Decorative Hose Reels

It turns out you can put some decorative power into any household item. How about making a hose something more than just an uninteresting pile of tube? With decorative hose reels even this object can catch the eye. Check it out below.

Homemade hose holder

This set of furniture intended to bedroom on account of little size is dedicated to younger children. It is composed of loft bed connected with desk. Set is made of dark wood and will plays its role perfectly in cramped room.

Homemade garden hose holder

Who said the a hose reel in your garden must be dull and ugly? The hose reel in the picture is a real masterpiece that will be a beautiful decoration of your yard. It features a metal, ornamental construction with a black, glossy base.

Hose reel decorative

This hose reel box is perfect solution to your home. In classic color fits every outside. Will gently hide the hose. Perfect for using on the patio as an extra sitting space during meetings with friends.

Garden hose reel good idea pretty

Decorative hose reels 16

Featuring an easy-spin large matching crank maintain and auto track that quickly and lightly distributes hose, this decorative hose reel is a solid and functional, resin-made scrollwork construction.

Decorative hose reels 25

Modern garden hose holder

Decorative hose reels 17

Gorgeous and functional solid brass hose reel want

Decorative hose reels 31

Decorative hose reels 1

Create your own garden hose holder with this amazing idea that sports the decorative reels and will not only keep your hose safe and secure in one place but also add a certain amount of charm and character to your setting.

Decorative hose reels 22

Decorative Hose Reel Pot

Decorative Hose Reel Pot
Store your hose neatly and with no chaotic tangling, plus add some style to a garden ambiance at the same time! This hose pot features a decorative lid and classical pot pattern. It has white finish with grayish tone.

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Decorative hose reels 2

A simple wall-mounted garden hose holder of brown stained solid wood. It has a rectangular post with fixed top and bottom angle metal wall mounts, a 2-part horizontal arm (its upper part is flipped up) with semi-round cutouts, a slanted support.

Homemade water hose reel

Suncast decorative 50 hose reel hideaway pot

Our toughest long life reels the hd series provides reliable

Decorative hose reels 12

How to make a hose reel

This minature cottage might look unassuming and sweet but it is actually a perfect place to hide your AC unit. It offers a lightweight design, making it easy to pick up for service, but there's no way of telling what's inside.

Decorative hose reels 1

Hose reels for the garden and others outdoor places as needed. Base is made of plastic and finished with openwork pattern. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Decorative hose reels 19

Decorative hose reels 28

Decorative hose reels 3

Decorative hose reel

Decorative hose reels 8

Decorative hose reels 4

Decorative hose reels 11

Decorative hose reels 2

Decorative hose reels

In the garden, everything is well-ordered. And most of all-cables, which are many. Like garden hose - can find its tasteful place where it can be stored. Made of iron, ornamental decorative hose reels is a hanger for this kind of gardening supplies.

Hose holder home depot

Pink garden hose looks super fun. It has some handle, that allows you to hang it on your garden side wall. It looks very decorative. Actually it would be lots of fun for your kids to use it. Looking cool against this green wall.

Hideaway Hose Reel

Hideaway Hose Reel
Aesthetic practical hose reel hand-operated thanks to winch. Its rectangular housing is made of weatherproof dark brown resin wicker. It has low feet, 1 handle for carrying, a nozzle holder and is intended for at maximum 175-foot hoses.

Diy garden hose holder

Decorative hose reels 26

Decorative hose reels 29

Sidetracker r 125 wall mount hose reel

Hideaway Hose Reel

Hideaway Hose Reel
If you can't stand the sight of your hose cluttering and tangling around, put it in this functional hose reel made of taupe resin, characterized by light weight and satisfying mobility. It immediately cleans the look of the yard.

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Liberty Garden Products 649 Hyde Park 125-Foot Capacity Two Point Steel Garden Hose Stand Bronze

Hose cart decorative garde hose cart rona

Decorative hose reels 23

Decorative cast aluminum 2 wheel hose reel cart

3-in-1 Hose Reel

3-in-1 Hose Reel
Practical wall-mounted reel intneded for at maximum 200-foot of 5/8-inch hose. It's hand-operated with a crank and includes a 5-foot leader hose. This reel is made of resistant steel with a creamy coating.

Cast aluminum hose reel wont warp fade crack or rust

Decorative hose reels 27

Liberty Garden 1200 Two Wheel Hose Cart

Classic hose reel and hose from frontgate

Hose reel iron artwork firstimpressions the very first hose reel

Decorative hose reels 30

Decorative hose reels 32