addition in rustic decorated kitchen. Three very tight jars will protect your food from moths or any other insects. Very practical and decorative.

Rio 4-Piece Canister Set (Set of 4)

Rio 4-Piece Canister Set (Set of 4)
Beautiful pops of color on these canisters makes them inject a dash of fun to your kitchen. Each of four canisters has different capacity for different storage purpose. It is safe for keeping any food thanks to air tight lids.

Decorative canister set

A set of 3 casual canisters for domestic bits and bobs. Size-varied cuboidal jars with rounded edges are of clear glass. They have twist lids of red-finished metal and are decorated with checked ribbons with attached 5-arm stars in golden tones.

Victoria 3-Piece Canister Set

Victoria 3-Piece Canister Set
Beautiful Victorian style set of 3 capacity-varied containers for cooking essentials and spices. Their cylindrical bodies and round convex lids are of food safe silvery steel with embossed fine decorative floral designs. They have to be hand-washed.

Fleur de lis kitchen canisters

Primitive country farmhouse chic 3 COW PIG ROOSTER - decorative canisters in purlap style, cool sin canister set. Nice idea was to stick this tiny animal imagaes to the canisters, they look super creative and innocent.

13151981640 set 3 ceramix canisters add a classic set of

Decorative canister set

Primitive americana rustic western decor wood canister set with cool black stars pattern. Ideal kitchen decorative equipment. You can store your favourite herbs, salt, pepper, coffee or tea inside. Boxes are different size.

Sears kitchen canisters

Practical and decorative canisters made of metal. They feature some decorative accents and glass lids. They are suitable for storing spices and other products in the kitchen. Metal construction of these canisters is resistant to wear.

1970s sears merry mushroom kitchen

1970s Sears Merry Mushroom Kitchen
This beautiful set of canisters enchants with its vintage design. Deriving from 1970's, these mushroom canisters, will bring a considerable decorative value to your kitchen or dining area. Made in Japan, from high-quality Asian porcelain.

3-Piece Addison Canister Set

3-Piece Addison Canister Set
This 3-piece Addison canister set constitutes a stylish proposition for a shabby chic kitchen. Properly signed ("coffee", "sugar" and "tea" respectively) will help your organize your products.

Decorative canister set 1

A set of three stunning canisters in an elegant design. They will be an eye-catching accent of your kitchen countertop as they are made of top quality porcelain with subtle, etched decorations. Perfect for storing powdery food products.

IMAX 71723-3 Saburo Glass and Wood Lid Canisters, Set of 3

This kit includes functional and decorative kitchen canisters for spices and other products. These glass elements are handcrafted and they include mango wood lids. Different colors perfectly match many kitchen stylizations.

Tuscan View 3-Piece Canister Set

Tuscan View 3-Piece Canister Set
Beautiful traditional canisters to store food and for display. Their size-varied square bodies of creamy-beige stoneware are hand-decorated with charming colourful vineyard and wine motifs. Round removable lids have vine-like grips and tight seals.

Kaldun bogle farm country craft chicken canister set

Kaldun Bogle Farm Country Craft Chicken Canister Set
A highly-decorative set of 3 canisters for making your kitchen much more appealing. Crafted of quality ceramic, each canister has a detailed body and lid - shaped as a lovely hen that sits on a pretty basket.

Avignon rooster canister set burgundy set of three 1

Mud Pie- Starfish Canister Set

Set of 3 white jars for storing food. Made of high quality ceramics with starfish motive. Metal scoops, like the rope on the lid serving as a handle. Each jar has a seal, which makes things stored in jars are fresh.

Beige canister sets

These nice 3 pigs are like from the fairy tale-they are not just porcelain companions, also decorative kitchen canister set. Hoping that only vegetarian food in their company appears on your table,have subtle colors and heads that are lids from the containers.

Set of three red iron canisters

Antique canister set

Decorative kitchen canisters


It is a set that includes three assorted mini glass cannisters for storing your items. This set looks very stylish and elegant. Everyone will tell you how gorgeous this set is. You need to have it.

Muirfield Jar

Muirfield Jar
Aesthetic decorative modern jar for kitchen or bathroom use. It's over 8-inch cylindrical body and a lid with a large knob are made of clear crystal glass with a beautiful textured diamond pattern. It's food safe.

3-Piece Vintage Canister Set

3-Piece Vintage Canister Set

Set of 4 Apple shaped red ceramic CANISTERS country kitchen home decor NEW

It is very fun but functional set of four containers for food storage. They are made of ceramic and have a shape of apples. The whole set is hand painted and polished in detail, it must be washed by hand.

IMAX Provincial Canisters, Set of 3

This stylish set of kitchen containers is the perfect kit that allows you to conveniently store coffee, tea or sugar. It works perfectly on a daily basis. Perfectly solution and beautiful design.

Imperial Home MW1239 Stainless Steel Glass 4 Pieces Canister Set With Air Tight Lids

4 containers of different sizes made of stainless steel and glass. Each container, has a tight cover, which allows you to store food, that is always fresh. Glass windows in the middle, allow you to check the amount. Perfect for the kitchen.

Vintage canisters sugar flour coffee tea

Vintage or Retro Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters ~ Decorative Containers E5~ French Country Red Enamel

Set of 3 Lime Green & White Ceramic Floral Tree Motif Spice Jars / Condiment Pots w/ Serving Spoons, Tray

3-Piece Ceramic Canister Set

3-Piece Ceramic Canister Set
Bring an old-world charm to your kitchen with this 3-piece canister set. Each canister has a wood lid and features its own content label with vintage lettering. You can safely keep there any food. Square shape makes them tuck nicely together.

Hammered 4 Piece Canister Set

Hammered 4 Piece Canister Set

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Home wine cellar canister set

Shabby country chic rooster tin canister set home decor